Updoc 50: Piano Glances: 7/17/09

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago: Nice Guys [title tune] (ECM)

1 – 3. Steve Kuhn/Sheila Jordan: Tomorow’s Son, Gentle Thoughts, Poem for No. 15: Life’s Backward Glances – Solo and Quartet/Playground (ECM)
4. Maurice Ravel/Jean-Yves Thibaudet: Gaspard de la Nuit; L’Oeuvre Pour Piano Seul (Decca)
5. George Russell/Sheila Jordan: You Are My Sunshine; The Outer View (Riverside/Prestige)
6. Steve Kuhn: I Want to Talk About You; Mostly Coltrane (ECM)
7. Ravel/Thibaudet: Le Tombeau de Couperin; L’Oeuvre Pour Piano Seul (Decca)
8 – 10. Steve Kuhn/Sheila Jordan: The Zoo, Deep Tango, Life’s Backward Glance; Life’s Backward Glances – Solo and Quartet /Playground (ECM)
11. Steve Kuhn: With Gratitude; Mostly Coltrane (ECM)

2 Responses to “Updoc 50: Piano Glances: 7/17/09”

  1. Another great show. I think ECM got the most beautiful piano sound on these Steve Kuhn recordings. I hadn’t heard them for years. Thank you, Mr. Zabor.

  2. 1. So did Steve Kuhn.
    2. You’re welcome.
    3. this sdrawkcab setirw retupmoc semitemoS