Songs on Toast – 11/20/2009

8eauti4ul 5tran6e Intro 1:20 Prince 8eauti4ul 5tran6e
It’s Not Easy 4:28 Ofege Try And Love
If I Had A Heart 2:39 Fever Ray 10
Holy, Holy, Holy Moses 3:36 Alec Ounsworth Anti Sampler Fall 2009
Positively 4th Street 4:50 Lucinda Williams The Village: A Celebration Of The Music Of Greenwich Village
Je t’aime 5:01 Staff Benda Bilili Womeximizer 2009
Rumble in the Jungle 7:18 Max Roach M’Boom
Gayang karwang 5:22 E Koestyara &Gapura Sangkala
Chico 1:36 Ali Keïta Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Wandering Souls 9:14 Dave Douglas Songs for Wandering Souls
est-ce que tu peux me voir? 4:26 Jun Miyake Stolen From Strangers
Wild Roses 3:40 Hope Sandoval Through The Devil Softly
Taksim (Lira) 1:32 Jordi Savall Istanbul
Drifting 2:34 Chris Whitley Perfect Day
Reunion 1:10 Bruno Coulais Coraline
The Wedding 2:41 Abdullah Ibrahim Water From An Ancient Well
Faith In Your Heartbeat 1:57 Lou Barlow Goodnight Unknown
Been So Long 1:30 Nina Nastasia The Blackened Air
Sportin’ Life 3:47 Dave Van Ronk Somebody Else, Not Me
Take My Hand Precious Lord 1:45 Nina Simone Saga Of The Good Life & Hard Times
Let Me Ride – Memphis Minnie 3:00 Memphis Minnie The History of Black Gospel Vol 3
The World Is Going Wrong -3:09 Geoff Muldaur Things About Comin’ My Way
Chauffeur 2:38 Rosie Flores Girl of the Century
Taksim (Kanun, Tanbur, Santur et Oud) Jordi Savall Istanbul
La Partie D’abeille 1:11 Annie and the Beekeepers Squid Hell Sessions
Street Dance 5:34 M’boom Collage
Capitão do Asfalto 5:32 Bahia Black Ritual Beating System
Mundo Verde 5:55 Nana Vasconcelos Fragments
Izeze 1:06 Various Tanzanie, Tanzania : Masumbi, Musique de divertissement Wago
Nana Nina 2:59 Bush Y Sus Magnificos Panama!
La Confianza 3:03 Menique El Panameno Con Bush Y Los Magnificos Panama!2
Dwarfs yodel song 2:36 Comedian Harmonists The Comedian Harmonists Exile
Welcome 3:02 Harmonia & Eno ’76 Tracks And Traces

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  1. What a show that was!