4-Pt. Interview with Legendary Austin Musician: Bevis M. Griffin

bevis-griffinBevis Griffin (Austin Texas Musician/Vocalist/Songwriter/Drummer).
Born April 26, 1953, Bevis is one of Austin Texas’ premier musicians and has been performing there for over 38 years as one of the earliest pioneers of the Texas rock music scene. Bevis has performed with numerous groundbreaking groups over the years such as Franklin’s Mast, Fools, The Skyscrapers, The Bats, The Shades, Banzai Kik, Chill Factor, Rawhead TechX, Solid Senders, Dino Lee’s Luv Johnson, The Cosmopolitans’, One Fell Swoop, Papa Mali & the Instigators, R.C. Banks, Bevis & the Painkillers, and currently The Paradigm (featuring long-time principle collaborator and guitarist extraordinaire C.K. Bailey). As a bonafide musical maverick and live performance phenomenon, Bevis has been widely acclaimed by the University of Texas as one of America’s earliest Afro-American proponents of the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal genre, historically pre-dating the later emergence of the so-called Black-Rock Movement of the late 80’s characterized by an eclectic mixture of significant Black artists such as Prince, Bad Brains, Fishbone, Living Colour, and Lenny Kravitz by half a decade. Bevis has been publicly honored and awarded the keys to The City of Austin in 1996, and to this day he still continues to perform, write, produce, and collaborate with many of Austin’s most prominent and highly regarded musicians of today. (For more on Bevis Griffin visit: http://www.myspace.com/bevisgriffin)

“Bevis is a true living legend of the Austin Music Scene” quotes Delmus Jeffery (Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter/Television Producer)

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  2. In 1972 I was in the Air Force and stationed at Sheppard AFB, TX for training. The BEST band playing at the Airmans club was Franklin’s Mast. The best part of my time at Sheppard was going to the club to hear Franklin’s Mast play.

    The music was great and it was my one true pleasure every other band that played there was crap compared to Franklin’s Mast.

    Thank You Bevis for a truely enjoyable memory.