Monkey Mind – 07/20/2009

“I’m Reaching Out on All Sides” by the British 70s band If is dedicated to Steve, cohost of the new Taint show “The Hidden Places.” (Progrock 4evah.) I guess the others are dedicated to everyone else. Btw, and apropos of pretty much nothing, if you’ve never read Frank Zappa’s piece from the June 1971 issue of Stereo Review, about his childhood obsession with Edgard Varèse, treat yourself. It’s great.

Time Song Artist Album
3pm Lyndon Tree Shuttle358 Chronologi: 12k: Year 1 - Year 4
  Jesus Christ Pose Wheedle's Groove Light in the Attic 2009 Sampler
  Sam Pisces feat. Linda Bruner This LP Crashes Hard Drives
  Dance Girl Fatback Fatbackin': The Perception Sessions
  Cookie Jar Parlet Funk Essentials: Best of Parlet
  She's Allright Real Kids The Real Kids
  Although They Appear This Kind of Punishment A Beard of Bees
  I Can't Dance With You Small Faces The Anthology: 1965-1967
  When's the Fun Begin? Pink Fairies Kings of Oblivion
  Room to Move John Mayall Best of John Mayall
  Goonur (Woman Doctor) Seachnasaigh The Didjeridu - Dharpa: Sons of the Dreamtime
  Agwado Song Aluku field recordings The Spirit Cries: Music from the Rainforests of South America & the Caribbean
  I Gotcha Joe Tex Best of
4pm Melt Yourself Down James Chance Irrestible Impulse
  Fever 1 Pierre Henry Variations for a Door and a Sigh
  Fox Call Buckminster Fuzeboard How to Make C60Br24
  Naked Pilsners Portastatic I Hope Your Heart is Not Brittle
  Let's Take Some Drugs and Drive Around The Silos Susan Across the Ocean
  Last of the Rock Stars Elliott Murphy Aquashow
  What's Going Ahn Big Star Radio City
  How Can I Live Fat Mattress The Black Sheep of the Family: Anthology
  I'm Reaching Out on All Sides If If
  Expect Nothing Cabaret Voltaire Mix-Up
  Dominator D Dopestyle The Little Happy
  3rd Party Giant Panda Fly School Reunion
  What is This Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens This LP Crashes Hard Drives
  A Part From That Flamin Groovies Supersnazz

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