Updoc 183: Les Stances à Roscoe: 5/11/12

Opening theme: Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Ninth Room; Tutankhamun (Black Lion)

1.    Roscoe Mitchell Art Ensemble: Old; Old/Quartet Sessions (Nessa)
2.    Roscoe Mitchell: Nonaah/Ericka/Nonaah: Nonaah (Nessa)
3.    Roscoe Mitchell Art Ensemble: Quartet; Old/Quartet Sessions (Nessa)
4.    Art Ensemble of Chicago: Tnoona; Fanfare for the Warriors (Atlantic)
5.    Roscoe Mitchell: Chant; Wildflowers –Loft Jazz New York 1976 (Douglas)

Out theme: George Gershwin/Cleveland Orchestra/Ricardo Chailly: Lullaby for String Orchestra; Rhapsody in Blue, etc. (Decca)

2 Responses to “Updoc 183: Les Stances à Roscoe: 5/11/12”

  1. Great stuff. I love Roscoe’s comment about that performance of “Nonaah”. He called it a four way contest, him vs. the composition vs. the audience vs. the saxophone.

  2. Did he say who won?