Playlist – Songs on Toast #11 09/06/08

Title             Time                    Artist            Album
Alviverde 5:30 Jun Miyake Stolen From Strangers
Tranqüilo 4:18 Kassin+2 Futurismo
Budapestaliaon 2:01 Gaby Kerpel Carnabailito
La Alegría (Happiness) 5:16 Yasmin Levy La Juderia
Paris Muy Bien 3:58 Yusa Haiku
Mbira 3:44 Ramiro Musotto Civilizacao & Barbarye
Kiyé 4:06 Daby Toure Stereo Spirit
Djam Leelii 6:04 Baaba Maal & Mansour Seck Djam Leelii
Pitche Mi 9:28 Youssou N’Dour Immigrés
Wasi Wasi 3:43 Zuhura Swale & Zein Musical Club Songs The Swahili Sing
Mi Ma Kpe Dji 4:07 Picoby Band D’Abomey African Scream Contest: Raw And Psychedelic Afro Sounds From Benin
Hwa Hwa 6:31 Thomas Mapfumo Chamunorwa
Naa-Kore 6:49 Gbaya Centrafrique / Musique Gbaya / Chants A Penser
Un café’ 5:38 Accordion lady
Small Day Tomorrow 4:19 Bob Dorough Small Day Tomorrow
Shlonak 5:06 Ilhan al Fadhai Baghdad I
Yo Gen Pouvwa Yo Gen Lajan 2:57 Manno Charlemagne Les Inedits de Manno Charlemagne
Petite Reine 3:39 Gianmaria Testa Lampo
Zzzzzz 2:18 Pierre Aderne Alto Mar P
I Feel So Good 1:54 J.B. Lenoir Vietnam Blues
Nifwe Ba Four Pals The Four Pals Origins Of Guitar Music
Strange But True 3:16 James Hunter The Hard Way
Been So Long 2:44 The Pastels The Doo Wop Box
Someone Watches Over Me 2:23 Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi Kings Of The Gospel Highway
Esh Ahabim (Me consume el amor) 2:28 Música Antigua Maimónides
In Darkness Let Me Dwell 4:42 Dominique Visse Dominique Visse: Songs For Seven Centuries
Lachrimae Tristes 3:28 John Potter Stephen Stubbs
John Surman Maya Homburger Barry Guy In Darkness Let Me Dwell
abandon sight 2:07 Jun Miyake Stolen From Strangers

3 Responses to “Playlist – Songs on Toast #11 09/06/08”

  1. Brian, you are a Sunday treat in this Mississippi household. Thanks for the joy. PX2

  2. Dear TaintRadio People,

    Thanks so much for the super wonderful Songs on Toast program hosted by Brian Cullman! It’s one of the very best here in the New York City area and over the net — and I just wish he were on 24/7. Brian has probably the finest collection of music from all over the world and he really knows how to throw down the music whether for Friday nights or a nice Sunday afternoon. In fact, my Sundays used to be tune-in time for WNYC or archived shows from Seattle’s KEXP, but now I happily tune in at noon to, since Songs on Toast is such a delight.

    In fact, why not archive Songs on Toast programs for streaming online at a moment’s notice? That would be heaven!

    My congratulations to you and especially Brian Cullman,

    Evangeline Kim
    New York City

  3. Response from

    Thanks for your commentary re: Songs on Toast and Brian Cullman. We couldn’t agree more.

    About those podcasts, we have every intention of podcasting Songs on Toast and all the rest of taintradio’s programs as soon as it is legal for us to do so. But under current music licensing agreements that would constitute music-on-demand, which we are not allowed to provide. As you may know, issues like these are under constant negotiation and change. We hope that podcasting music programming will eventually be permissible. If and when that happens we will begin podcasting. Meanwhile, we archive each taintradio program so that it can be converted to a podcast if and when things change.

    Again, thanks for your feedback.

    Best regards,

    Bob Rogers