Songs on Toast – 03/28/2010

Song X 2:09 Kyrie Kristmanson Origin of stars
Au Clair de Lune 2:45 Sublime & JUN Miyake Ludic’
Ain’t No Flies 3:22 Roy Eldridge, Anita Love Echoes Of Paris
His Children Think He’s In Heaven Mark Bingham I Passed For Human
The World Turns All Around Her The Byrds/Gene Clark We Have Ignition
Thirteen 2:35 Big Star #1 Record
Alviverde 5:30 Jun Miyake Stolen From Strangers
When The Lights Go Down 7:11 Prince The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale
Shenandoah 12:05 Bill Frisell East/West: West
Hellbound Train 4:12 Delta Moon Hell Bound Train
babakool 3:46 La Caravane Passe advance
Number One Bus 4:01 Nuru Kane Number One Bus
Antonio Das Mortes 6:22 Ramiro Musotto Sudaka
Khyber Pass 7:32 Ministry Rio Grande Blood
Rock And Roll Sermon 4:37 Elder Beck Fire In My Bones
How Do You Spell Love 3:52 Margie Joseph Margie Joseph
Que Sera Sera 7:21 Revolutionary Snake Ensemble Forked Tongue
Chaal Baby 5:52 Red Baraat Chaal Baby
Tequila 1:29 Babu Band Disco Bhangra
Mr. Bad Luck 2:56 Jimi Hendrix Valleys Of Neptune
Two Ndere & Drum Tunes Mulobo Maswa Secular Music From Uganda
chinar es 5:38 Musaner Musaner
Don’t Be Sad 8:41 Brad Mehldau Highway Rider
Come al cielo gli aeroplani Gianmaria Testa Solo dal vivo
Laughing 1:03 Vengopal Chari Sprigs of Time: 78s From the EMI Archive

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