B.P.R.D. – 04/12/2009

Here’s avante-garde pedal steel-player Susan Alcorn’s site (the links page looks great) and an informative Allmusic review of the collaboration with Eugene Chadbourne. Chadbourne would be a great fit for a live Taint performance at Marsh Woodwinds. Just discovered Bird Names, an experimental group out of Chicago making dense, psychedelic, catchy noise. Picked up the cd used at the local store and can’t wait to get their most recent one, which one reviewer describes as “a collection of music boxes caught in a traffic jam” and “a lost track from the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, that is, if it had been mixed by a monkey.” Sounds perfect. The “Violin” piece by Oregon is a collaboration with Polish jazz violinist Zbigniew Seifert, who I like to think I’d have heard of before now if he hadn’t died young of cancer in 1979. Turns out there’s a new documentary about him that’s just been released. Here’s a short interview at Jazz Fiddle Wizard. Oregon’s Wikipedia page claims “Apollo astronauts took a recording of Oregon’s music to the moon and named two lunar craters after compositions by the ensemble – ‘Icarus’ and ‘Ghost Beads.'” I have no idea if that’s true. The album by Yoon Sun Choi and Jacob Sacks got a decent amount of positive jazz press last year; it’s a collection of sharp/funny/warm improvisations on the music of Joe Raposo, best known as the composer of Sesame Street gems like “(It’s not easy) Bein’ Green” and “Sing.” (Raposo was also pals with Sinatra and has a number of songs on the album “Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back.”) It’s astonishing what Choi and Sacks do with these songs, and there are lots more quirky Raposo gems on Youtube, including this one written for Kermit and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The only question is how far down the Muppet fandom rabbit hole do you want to go? Otolithen (more) and Disque 9 are two more finds from local used bins; I liked this Disque 9 review at the great Egg City Radio, where you can download the album for yourself. Silica Gel is a hilariously dark experimental techno duo from the Wifflefist collective, a local noise/rock label active in Raleigh during the 90s. Great group of folks.

Time Song Artist Album
2pm Hello Stranger Susan Alcorn/Eugene Chadbourne Afternoon in Austin...or, Country Music for Harmolodic Souls
  Smoovebiz Bird Names Wooden Lake/Sexual Diner
  Violin Oregon Violin
  La, La, La Yoon Sun Choi & Jacob Sacks Imagination: The Music of Joe Raposo
  Beach of Teeth Bird Names Wooden Lake/Sexual Diner
  the dread and the counting Disque 9 Des Incurables
  The Muscler Silica Gel 50) Noisy Children Party
  Recycled Pipe Dream Otolithen S.O.D.
  Not Much of a Dog Yoon Sun Choi & Jacob Sacks Imagination: The Music of Joe Raposo

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