Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri Nov 29 & Tues Dec 2


I’m sure it’s unimaginative of me to program Charles Ives’ Holidays Symphony, climaxing out of starvation gloom into the New England Transcendentalism of the Thanksgiving movement, on this week’s Updoc—8PM Friday and noon next Tuesday, Boston Red Sox time—but, hey, it’s a great if kinda long piece of music, and the show starts off with a set featuring pianist Orrin Evans with a trio and a quintet including especially the smokin’ tenor work of JD Allen, so there. Speaking of tenors, John Coltrane and Archie Shepp share a colloquy on a new release of Acknowledgment, and Sonny Rollins and Coleman Hawkins demonstrate Almost All the Things They Are on a live recording from 1963. What else? Chucho Valdes’ reboot of Irakere, Eddie Palmieri featuring Joe Locke, and some up and coming tenor playing from Noah Preminger and a fine rhythm section: among other things, they Try a Little Tenderness. As should we all, in this time of war, deceit, treachery, monstrosity, braggadocio, and last but I hope not least the light and warmth and gratitude for the sheer illimitable gift of Being we can garner in our hearts and amid family and friends, wheresoever we may be, in the November of the year of our Lord this year and onward.

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