Tone Science – 08/16/2015

tone science 217

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Dance Suite [For Merle Marsicano] (1963) for percussion and piano|celeste Morton Feldman/Glen Freeman, Debora Petrina Strings, Keyboard, Percussion, Voices, Horn
  Annapurna Kid Millions & Jim Sauter Bloom
  Yuunihui'se'ome'yei'nahui, For Violin, Viola Concertante, Violoncello, Double-Bass (1983-1990) Julio Estrada/Arditti String Quartet & Stefano Scodanibbio Chamber Music for Strings
  Shadesof Silence Anna Thorvaldsdottir/Nordic Affect Clockworking
  Deuxième Sonate pour piano [1947-48] I-IV Pierre Boulez/Pi-hsien Chen Notations & Piano Sonatas
  For Balloon and String Quartet I-III Judy Dunaway & Flux Quartet Mother of Balloon Music
  After Dark George E. Lewis & Bertram Turetzky Conversations

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