This week’s Updoc: “B&B” Feb. 1&5

There is a button concealed somewhere on my person, and if you push it you will hear a recording of me saying something on the order of “Bach and Bird are the two greatest pure musical intellects of all time,” but in fact I don’t have a Genius-O-Meter and I’m talking out the back of my neck. Nonetheless, whenever I play some Bach or Charlie Parker—as I do on this week’s Updoc, Friday at 8PM and again at noon on Tuesday, Coney Island of the Mind time—it’s hard to listen to anyone but the other guy without feeling that I’ve taken a tumble a few levels down. Bachwise on the show there are a Sonata and a French Suite, both in the austere key of D-minor, which we later brighten up with the first Partita—all pianoed for us by Angela Hewitt—and Birdwise it’s a scattering of some familiar gems; but I also experimented with following up Bach with Bechet and, behold, it worked. Duke Ellington drops by and so does Brother Joe May, “The Thunderbolt of the Midwest.” You are invited to touch that dial, but whatever you do, don’t push that button.

2 Responses to “This week’s Updoc: “B&B” Feb. 1&5”

  1. I dig! I dug! Seems fitting on Langston Hughes’ birthday:

    I play it cool
    I dig all jive
    That’s the reason
    I stay alive
    My motto
    As I live and learn
    Is dig and be dug in return

  2. Nice one, Joe. Thanks.