Updoc 51: The Heat: 7/24/09

Opening theme: Sidney Bechet: Summertime; Giants of Jazz (Time-Life)

1 – 2. Kip Hanrahan: Two (Still in Half-Light); Far From Freetown: Desire Develops an Edge (American Clavé)
3 – 6. Kip Hanrahan: Sharazade (Opening); Aziz and Azizah (Opening); Diente De Oro; Aziz and Azizah (Continued): A Thousand Nights and a Night (American Clavé)
7 – 8. Silvana DiLuigi: La Cumparsita; Discepolin: Yo! (American Clavé)
9 – 12. Jon Balke/Amina Alaoui: Safwati; Itimad; Thulâtiyat; Toda ciencia Trascendiendo: Siwan (ECM)
13 – 14: Silvana Diluigi: Cuesta Abajo; Milonga de los Vientos: Yo! (American Clavé)
15 – 18: Kip Hanrahan: Busses From Heaven; Caravaggio – A Quick Balance; One Summer Afternoon (for Gil Evans); Salt in the Mozambique Evening: Beautiful Scars (American Clavé)

Out theme: Brigitte Bardot: Les Amis de la Musique; Hellenika Diethni (Lyra)

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