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This week Howling’s reminiscing over departed bluesmen, buying vinyl and childhood TV,- none of which gets in the way of an hour of the finest blues ‘n roots on the net.


Mr Ed – “A horse on a blues show??

That Man Nappy Brown Night Time Is The Right Time VIDEO
Killing Floor Johnny Winter Step Back VIDEO
Don’t You Hear Me Crying For You John Primer You Can Make It If You Try VIDEO
Second Coming Ruthie Foster Promise of a Brand New Day VIDEO
Reason For Love Emmett Wheatfall Them Poetry Blues VIDEO
It Hurts Me Too Erja Lyytinen The Sky Is Crying VIDEO
Way Down In The Hole Pete Pritchard Beat The Blues VIDEO
He’ll Do The Same Thing To You Eden Brent Mississippi Number One VIDEO
World Blues Larry Lampkin The Blues Is Real VIDEO
I’m Goin’ Away Baby Smoky Babe Way Back in the Country Blues VIDEO
Wati Si Sasekahipahpa Americo Valenti Opika Pende VIDEO
Mississippi Got Me TJ Norton TJ & The Suitcase VIDEO
Easy Come, Easy Go Seth Walker Sky Still Blue VIDEO
Hey Warden Orange Jefferson Texas Harmonica Rumble VIDEO

Martian Gardens – 09/10/2014

Martian Gardens for September 7 & 10, 2014


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Béla Bartók: Hungarian Song
from 44 Duos for Two Violins, Book 1
The Complete Violin Duos
Nuema Records/1993
violins: János Négyesy, Päivikki Nykter; composition year: 1931; time: 0:43

János Négyesy: Bittersweet Music II (Bun-Ching Lam)
Solo Violin Recital
Acourant Records/2006
composer: Bun-Ching Lam; violin: János Négyesy; recorded at Warren Studios, University of California San Diego, June 2005; composition year: 1981; time: 12:32

Bun-Ching Lam: Run
Heidelberg Concerts
Mutable Music/2011
pipa: Min Xiao Fen; recorded in Heidelberg, Germany, 2009; composition year: 1993; time: 7:25

Chris Newman: Symphony
Mode Records/2014
Ensemble KNM Berlin (flute: Rebecca Lenton; clarinet: Winfried Rager; xylophone: Thomas Meixner; piano: Holger Groschopp; trumpet: Markus Schwind; trombone: Andrew Digby; double bass: Arnuff Ballhorn); conductor: Steffen Tast; recorded at the Studio für elektroakustische Musik; Berlin, January 2004; composition year: 1981; time: 12:00

Iannis Xenakis: Xas
Ensemble Music 2
Mode Records/1996
(for saxophone quartet); members of ST-X Ensemble Xenakis USA; soprano saxophone: Susan Cook; alto saxophone: John Engerbretson; tenor saxophone: Shawn Tracy; baritone saxophone: Mathew Cashman; recorded at Streeterville Studio, Chicago, September 15, 1996; composition year: 1987; time: 8:56

Steven Schick: Watershed I (1st 1/4) (R. Reynolds)
Drumming in the Dark
Neuma Records/2000
composer: Roger Reynolds; percussion: Steven Schick; recorded at Warren Studios, University of California San Diego; composition year: 1995; excerpt time: 7:10

Meehan/Perkins Duo & the Baylor Percussion Group:
Percussion Music (G. Strang)
I. Alla marcia (2:39)
II. Moderato (2:47)
III. Rondino (1:44)
Restless, Endless, Tactless
Johanna Beyer and the Birth of American Percussion Music
New World Records/2011
composer: Gerald Strang; percussion: Meehan/Perkins Duo, Baylor Percussion Group, recorded at Jones Concert Hall, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, February 9, 2010; composition year: 1936; total time: 7:10

Wendy Mae Chambers: Fire-Breathing Serpent
New World Records/1998
percussion: Michael Pugliese, Randy Crafton, Jason Cirker, Charles Kiger, Andy Bowman, Kory Grossman, Mark Belair, Dan McMillan, Frank Cassara, David Cossin, Jimmy Musto, Dominic Donato, conductor: Howard Van Hyning; recorded at St. Paul’s Chapel, Columbia University, July 21, 1994; time: 4:56

Otto Laske: Furies and Voices
a. Prelude
b. Scherzo
c. Song
Electro Acoustic Music VI (various artists)
Neuma Records/1999
(electroacoustic music); composition year: 1990; time: 10:27

Robert Scott Thompson: Unwoven
Relaxed Machinery/2014
electronics, synthesizers: Robert Scott Thompson; composition year: 2014; time: 9:09

Victoria Jordanova: Outer Circles, part 6
Outer Circles
Innova Recordings/2004
ham radio signal collage: Victoria Jordanova; recorded in Rome, Italy; composition year: 2004; time: 8:03

Odeya Nini: There are so many things that I have to tell you
Vougheauxyice (Voice)
text, voice, processing: Odeya Nini; recorded at California Institute of the Arts, June 2012; time: 9:52

Biosphere: The things I tell you
All Saints/1997
electronics, voice, text: Geir Jenssen; recorded at Aurora Lydstudio, Tromsdalen, Norway; time: 6:17

