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07/05 | Brian Cullman’s Songs On Toast, Ep. 306 – Fri 7/3 & Sun 7/5 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Fridays 10pm (Eastern) & Sundays noon-2pm

Richard Thompson                                No Peace, No End                        Still
The Saints                                              See You In Paradise                     All Fools Day
Little Joy                                              Keep Me In Mind                         Little Joy
The Band                                                Farther Up The Road                     Crossing The Great Divide
ILoveMakonnen                                   I Don’t Sell Molly No More              ILoveMakonnen
Shintaro Sakamoto                               You Can Be A Robot, Too         Let’s Dance Raw
Papa Mal                                                Coffee                                  Do Your Thing
Cleveland Crochet & Band                        Sugar Bee                                       Eddie’s House of Hits
Sarkodie                                                Old School Love                         Rapperholic
Michael Dean Damron                             A Perfect Day For A Funeral     A Perfect Day
Maria McKee                                     Drinkin’ In My Sunday Dress             Maria McKee
The Braids                                              Miniskirt                                       Deep In The Iris
Jenny Hval                                              That Battle Is Over                     Apocalypse, Girl
The Acorn                                               In Silence                                      Vieux Loup
Port St Willow                                  Hollow                                  Holiday
Rodney Crowell & Emmylou Harris The Traveling Kind                      Traveling Kind
Michael Dean Damron                             New Paint                                       Perfect Day
Jackson Browne                                  The Road & The Sky                      Late For The Sky
Paul McCartney & Wings                  Nineteen Eighty Five                    Band On The Run
Chris Whitley                                   Narcotic Prayer                         Din of Ecstacy
Lizzy Mercier Descloux                  Birdy Num Num                           Press Color
Muddy Waters                                    Lonesome Road Blues                     Sings Big Bill Broonzy
Juke Boy Bonner                         Let’s Boogie                            45
The Immortals                                   Hot Tears                                       Nigeria ‘70
The Mercy Brothers                              The Devil’s Food Tastes Like Cake       Holy Ghost Power
Michael Shrieve                                 Flying Polly                            Two Doors
Alejandro Jodorowsky                            Trance Mutation                         The Holy Mountain
The Ink Spots                                   Alabams Barbecue                        Swing High Swing Low
Abbaye Cissoko & Volker Goetz           Sira                                            Putumayo Presents
Ilyas Ahmed                                     The Last Laugh                          I Am All Your Own
John Martyn                                     Singin’ In The Rain                     Bless The Weather

07/05 | Bob Rogers’ taint town live, ep. 539 | Posted by Bob Rogers

fri&sat mid-3am (eastern); mon&wed 9-mid; tues 8-11am


Kamasi Washington, Re Re Run (The Epic) 2015
Diego Urcola, Cuarenta que son uno (Libertango)
Frank Lacy & Mingus Big Band, Invisible Lady (Mingus Sings) 2015
Don Pullen, title (The Sixth Sense)
Vijay Iyer, Hood (Break Stuff) 2015

Hayden Chisholm, Patche (Breve) 2015
World Saxophone Quartet, title (Requiem for Julius)
Charles Lloyd, River (Wild Man Dance) 2015
Randy Weston & Melba Liston, Chalabati Blues (Volcano Blues)

Dinah Washington feat/Clark Terry, Blue Skies [1954] (Complete Dinah Washington on Mercury)

Jerry Granelli, The Swamp (What I Hear Now) 2015
Jeff “Tain” Watts, Driva Man feat. Ku-umba Frank Lacy (Blue, Vol. 1) 2015
Steve Johns, Came To Believe (Family) 2015
Gary McFarland Legacy Ensemble, Notions (Circulation: The Music of Gary McFarland) 2015
Jacky Terrason, November (Take This) 2015
Kenny Werner, Balloons (The Melody) 2015
Frank Kimbrough, It Never Entered My Mind (Quartet) 2014
Cedar Walton w/Abbey Lincoln, Not In Love (The Maestro)
Mark Murphy, If You Could See Me Now (Kerouac, Then and Now)

Matt Ulery, House Logic (Music Box Ballerina)
Plunge, Birmingham Songo (IN for the OUT) 2015

