Updoc – 11/30/2012

Updoc 210: GLOOMIN’ WITH GUS: 11/30/12

Opening theme: Gustav Mahler/London Symphony Orchestra/Klaus Tennstedt: Symphony No. 6 [excerpt]; Mahler – Symphonies 6&7 Live (EMI)

Georg Friedrich Handel/Sviatoslav Richter: Keyboard Suite No. 12 in E Minor; Handel – Richter – Gavrilov – Keyboard Suites, etc. (EMI)
Gustav Mahler/Berliner Philharmoniker/Claudio Abbado: Symphony No. 6 [title tune/two excerpts] (DGG)
Gustav Mahler/Wiener Philharmoniker/Leonard Bernstein: Symphony No. 6 [title tune/two excerpts] (DGG)
Gustav Mahler/Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Jascha Horenstein: Symphony No. 6; Horenstein – Mahler – Nielsen – Rossini – Live (BBC Legends)
Dietrich Buxtehude/Daniel Taylor/Theatre of Early Music: Klag-Lied (Atma Classique)

Out theme: Branford Marsalis: Treat it Gentle; Four MFs Playin’ Tunes [bonus track] (Marsalis Music)

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