Updoc 63: Mountain Crossing: 10/23/09

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago: Nice Guys [title tune] (ECM)

1.    Yoshikazu Iwamoto: Kumoijishi (Lion Above Clouds); The Spirit of Dusk (Buda/Musique du Monde)
2.    Weather Report: Scarlet Woman; Mysterious Traveler (Columbia)
3.    Yusef Lateef: Water Pistol; Into Something (Prestige)
4.    David Murray/Bobby Bradford: Waiting for Thelonious; Death of a Sideman (DiW)
5.    Takeo Izumi: Mountain Crossing (Yamagoe); Samurai Music – Traditional Zen Music by ‘Shakuhachi’ Bamboo Flute (Insideout)
6.    Steven Mackey/Fred Sherry/Ray Dillard/Boston Modern Orchestra Project/Gil Rose: Banana Dump Truck [title tune] (Albany)
7.    Takeo Izumi: Rainbow in the Wind (Fuzenko); Samurai Music – Traditional Zen Music by ‘Shakuhachi’ Bamboo Flute (Insideout)
8.     Sonny  Rollins:: Doxy; Our  Man  in  Jazz (RCA  Victor)
8.    Olivier Messiaen/SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg/Silvain Camberling: The Awakening of the Birds (Hänssler)

One Response to “Updoc 63: Mountain Crossing: 10/23/09”

  1. Please note the percussion credit for Ray Dillard on Banana Dump Truck, omitted during broadcast.