Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Friday 9/13, Tuesday 9/17

anatomy-of-a-hit1I’ve been trying to get my hands on a digital copy of Jack DeJohnette and Lester Bowie’s film-score album Zebra for some time so I could play some on the show. Last week I had the good luck to run into Jack at a drum festival in Woodstock and he generously made a copy I could use. That would be Updoc at 8PM Friday and noon next Tuesday, Woodstock time, so tune in for some of Lester Bowie’s loveliest playing on record over Jack’s keyboards and drum programming. After that it’s a set featuring the work of the brilliant songwriter poet cartoonist (see illustration) and surrealist quirkster Peter Blegvad. Come one come all and you’ll get to hear selections from the thirty-year-old and just reissued Kew. Rhone. and another few from Blegvad’s recent collaboration with Andy Partridge, Gonwards. This will bend your mind into strange shapes but you’ll recover. After that it’s the more than hourlong and spectacular Rag Lalit from the Indian flute master Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. Rag Lalit evidently provides the usual sort of pentatonic note selection but also offers the improviser some surprisingly chromatic intervals, and Chaurasia makes use of the contrasts to sustain this long piece to stunning effect. The writer Peter Cherches turned me onto this one and it’s a winner. A couple of weeks ago I ended a show with the Kinks promising Better Things Ahead. This time it’s Blegvad in deep Russian mode prophesying Worse On the Way, probably the best thing in this vein since Tuli Kupferberg’s Nothing, with the Fugs. Come on, I know you can take it.

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