Monkey Mind – 02/13/2012

Felt great mixing it, hope you enjoy. That Si Para Usted comp of revolutionary Cuban funk from Waxing Deep is really great, as is the Art Pepper New York Album his wife Laurie put together a few years after he died.

Time Song Artist Album
3pm Pavan Hindustan Robbie Basho The Falconer's Arm I
  Coppertone Blues Pete Ham 7 Park Avenue
  Life's Greatest Fool Gene Clark No Other
  Calico Girlfriend Michael Nesmith & the First National Band Complete
  Ode to Billie Joe Ellen McIlwaine Honky Tonk Angel
  All Worth the Price You Pay Greg Douglass & Mistress Free Flyte
  Autalene Heptones Cool Rasta
  Sing A Song Lloyd Price to the roots and back
  Tambo Iya Ricardo Eddy Martinez Si Para Usted
  Like Someone In Love Dave Brubeck/Lee Konitz/Roy Haynes/etc. All the Things We Are
  Fresh Garbage Eugene Chadbourne/Jimmy Carl Black Locked in a Dutch Coffeeshop
  Full Force Art Ensemble Of Chicago Full Force
4pm Starring Crash Worship Asesinos
  Got What God Is My Copilot Speed Yr Trip
  When You Know Mecca Normal The Eagle the Poodle
  Dimestore Diamond Gossip Music For men
  Precaution Pylon Gyrate
  Emergency Cases Undertones Undertones
  Sincerely Dwight Twilley Sincerely
  Beatle Rap Qworymen Beatle Songs
  Egy lany nem ment haza Omega Redstar Well Hung: 20 Funk-Rock Eruptions From Beneath Communist Hungary
  El Fino Grupo Los Yoyi Si Para Usted: The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba, Volume One
  Duo Blues Art Pepper/Ron Carter New York Album
  Collie and Wine Glen Brown Ganja Reggae Box
  There's A Rumour Epic Soundtracks Sleeping Star
  Babs Robbie Basho The Falconer's Arm I
  Grand Ennui/Propinquity (I've Just Begun To Care) Michael Nesmith & the First National Band Complete

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