Back soon I hope

Some sort of technical glitch has kept my newest shows from getting on the figurative air. Hope the reruns have gone down well, and hope to be back next week with saxophones on, then a Roy Haynes special, then some concertos, then some English music . . . Bestos till then.

2 Responses to “Back soon I hope”

  1. Any luck? I tuned in last week, figuring everything might be working in time for Ben Webster’s 100th birthday. Well anyway, Feb. 27 was Ben Webster’s birthday according to “The Simpsons” calendar… turns out it is actually March 27.

    But no worries, I hadn’t yet heard the particular show that re-ran last Friday.


  2. Updoc started Updocking properly again on March 6, with all-new shows in whatever sequence we could manage. Meanwhile I made a fantastic amount of money from the residuals on the reruns and plan to buy a decommissioned cruiser from the Turkish navy and anchor it up the Nile. I’ll visit Zonguldak by transmat and copter in order to do the shows. It should all work out.