Irishmen And Tears

This week Howling’s  raising his eyebrows at hypocrisy, remembering dangerous gigs and asking you to listen without prejudice. Along the way he plays some of  the finest blues ‘n roots you’ll find on the net.


PJ Proby “Cue Whispering Bobs dad”

King of the Zulus Louis Armstrong Complete Hot Five & Hot Seven VIDEO
Black Cat Bone Lee Rocker Black Cat Bone VIDEO
One Bourbon One Scotch Rob Berry Blues N Boxes VIDEO
Kill The Old Gray Mule Belton Sutherland You Tube VIDEO
Ain’t You Sorry Old Gray Mule Have Mercy VIDEO
Farewell Daddy Blues Margot Bingham Boardwalk Empire Volume 3 VIDEO
Whatever Happened To P.J. Proby Van Morrison & P.J. Proby Duets: Re-Working The Catalogue VIDEO
Key To The Highway Sonny Landreth Bound By The Blues VIDEO
Loanshark Blues Rory Gallagher Etched In Blue VIDEO
Nina Simone Tom Russell & The Norwegian Wind Ensemble Aztec Jazz VIDEO
Go To Hell Nina Simone Blue For You VIDEO
I Feel Like Crying Andrew Tibbs The Aristocrat Blues Story VIDEO
All I Could Do Is Cry Etta James The Best Of Chess: VIDEO
505 Train Otis Taylor Double V VIDEO

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