Tone Science – 05/22/2011

tone science 026

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Let's Talk About Time The Coherent Encoherence Will A computer Give You Kids
  I'm Going Home On The Morning Train Arizona Dranes Arizona Dranes (1926-1929)
  Simple Nam June Paik Works 1958.79
  Baltimore The Tamlins Darker Than Blue, Soul from Jamdown 1973-1980
  Free Jazzmataz Das Racist Sit Down, Man
  Aquas de Marco Elis Regina & Tom Jobim Elis & Tom
  Blood Duster Naked City Naked City
  Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was Eliza Lumley She Talks in Maths
  German Haircut Flying Lotus Cosmogramma
  Uranium Kraftwerk Radio-Activity
  Grinnin' In Your Face James Blood Ulmer Bad Blood In The City: The Piety Street Sessions
  Time Isn't What You Think Transit Quadrologues
  Swastika Girls Fripp & Eno May 28, 1975 - Paris - Olympia
  Unholy Drums for Psychedelic Africa The Skull Defekts The Temple
  Mr. Eadweard J. Muybridge Observes The Representation (By Aid Of His Amazing New Zoopraxiscope)... Eric Qin Construction and Demolition - Rough Assemblage
  Road Runner/Coyote Fulminate Trio Fulminate Trio
  Interlude Daniel Levin Quartet Don't Go It Alone
  (So Young) The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact End Weekend
  Dying Will Be Easy Fight the Big Bull Dying Will Be Easy
  Epilogue Philip Glass Kepler
  Reeling the Liars In Swans My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky
  Size DNA DNA on DNA
  New Dirt (for The Stooges) Powerhouse Sound Oslo/Chicago::Breaks
  It Never Moved Henry Threadill & Zooid The Brings Us To vol. II
  Opposite Taku Sugimoto Opposite
  Gray Cottage Study #7 John Hollenbeck Rainbow Jimmies
  Part I Fred Frith Rivers & Tides

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