Updoc #8 – playlist 08/15/08

UPDOC #8 PLAYLIST – The Flamenco Show, 8/15

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nice Guys, Nice Guys: ECM

1. Miles Davis/Gil Evans, The Pan Piper, Sketches of Spain: CBS/Sony
2. Pepe Romero, Buleria, Flamenco: Philips
3. Shirley Rumsey, Si la Noche Haze Escura, Music of the Spanish Renaissance: Naxos
4. Sabicas, Soléa/Bronce Gitano, Concierto Vol. 2: Discmedi Blau/Portal Latino
5. Nino de Ricardo, Gaditanos-Soléares, Grandes Figures du Flamenco, Vol. 11: Harmonia Mundi/Chant du Monde
6. Pepe Romero, Soléares, Flamenco: Philips
7. Carlos Montoya, Soléa Cana, Carlos Montoya: Synergy/Iris
8. Miles Davis/Gil Evans, Solea, Sketches of Spain: CBS/Sony
9. Sabicas, Soléa por Bulerias, Concierto: Discmedi Blau/Portal Latino
10. Sabicas, Rapsodia Flamenco, Concierto Vol. 2: Discmedi Blau/Portal Latino
11. Nino de Ricardo, Juncales-Bulerias, Grandes Figures du Flamenco, Vol 11: Chant du Monde
12. Nino de Ricardo, Nostalgia Flamenca-Siguiriyas, Grandes Figures du Flamenco Vol 11: Chant du Monde
13. Paco de Lucia, La Canada (Tangos), Siroco: Verve
14. Paco de Lucia, Antonia (Buleria por Soléa), Cositas Buenas: Verve
15. Paco de Lucia, Volar (Buleria), Cositas Buenas: Verve
16-20. Jordi Saval, Introduccion; Himno Sufi; Instrumental Arabo-Andaluz; Romance Sefardi; Romance “Qu’es de ti, Desconsolado”, Christophorus Columbus: Lost Paradises: Alia Vox/The Orchard
21. Miles Davis/John Coltrane, Teo, Complete Columbia Recordings: Miles Davis & John Coltrane: CBS/Sony

Closing theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Jamaica Farewell: Warner/Atlantic

2 Responses to “Updoc #8 – playlist 08/15/08”

  1. Howdy! I enjoyed what I heard, although I missed the last 45 minutes or so (hopefully I’ll catch the rest on Tuesday). I also enjoyed last week’s show, though I’m still interested to see the playlist. When I tuned in it sounded like bagpipes (not the Gaelic kind — I’ve also heard Tunisian and Greek examples) and then the tabla kicked in — perhaps they weren’t bagpipes at all, but shennai (sp.)? My ears thank you.

  2. Shennai indeed, your ears did not mislead. The playlist’s up, though late; it’s there now so please do not me hate.
    Tune in for next week’s big birthday broadcast!