Updoc 8/22, The Birthday Show

UPDOC #9 PLAYLIST – The Birthday Show, 8/22

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Nice Guys, Nice Guys: ECM

1. Debussy/Abbado/Lucerne Festival Orchestra, La Mer (DGG)
2. Art Ensemble of Chcago, Magg Zelma, Full Force (ECM)
3. Debussy/Grumiaux, Violin Sonata, Three Sonatas-Syrinx (Philips)
4-5. John Lee Hooker, Boogie Chillun; Crawlin’ Kingsnake, The Best of John Lee Hooker (Tribute Sounds)
6. John Lee Hooker, Graveyard Blues, Dimples (Acrobat)
7. Vernon Reid, National Anthem, Other True Self (Favored Nations)
8-9. Vernon Reid, Brilliant Corners, Prof. Bebey, Known Unknown (Favored Nations)
10. Rafi Zabor/Vernon Reid/Edgar Allan Poe, The Telltale Heart (Updoc)
11. Debussy/Gieseking, Clair de Lune, Piano Works (EMI)
12. Stockhausen/Abbado, Gruppen, Gruppen Stele (DGG)
13. Debussy/Bourdin, Syrinx, Three Sonatas-Syrinx (Philips)
14-19. Debussy/Gieseking, Images I & II, Piano Works (EMI)
20. Art Ensemble of Chicago, People in Sorrow, Fundamental Destiny (
21. John Lee Hooker, Howlin’ Wolf, Dimples (Acrobat)
22. John Lee Hooker, Driftin’ from Door to Door, Dimples (Acrobat)
23-24. John Lee Hooker, The Road Is So Rough; Crawlin’ Black Spider, On Vee-Jay 1955-1958 (Vee-Jay)
25-26. Vernon Reid, Sidewinder; Flatbush and Church, Known Unknown (Favored Nations)
27-28. Vernon Reid, Enjoy the Silence; Mind of my Mind, Other True Self (Favored Nations)
29. Tori Amos, 1000 Oceans, To Venus and Back (Atlantic/WEA)
30-32. Debussy/Gieseking, Preludes (Fille aux Cheveux du Lin; Sons et Parfums Tournent; Cathedrale Engloutie), Preludes (EMI)
33. Debussy/de Los Angeles, Noel des Enfants Qui N’ont Plus des Maisons, Ravel Debussy Duparc (EMI)
34. Debussy/Dutoit/Montreal, Prelude a L’Apres-Midi d’un Faune, La Mer Jeux etc. (London/Decca)

Closing theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago, Jamaica Farewell: Warner/Atlantic
PS: I should have mentioned that it’s also the birthday of the formidable writer Annie Proulx, with regrets that I have no recordings of her playing balalaika, mandolin, or spoons.

3 Responses to “Updoc 8/22, The Birthday Show”

  1. Happy Birthday! (Also to Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ray Bradbury.)

  2. Cartier-Bresson is my favorite photographer but I don’t have any balalaika recordings by him either. Ditto Ray B. and Mats Wielander. Anyone out there have a copy of Deng Xiao Sings Hank Williams?

  3. Typo: That should be Deng Xiao Ping Sings Hank Williams. Rare, could be worth something someday.