Tone Science – 05/15/2011

tone science 025

Time Song Artist Album
8pm String Quartet Describing the Motion of Large Real Bodies Robert Ashley String Quartet Describing the Motion of Large Real Bodies
  VII Little Women Throat
  A Fallin Leaf Assif Tsahar, Cooper-Moore, Hamid Drake Lost Brother
  Wreches: My Heart Microkingdon Wreches: My Heart/Double Abacus
  Trees in a Row Hi Red Center Assemble
  Katsaros Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor Rebetika
  Sunstroke Throbbing Gristle Assume Power Focus
  Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen, Op. 20 Edgar Meyer with Bela Fleck and Mike Marshall Uncommon Ritual
  First Reading Mike Reed's People, Places, & Things About Us
  Arm Dormant Marina Rosenfeld Melatonin: Meditations On Sound In Sleep
  Dance No. 1 Marty Erhlich's Dark Woods Ensemble Just Beofre The Dawn
  Psycotic Orange Merzbow Merzbox 21 Pornoise Extra
  Simple Geographies LO MOdA Replica Watches
  The Taur and Tame Tortoise Millions Living Will Never Die
  Let's Go Find A Quiet Place to Cool Down The Gang Font feat. Interloper The Gang Font feat. Interloper
  Four Voice Cannon #3 Larry Polansky Music From Mills
  Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Das Racist Shut Up, Dude
  Ring for Endless Travel David Torn Prezens
  Hover Gerald Cleaver Adjust
  Stratum Spongiosum Lawrence casserley/Adam Linson Integument
  Found Wanting Aram Shelton, jason Ajemian, and Timothy M. Daisy Dragons 1976
  Orbling Scatter Suprising Sing Stupendous Love

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