Tone Science – 11/27/2011

tone science 048

Time Song Artist Album
8pm Sky Church Tony Malaby Cello Trio Warblepeck
  Newman's Informer Rodrigo Amado Searching for Adam
  Elemental Disgrace II Hive Mind Elemental Disgrace
  Haystack Fire On Fire The Orchard
  I Wish I Had A Choice Darius Jones Trio Big Gurl (Smell My Dream)
  Fight For Me Wildbirds & Peacedrums Rivers
  Red Horse 3 Red Horse Red Horse
  The Light That Fills the World John Luther Adams The Light That Fills the World
  Marked Hallock Hill The Union
  Morceau 2 Andy Moor, John Butcher, Thomas Lehn Thermal
  track 02 Collections of Colonies of Bees Tropics of Cancer
  Be Happy (for S.N. Goenka) The Claudia Quintet For
  Not Too Bright (#1) Seijaku Mail from FISHITSUSHA
  XLV Peter Evans & Nate Wooley High Society

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