Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri Nov 28 & Tues Dec 2

Last week’s Updoc opened with a set featuring jazz newcomers who put out notable records in 2014. This week’s show—Friday at 8 and noon next Tuesday, Spanish Harlem time—expands the age bracket to accommodate new work by Brian Blade, Miguel Zenón, Pat Metheny, Oliver Lake, Tigran Hamasyan and the rebooted Preservation Hall Band. After that it’s Milton Babbitt’s perky and abstruse piece for jazzlike ensemble, All Set, originally premiered by Bill Evans and some hirelings in 1957, here performed to a fare-thee-well by Gil Rose’s formidable Boston Modern Orchetra Project with Lucy Shelton on piano, subsequently chased to Far Wells, Mill Valley by Charles Mingus. Branford Marsalis’ long evening with the Grateful Dead in 1990 has been around on bootlegs for years, but now it has gone legit on a Dead box set, and Updoc has selected the long jam on Dark Star as an example of how it went. The mix does not favor Marsalis, but if you squint your ears you should be able to make him out hardening his tone and asking John Coltrane for the loan of some alternate scales. He gets them. Once again we have induced Mr. Mozart to bat cleanup with one of his famous piano concertos, this one No. 25 as pitched by the nonpareil team of Argerich and Abbado. That’s all for this week, while I study up for the oncoming 50th anniversary of a Love Supreme, remembering what it was like to see and hear the universe broken wide open by four guys onstage at Birdland. I’m gradually coming around to the conclusion that music is a good thing to have around. Watch this space for further news.LandLarge

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