Françoise Barrière: Musique pour le Temps de Noël (Yuletide Music)
Series Chrysopée Electronique – Bourges
Mnémosyne Musique Media/1992
(for viola, cello, saxophone, percussion, and tape); members of Ensemble 2e2m (viola: Alain Dubois; cello: Marcus Jenny; saxophone: Kemicho Muto; percussion: Jean-Pierre Drouet); conductor: Alain Savouret; recorded at the 9th International Festival of Experimental Music, Bourges, court of the Jacques Cœur Palace, 1979; composition year: 1979; time: 16:16

Gonzalo Biffarella: Mestizaje
Mnémosyne Musique Media/1997
(musique concrete); recorded at LIPM (Research and Musical Production Laboratory – Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1983-1984; time: 8:11

John Luther Adams: At a Still Point
The Place We Began
Cold Blue Music/2009
(musique concrete); composed in Fairbanks, Alaska, and Los Angeles, 2008, time: 12:32

John Luther Adams: Inuksuit, part 4
Cantaloupe Music/2013
(for percussion, air raid sirens, and environmental sounds) percussion ensemble directed by Doug Perkins; recorded in the woods of Guilford, Vermont, 2012; composition year: 2009; time: 9:33

Meehan/Perkins Duo: Table of Contents (D. Lang)*
Travel Diary
Bridge Records/2011
(composer: David Lang); percussion: The Meehan/Perkins Duo; recorded at Jones Concert Hall, Baylor University, Waco Texas, January 2010; composition year: 2008; time: 8:57

Lou Harrison: Fugue*
Drums Along the Pacific
New Albion Records/2003
performed by the William Winant Percussion Group; recorded at Bay Records, Berkeley, California, August, 1993; composition year: 1942; time: 3:55

*TAINT Radio version only

— FIN —

Tone Science – 09/07/2014

tone science 177

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Nag Mahesh Ay Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Philip Gibbs The Clouds Turn Silver
  Hommage Henri Texier Amir
  matters Tashi Dorji Blue Twelve
  Nostalgia of the Southern Cross Peter Garland/Aki Takahashi The Days Run Away
  Realisation B 7 April 1993 19.36-19.56 Karlheinz Sotckhausen/Eberhard Blum Spiral
  Spring of Chosroes Morton Feldman/Paul Zukofsky, Ursula Oppens Violin Sonata, Spring of Chosroes
  Macchu Picchu By Any Means Live at Crescendo
  Search Bruise with Derek Bailey Bruise with Derek Bailey
  The Inevitable Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble Intergalactic Beings
  Marionette Lennie Tristano Live in New York

Go To My Grave

This week, Howling giving advice on collecting music, recounting tales of high stepping Irishmen and playing the best tribute act in the blues. Another busy week on the porch at Taint with an hour of the finest blues and roots music on the net.

TheWire-OmarLittle2-Portable 2

Omar Little – “Oh Indeed”

Brave Son Of America C.W.  Stoneking Jungle Blues VIDEO
Boogie Man Kenny Wayne Shepherd Goin’ Home VIDEO
I Just Want to Make Love to You Mud Morganfield For Pops VIDEO
Grinnin’ In Your Face Brooks Williams Baby O! VIDEO
Hill Country Rain Half Deaf Clatch The Blues Continuum VIDEO
05 Georgia 032714 Dom Flemons Prospect Hill HiFi VIDEO
Way Down in the Hole Lurrie Bell The Devil Ain’t Got No Music VIDEO
I’m Sitting on Top of the World Doc Watson & Clarence Ashley Original Folkways Recordings 1960 – 1962 VIDEO
Caravan Van Morrison Moondance (Remastered + Expanded) VIDEO
Leave The City Devon Allman Ragged & Dirty VIDEO
La Belle De La Louisianne Eddy Raven Honky Tonk Charlie Gillett’s Radio Picks VIDEO
Low Down Dirty Shame Blues Moanin’ Bernice Edwards Frog Blues & Jazz Annual No3 VIDEO
Motherless Chile Blues Barbecue Bob Chocolate To The Bone VIDEO
Singing in Chains My Baby My Baby Loves Voodoo VIDEO
Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City Chris Farlowe Out of the Blue VIDEO
Pearl River Mike Zito Songs from the Road VIDEO

Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri. 9/5 & Tues. 9/9

The photo has nothing to do with the music; I just felt like looking at it. This week’s Updoc—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Lower East Side time—features a lot of music one correspondent has written to say she finds it hard to understand without context, but I like Wadada Leo Smith’s ambitious new Great Lakes Suite, without understanding what it has to do with the Lakes individually or all together. Smith’s heraldic trumpet in a band featuring Henry Threadgill, John Lindberg, and a drummer named DeJohnette is enough setup for me. A friend recently sent me back to John Coltrane’s Concert in Japan and he was right: Yamaha’s gift of two alto saxophones put a less lethal weapon in Pharoah Sanders’ hands and give Trane a new wing to soar on: Peace on Earth is Coltrane at his most rapturously and romantically hymnful. Lately I’ve been changing the pace with Mozart piano concertos, especially since coming upon the series by Mitsuko Uchida, Jeffrey Tate and the English Chamber Orchestra, who this week deliver bliss upon bliss on one of the two concertos Mozart composed in the minor mode. Some avant-garde free-jazz types find Mozart the difficult one to get—all that beauty and elegance and mercy and poignancy and wit—but they can get him here. Marilyn Crispell in duet with Louis Moholo and the Art Ensemble in both whispering and screaming mode round out the show and this text is long enough. Hello, I must be going.MarxCrop