Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri Nov 1 & Tues Nov 5

This week’s Updoc, Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday (East Coasting Time), returns to the music of the mighty Ronald Shannon Jackson in the aftermath of his recent departure at the age of 73, with samples from his band the Decoding Society, solo pieces combining drums and the vernacular poetry of Sterling A. Brown, and episodes from Shannon’s tenure with Cecil Taylor and Ornette Coleman. After so much airborne electricity atop the unstoppable drive of Jackson’s chthonic tembloring it seemed sensible, later in the show, to take refuge in the autumnal shade of Johannes Brahms’ late-period music for a trio of clarinet, cello and piano. Brahms had retired from composing at the age of fifty-seven when that black woodwind set him alight for a few last outings with his muse; after which I couldn’t let Hallowe’en fade away without hearing Philly Joe Jones do the Lugosi on his Blues for Dracula. They are the children of the night. What beautiful music they made.Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 5.06.34 PM

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