B.P.R.D. – 08/02/2009

More odd noise disguised as music this week. The Poul Ruders guitar/percussion piece is from the New Music With Guitar series released by David Starobin’s Bridge Records. I’m already looking for the other volumes. Here’s a bit more on the French musique concrète composer Lionel Marchetti; the pieces on Sirrus are some of the most interesting I’ve heard in that genre for a long time. He’s also got a free CD and neat little site collecting his abstract music work with young kids; click the cute cartoons to hear what they’ve come up with. Here’s a good short review of Andrea Sartori’s electronica CD Il Tagliacode. And Tim Perkis has an interesting history in glitch/avant music circles.

Time Song Artist Album
2pm I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed Emily Dickinson/Gordon Getty/Lisa Delan/Fritz Steinegger The White Election - cycle of 32 songs on poems by Emily Dickinson
  Double Concerto for Oboe, Harp and Chamber Orchestra: Rapsodico Witold Lutoslawski Orchestral Works, Vol. 8
  Vision Quest/Helix/Body Without Organs Robert Vincs Devic Kingdom
  New Rochelle Suite Poul Ruders/David Starobin/Daniel Druckman Family Album - New Music with Guitar, Volume 7
  Micro-climat Lionel Marchetti Sirrus
  Oltre il Profondo Andrea Sartori Il Tagliacode
  Roil Tim Perkis Motive

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