*time is relative

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07/04 | Bob Rogers’ taint town live, ep. 538 | Posted by Bob Rogers

fri&sat mid-3 (eastern); mon&wed 9pm-mid; tues 8-11am

Wadada Leo Smith & Jack DeJohnette, America Parts 1, 2, 3 (America)
Nels Cline, Andrea Parkins & Tom Rainey, Alleys Of North America (Out Trios Volume Three: Ash And Tabula)
Wadada Leo Smith, America’s Third Century Spiritual Awakening (Golden Quartet)

Cat Power, American Flag (Moon Pix)
Joel Harrison, American Babylon (Harbor)
Zuill Bailey & Lara Downes, Simple Gifts (Some Other Time) 2014
Ornette Coleman w/London Symphony, Birthdays And Funerals (Skies Of America)
Bob Brookmeyer New Art Orchestra, American Tragedy (Waltzing With Zoe)
Laurie Antonioli, America the Beautiful (American Dreams)
Andy Biskin Quartet, Hard Times Come Again No More (Early American—The Melodies Of Stephen Foster)

Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio & Peter Evans, title (The Freedom Principle)

Tim Warfield, Off Minor II (Spherical) 2015

Chris Lightcap, All Tomorrow’s Parties (Epicenter) 2014

Throttle Elevator Music, Liminal State (Jagged Rocks) 2015

Kenny Werner, Who? (The Melody) 2015

Sara Serpa & Ran Blake, Fine And Dandy (Kitano Noir) 2015
Mario Pavone, Chapulines (Song For [Septet])
Denny Zeitlin & George Marsh, The Visit / Wheels & Tracks (Riding the Moment) 2015
Terell Stafford, Stop Start (Brotherlee Love: Celebrating Lee Morgan) 2015
Benny Green, Phoebe’s Samba (Live in Santa Cruz) 2015

Todd Marcus, Wahsouli (Blues for Tahrir) 2015
The Bad Plus Joshua Redman, Friend or Foe (The Bad Plus Joshua Redman) 2015
*time is relative

Bob Rogers, music 24/7 – non-commercial, listener-funded

A 24/7 venue for independent music-focused program producers

JazzWeek Internet Station of the Year 2011

700 billion listeners can’t be wrong

PO Box 12376
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07/03 | Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Friday 7/3 & Tuesday 7/7 | Posted by Bob Rogers


July 3rd is Kafka’s birthday, and Janacek’s, and in nearer times the birthday of two women I have loved, so it’s much easier to do another Fourth of July show instead, but make it a little different this time, beneath the Skies of You Know Who’s Got the Biggest Air Force. Usually, this time of year, I’ve gone for a degree of celebration and uplift that seems kind of innocuous, here in the Age of Hanrahan, despite the excellence and Americanism of the music: Louis Armstrong, Charles Ives, Ornette Coleman, Charlie Parker, and other iconic presences. This year—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Statue of Liberty time—I’ve let some darker music in, made a few acidulous remarks about the screwing we’ve all had from globalized capital, amid other entertainments, and seem to have forgotten to slip in Marion Williams’ version of How I Got Over. We’ve had a couple of lucky days at the Supreme Court lately, but is anyone really getting over? There’s still plenty of Pops, Ornette, Bird, and Ives—including the overwhelming apotheosis of his 4th Symphony, premiered more than a decade after the insurance executive and part-time composer’s death—just as there’s still plenty to celebrate around here while the unsustainable population of seven billion heads for the ten-figure mark and all the other life forms, except the ones we eat or eat us, plummet toward extinction. I intend to have a good time anyway, eating charred animal pieces, drinking too much, and watching other people blow shit up. How about you?

