FreeWorldNetworkRadio-X Interviews Michael Hill’s Blues Mob

Greetings, music lovers!  This is your host and producer of FWNR-X -Bruce Mack and I just wanted to let you know I did an interview last night with Michael Hill’s Blues Mob and it will be featured in hour 2 of episode 6 (7/16/09 and 7/19/09) and runs about 50 minutes, followed by a couple of the bands songs.  Guitarist/vocalist/composer-Michael Hill, drummer/vocalist-Bill McClellan and bassist/vocalist-Mike Griot are great musicians and performers and longtime friends of mine who I have the honor of getting some inside scoop on their current and future projects and upcoming performances in South Orange, New Jersey at Baird Park.   So please join us if you would like to get acquainted with this contemporary Blues band.

Some journalistic wisdom:

“Hill writes songs that make other young musicians seem ignorant of the real world in which we all live … Hill is truly the bluesman piloting the music into the next century.”
— Blues Revue

“Hill writes songs that make most of his peers seem either empty-headed or self-obsessed. As a singer, writer and most impressively as a guitarist, he celebrates the blues form without being shackled to it, creating a sound that’s referential and relevant at the same time. Alternately scorching and soaring solos.”
-Washington Post

“Forward-thinking Michael Hill nods to rock, reggae and New York soul. He takes chances, stretching boundaries with supple, super-charged solos … Kick-ass and world-class.”
— Guitar Player

So please join me for my first artist interview feature.

All the best, B.

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