Updoc #7 playlist


Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nice Guys, Nice Guys: ECM

1. Iqbal Jogi and Party, Sorath (Folk Tune in Sindhi Ragni), Authentic Music of the Snake Charmers of India: Legacy International/IODA
2. John Coltrane, Chim Chim Cheree, John Coltrane Quartet Plays: Impulse
3. Alan Hovhannes/Gerard Schwarz/Royal Liverpool Phil, Love Song to Hinako, Mysterious Mountains: Telarc
4. Ali Ahmad Hussain Khan, Raga Grakh Kalyan: India Archive Music
5. John Coltrane, India, Complete Village Vanguard: Impulse
6. Bismillah Khan, Chaiti-Dhun in Raga Khamaj, Sangeet Sartaj: Living Media India/The Orchard
7. Booker Ervin, Al’s In, The Freedom Book: Prestige

Closing theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Jamaica Farewell: Warner/Atlantic

3 Responses to “Updoc #7 playlist”

  1. Thanks! I was wondering about that first track. I was way off, thinking those were some kind of bagpipes — I guess the drone note was a second instrument?

  2. I guess. I don’t have complete info on the track, which was a download from emusic.com.

  3. Y’know, it’s a little late to remember this, but I also played the Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows. Or I think I did. If you remember it, you weren’t there. Today doesn’t know much either.