FreeWorldNetworkRadio-X – 08/28/2009

Please note: All dates listed are the dates play-list first ran – in case you were wondering.

Time Song Artist Album
noon We're Together Chuck Mangione feat. Ester Sattersfield Chuck Mangione Concert (Land Of Make Believe)
  We Must M. Nahadr Eclectic Is M
  Celestial Terrestrial Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds Of Fire
  Six For Rashied Sangeeta Michael Berardi Earthship
  We Get BrazzTree Quest
  Jungle Fever Louie Vega Elements Of Life
  Mother Civil Rite Corporate Dick
  Madafan Abdulah Kershi & Ahmed Sheri Somalia
  Collard Nioka Workman Traces
  Schadenfreude Parkway Monkey Works Wailing Without A Harpoon
  Detail Morgan Craft Adagio
  Doom Blap Ross Brown Project Frank Freed Fred: The Aliens Are Getting Angry
  Implications Eric Person Arrival
5pm Conquest Vision Quest Verbal Sights
  Alchoholic Fishbone Chim Chim's Badass Revenge
  Summer Night In Spanish Harlem Louie Vega Elements Of Life
  Heading Home Michael Hill's Blues Mob Bloodlines
  Recalling An Escape Tricky Dilemma John P. Parker: Viewed From 9 Dimensions
  Diamond in Your Mind Solomon Burke Don't Give Up On Me
  Get Yourself Up Maya Azucena Maya Who?!
  Willy's Headache Cymande Renegades Of Funk
  Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya Dr. John the Night Tripper Gris-Gris
  White Bikini Graham Haynes & No Image What Time It Be
  Shea's Groove DJ Logic DJ Logic Presents Project Logic
  Mystery Mastery Blast Murray & Afrofractal Afrofractal
  18 Odds Tu Tu Gege I'm Tutu
  Move Your Body Dayton Flic Taking You Back to The Music Suite
  Harmonic Oscillator Matthew Shipp Symbol Systems

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