Nice music blog: Said the Gramophone

I’d love to see what music blogs other Taint folks visit, so on that note:

Someone posted Time mag’s top 25 blogs for 2009 over at one of my fave sites, the group weblog Metafilter (which also made Time‘s list, surprisingly enough), and one of the recommendations is a nice little music blog from 3 Canadians: Said the Gramophone. Here’s the relevant snippet of the description:

A daily sampler of “really good songs” as judged by the three Canadian music fans who compile the site. Launched in March 2003, Said the Gramophone was one of the first mp3 blogs that actually let you download and listen to the music being described…although you have to act fast on listening to the music — all songs are removed from the blog within a week or two of posting. The capsule reviews are reliably thoughtful with occasional forays into the surreal, and most songs are accompanied by a link in case you want to buy them immediately. It’s a great, low-risk way to get turned on to new music.

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I’d heard of Said the Gramophone but had never spent much time there; turns out it’s definitely worth a visit if you like odd pop/rock. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of most of the songs they have up currently. Oh, and Metafilter has a fun post about Junior Wells up on the front page as I type this. It’s a pretty wide-ranging site but features lots of music-related content.

Guess that’ll do for a first blog post here.