Feeling Like I’ve Arrived!

Greetings, Taintradio staff and listeners! My name is Bruce Mack – your host and producer of “FreeWorldNetworkRadio-X”. Just want to say that I’m glad to be hear and already my wife and I are listening to all the shows pretty regularly or at least when we sit down to write or work. this reminds me very of a time when I was much younger and being influenced by what I was hearing on radio as well as the personalities and characters that brought those sounds to me. I realize we are not all form the same place, but we do have something in common… that when it is time for change… we must stand up to make it. Change for me is allowing more people to hear more music. To me, this helps to free minds and open up creative thought. It is the best introduction to something seemingly out of the ordinary and it is flat out joyful to play and hear music from the collections of music lovers. Now granted, I was late getting my second post up (hence the rerun of my launch week-June 11th, 2009) and my apologies. But the very idea of doing this has opened up my creative spirit as a musician and teaching artists. So thank you for having me on board and please drop me an e-mail (bruce.mack@taintradio.org) to let me know what you think about the show, performances or if there are musical artists I should check out. Please note that I am still tweaking my show (working on some variations for the intro and outro between 1st & 2nd hour). In the meantime, I will do my best to bring you music of my heart and inform you of work other artists are doing.

All the best and talk to you soon. On with the music…


B. Mack aka DJ Dorumi Naidoo