Updoc 79: Wall to Wall: 2/12/10

Opening theme: The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Nice Guys [title tune] (ECM)

1.    Pat Metheny/Ornette Coleman: Endangered Species; Song X: Twentieth Anniversary (Nonesuch)
2.    Ingram Marshall/Kronos Quartet: Fog Trope II in F; Kingdom Come (Nonesuch)
3.    John Adams/St. Louis Symphony Orchestra/David Robinson: Doctor Atomic Symphony; Doctor Atomic Symphony/Guide to Strange Places (Nonesuch)
4.     Gyorgi Ligeti/Berlin Philharmonic/London  Vocals/Jonathan Nott: Requiem; The Ligeti Project IV (Teldec)
5.    Aretha Franklin: Wholy Holy; Amazing Grace (Atlantic)
6.    Terry Riley/Kronos Quartet/Wu Han: The Cusp of Magic [title tune] Nonesuch
7.    Julius Hemphill/K. Curtis Lyle: Drunk on God; Julius Hemphill Big Band (Elektra Musician)

Out theme: The Art Ensemble of Chicago: Strawberry Mango; Coming Home Jamaica (WEA/Atlantic)

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