07/01 | Ken Irwin’s Jubilation, Ep. 177 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Jubilation Vol. 177

Wed 7/01/15 – Midnight – 3 AM

Fri 7/03/15 – 4-7pm

Mon 7/06/15 – Noon – 3 PM


Hour One

Anna Webber’s Percussive Mechanics / Climbing on Mirrors / Refraction / Pirouet 2015

Makaya McCraven / Three Fifths A Man / In The Moment / International Anthem 2015


Terell Stafford / Speedball / Brotherlee Love / Capri 2015

Roberto Magris / Counterparts / Enigmatix / J Mood 2015

Charnee Wade / Offering / Offering / Motema 2015

Devin Gray / Relative Resonance (for Tadd Dameron) / Relative Resonance / Skirl 2015


Jacques Lesure / Sunny / Camaraderie / WJ3 2015

Matt Belsante / On The Sunny Side of The Street / Green Hill 2015

Ellen Jensen / 3-Lonious Bunk / Form & Formless / self released 2015


Hour Two

Satoko Fujii Tobira / Wind Dance / Yamiyo Ni Karasu / Libra 2015

Takeshi Asai / 653 / French Trio Vol. 2 / de trios cites records 2015

Bjorn Solli / To The Lighthouse / Aglow: The Lyngor Project Vol. 1 / Lyngor Records 2015


Terence Blanchard / Compared to What / Breathless / Blue Note 2015

Brian Charette / Not A Purist / Alphabet City / Positone 2015

Kamasi Washington / Re-Run Home / The Epic / Brainfeeder 2015

Ku-Umba Frak Lacy & Mingus Big Band / Dry Cleaner From Des Moines / Mingus Sings / Sunnyside 2015


Michael Waldrop Big Band / Time Within Itself / Origin 2015


Hour Three

John Hollenbeck / Close To You / Songs We Like A Lot / Sunnyside 2015

Jenna Mammina & Rolf Sturm / Watching The Detectives / Spark 2015

Charlie Dennard / 5 O’Clock Charlie / Blues By Five / 2015

David Chesky & Jazz In The New Harmonic / Sleepless In New York / Primal Scream / Chesky Records 2015


Antonio Sanchez / Big Dream / Three Times Three / CamJazz 2015

Antonio Sanchez & Migration / Channels of Energy / The Meridian Suite / CamJazz 2015


George Freeman & Chico Freeman / Dark Blue / All In The Family / Southport 2015

Corbin Andrick / The Tipping Point / Olmstead’s Whistle / self released 2015

Ken Irwin

Host of Taintradio’s “Jubilation”
Host of WMUA’s Java Jazz
79 Harrison Ave
Greenfield, MA 01301

06/30 | Kip Hanrahan’s Surplus Value / History of the Mic, Ep.053 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Tuesdays @7pm (Eastern), Fridays @ midnight

53 Surplus Value / History of the mic show 053


Sonny Rollins St. Thomas Saxophone Colossus
Dizzy Gillespie And The United Nation Orchestra Tin Tin Deo Live at the Royal Festival Hall
Ignacio Berroa When Will the Blues Leave / Vine Pa’ echar Candela Heritage and Passion
Antonio Carlos Jobim Stone Flower Stone Flower

OK, regarding the two middle pieces played: Ignacio Berroa is a master drummer who we worked with for a few years after he came from Cuba, but when he joined Dizzy’s band he was very vocal – to everyone, including Dizzy, that he just hated, for whatever visceral reasons, the song Dizzy song Tin Tin Deo, and it made him wince that they had to play it every night. Now I’m sure Dizzy just shrugged and laughed, and then possibly made it a point to play it every night just because of that, but it makes me laugh because, man, that’s just so IGNACIO, I mean he gets the gig with Dizzy and then has the both passion enough to hate the song and the balls to tell the band leader, um, Dizzy, that he thinks this song of his is shit, and although he’s part of the band, and a professional, and he’ll play it, he’ll hate every minute of every performance. Along with the master drumming, that’s Ignacio. So I followed TinTinDeo (with Iggy on drums) with an Ignacio led piece from decades later.

Opening the set was Sonny Rollins’ St. Thomas and closing it was Jobim’s Stone Flower. Man, those are two pieces that no matter how many times we all hear them, nobody can get tired of them. There’s just something in them, something in what we hear in them beyond words that are just so deeply joyful and filled with wonder. I mean, you might get a little annoyed by the arrangement and production with the Jobim, but never the piece. Anyway, that’s what I believe.

So, Jobim without the production:

Antonio Carlos Jobim Retrato Em Branco E Preto Antonio Carlos Jobim em Minas ao Vivo Piano e Voz

For the last stretch in New York, almost everyone I know has been talking about Ornette’s funeral as a major musical event. With Sonny Rollins, Henry Thredgil, Cecil, David Murray and others playing, um, wow, of course it was, just by being Ornette’s funeral it was.

