Rafi Zabor’s Updoc Fri MayDay & Tues May 5

LogRollI’ve broken bread and spilled beer with him, plus he has his own show on taintradio, so it would only be logrolling and puffery if it weren’t for the fact that there isn’t an atomy of aesthetic or moral compromise in my assertion that Kip Hanrahan is making some of the most intelligent and impassioned music of anyone anywhere, and that I’d like to serve up a tranch of his work so that you might hear it and consider chipping or kipping in to the fundraiser he’s got going—via his Facebook page or indiegogo.com—in order to record some new music for the first time in years and get it out there for us all. So this week’s Updoc—8 PM Friday and noon next Tuesday, Off-Broadway time—after starting off with new and newish music from burnout reedmen Kamasi Washington and Gilad Atzmon respectively, serves up about forty minutes of Kip Hanrahan’s life and thought. An early breakthrough album’s title, Desire Develops an Edge, says a lot about the highly charged nexus of love and sex and intellect and world and quest, frequently inflected by umbral looming geopolitical realities, that Hanrahan has achieved. I first encountered him in the late 1970s in the backstage shadows of the New York Public Theatre’s jazz series where, in one of the smartest moves anyone made at the time, he began to see a place where the avant-gardish jazz of the time might meet the Latin percussion he’d heard growing up in the Bronx, and that he might even write a nightborne singable poetry that could stitch those elements together in a way that those elements had yet themselves suspected—a strong beginning for a musical idiom that has enriched itself in passage through mixed countryside along its evolutions toward the sea. It has passed your town along the way, and you’ll probably catch sight of yourself in it. The show eases off, or doesn’t, with the sound of brilliant women singing: Rhiannon Giddens, Joanna Wallfisch, Aoife O’Donovan, Lena Chamamyan, the Wailin’ Jennys, and Dom La Nena: all in all, not 2 bad a 2 hoursworth, with days and nights of blue luck inverted included gratis.

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