Tone Science – 01/21/2018

tone science 290

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Illusions of Reality/Breath of Life Sirone Artistry
  Night Club Akio Suzuki, John Butcher Immediate Landscapes
  To Tristan Tzara Ladonna SMith, Davey Williams, Theodore Bowen Folk Music
  Estoria IV Jocy de Oliveria Estorias Para Voz, Instrumentos Acusticos e Electronicos
  Words and Music (1961) Morton Feldman/Ensemble Recherche Words and Music

Tone Science – 10/08/2017

tone science 279

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Fireworks Irreversible Entanglements Irreversible Entanglements
  Direstion of the Tale Otomo Yoshihide & Carl Stone Monogatari: Amino Argot
  Phases of the Night Barry GUy, Marilyvn Crispell, Paul Lytton Phases of the Night
  Trip Christopher Butterfield/Quatuor Bozzini Trip
  An Indication of Prescence Lee Patterson, Vanessa Rossetto Temperament As Waveform
  Retrograde Tashi Wada Alignment
  November 1 Reggie Workman Images
  As If It Were the Seasons/Song to Make the Sun Come Up Joseph Jarman As If It Were the Seasons

Tone Science – 09/24/2017

tone science 277

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight God's Own Dibber (Cannabis Sativa and enivornment recorded in BRussels, August 1998) Michael Prime L-fields
  jacques and brice like people brice catherine and jacques meierre bimo
  And Then There Were Four with a Whispering Woman Straytone, Yui Nakamura, Takashi Masubuchi, & Masahide Tokunaga A Crescent and Moonflowers
  Bauxtime Ore Belatedly
  Scilence Mat Maneri, Evan Parker, & Lucian Ban Sounding Tears
  Stillness Satoko Fuji Aspiration
  Unearth (excerpt) Tony Buck Unearth

Tone Science – 09/17/2017

tone science 276

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Ecerit I Roland Kayn A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound
  Es War Einmal Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza Azioni
  sontainta no. 1: lento sognante Eva-Maria Houben/Carson Cooman Organ Sonatinas and Drones
  FRont 1-3 John Chantler, Steve Noble, Serymour Wright Front and Above
  Zodiacal William Hooker & Damon Smith Triangles of Force
  Exercise 18 Christian Wolff Ten Exercises
  untitled (track 6) Jason Kahn, Tomas Korber, Christian Weber Zürcher Aufnahmen

Tone Science – 09/10/2017

tone science 275

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Mas Lugares (Su Madrigali di Monteverdi) Stefano Scodanibbio/Del Sol String Quartet Dark Queen Mantra
  Transmissions from thr 18th Century/Future Is Extoplasm Girls New Feeling Come
  Skim/Gudi Duot & Andy Moor Food
  Sing Me Some Cry/Glyph Eric Revis Sing Me Some Cry
  Underlight/Hounds of Hades Áine O'Dwyer Gallarais
  Astral Swords (Five-A Past That Folds Over)/Tule Ruse-Tule Mind Andrew Weathers Ensemble Build a Mountain Where Out Bodies Fall
  Axis Legacy/Voice Oval Mario Pavone Vertical
  It Wasn't the Buzz Jeb Bishops & Dan Ruccia Scratch Slice Jag
  Flower for Prashant Tyshawn Sorey Verisimilitude

Tone Science – 09/3/2017

tone science 274

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Above 1 John Chantler, Steve Noble, Seymour Wright Front and Above
  Assemblage Daniel Levin Living
  Ornedaruth Art Ensemble of Chicago The Complete Live in Japan
  Reis C-Schulz Frühre Jahre
  What the Birds Tell Me Angelica Sanchez Trio Float the Edge
  13. Juni 1979 Im Kölnischen Kunstverein - 2 Hans Otte On Earth
  At The Stone Thollem McDonas, Pauline Oliveros, Susie Ibarra At The Stone (2012)

Tone Science – 08/27/2017

tone science 273

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Side A Andrew Weathers Ensemble Build A Mountain Where Our Bodies Fall
  Once Upon a Time in the West Max Johnson, Susan Alcorn, Mike Pride, Kris Davis In the West
  Trans Karlheinz Stockhausen Trans
  Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Memory Elodie Lauten Piano Works Revisited

Tone Science – 08/20/2017

tone science 272

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Knknighgh 3 Nate Wooley Knknighgh (Minimal Poetry for Aram Saroyan)
  Twombly at New Church Rob Mazurek Rome
  Hollers Thollem McDonas, Rob Mazurek Blind Curves and Box Canyons
  North American Ballads - Which SIde Are You On? Frederic Rzewski Rzewski Plays Rzewski - Piano Works
  Ghyress (for Ilse-Emil Kayn) Roland Kayn Multiplex Sound-Art

Tone Science – 08/13/2017

tone science 271

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Algid November Tyshawn Sorey Versimilitude
  No Name 1 Leila Bordreuil, Zach Rowden Hollow
  Alto Horn Quartet Joe McPhee Alone Together: The Solo Ensemble Recordings 1974 & 1979
  Joy Boy Julius Eastman Joy Boy
  Vegetal Oscillations Steve Roden Every Color Moving (1988-2003)
  March 15 part 2 Yoshi Wada Singing in Unison
  Dancing in the Canyon Roscoe Mitchell Bells for the South Side

Tone Science – 08/06/2017

tone science 270

Time Song Artist Album
Midnight Critical Band Zeitkratzer [old school] James Tenney
  Fluid Dynamics Rocket Science Rocket Science
  Red Spider/Bug/Saturn Miya Masaoka, Zeena Parkins, Myra Melford MZM
  I Want To Do To You What Spring Does to Cherry Trees Michael Bisio & Kirk Knuffke Row for William O.
  Spacer C-Schulz Frühre Jahre
  Forenoon - Hirume, Just Before Noon Pauline Oliveros, Miya Masaoka Accordion Koto
  Ready-Made II Roland Kayn Cybernetic Music