But Nancy and I attended another event / concert this week that was also a major musical event for us, in a different way of course. The playing of Conlon Nancarrow’s player piano pieces at the Whitney was just spectacular to us. It’s not that hearing it directly from the player piano as opposed to a recording was all that revelatory – the recordings made by Charles Amirkanian of the pieces on site at Nancarrow’s studio for his 1750 Arch records in the ‘70s were damn great, the work that introduced a lot of us to Nancarrow, and yeah, our breath was taken away at the time – man, thank you so much Charles!!!! But there was a thrill to actually waking around and watching the lumbering machine produce the music, and to hearing all these gorgeous pieces, unlike any other music, in order through the day. Wow.

I’m gonna’ play a Nancarrow piece in three parts, the third part being the first two, played simultantiously, I don’t know any other composer who did anything like that, really. But the point is that it’s just so stunning a music.

Conlon Nancarrow Study for Player Piano No. 41a Nancarrow: Studies for Player Piano
Conlon Nancarrow Study for Player Piano No. 41b Nancarrow: Studies for Player Piano
Conlon Nancarrow Study for Player Piano No. 41c Nancarrow: Studies for Player Piano
Conlon Nancarrow Interview – Terraced Dynamics Lost Works, Last Works

So Nancarrow was an American born communist – his father had been the mayor of Texarkana… but the story is that when he got back from Spain, from fighting with the Abraham Lincoln brigade, the US government didn’t exactly take away his US passport, his US citizenship directly, they just refused to renew it. At first I was thinking, even then, did the US Gov have the RIGHT to do so? But then the obvious occurred to me, oh, yeah, Ed Snowden… OK, so Nancarrow spent most of the rest of his life in Mexico. He had, at one point, been a jazz trumpet player, and claimed Earl Hines was one of his favorites, and he definitely plays with and against boogie boogie and stride figures at times, but his sense of time, of the possibilities of time in music… unlike any other I know.

Earl Hines Panther Rag Fatha Roll
Conlon Nancarrow No. 45 a Conlon Nancarrow – Studies for Player Piano
Conlon Nancarrow No. 45 b Conlon Nancarrow – Studies for Player Piano
Conlon Nancarrow No. 45 c Conlon Nancarrow – Studies for Player Piano
Earl Fatha Hines Rhythm Sundae The Ultimate Jazz Archive 34 – Big Bands – 1937 – 46 (4 Of 4
Louis Jordan Boogie Woogie Blue Plate Five Guys Named Moe
John LaPorta Trio Two Party Campaign Debut Story

The next actually TV ad was in the air, on the air, when I was a kid, i’m guessing the woman’s foreign accent implying that strip shows were somehow related to things foreign, maybe “class” strip shows, but I’m playing it followed by an early Elvis piece because the drummer in the early Elvis band was D.J.Fontana who learned his craft playing in strip clubs. I’m curious about comparing the joke strip club drummer’s feel with someone who really was educated by that craft.

Noxema Shaving Cream Old Time Radio Commercials
Elvis Presley Rip It Up Elvis! The Ultimate Elvis Presley (CD1)

The following ad was also in / on the air when I was a kid, and I’m wondering when the gong became the goofy symbol of the exotic orient. I mean I think it’s funny that in Hayden’s time, cymbals in music were considered “Turkish” influence, and exotic in that way, but when did the gong enter the west’s aural vocabulary as “The East”? And where the hell does that fake “oriental” tag, y’know, dadadadumdumdumdumdum, come from? I’ve never heard it in traditional Japanese or Chinese music. I’m guessing it was invented here. Yeah, reduction of the other’s culture to cheap exoticism always works in making them less human than yourself, of course, of course. “Sukiyaki” was a hit about the same time as the airline commercial, so it was all in the air then. Now Allen Toussaint’s “Java’ starts with that fake theme, but I’m guessing that as Allen wrote it while he was in the army, he was referring to coffee, not the geographical location. But, from that geographical locatable island, I’ll play a few pieces following Allen. Just because there are some days nothing’s too goofy to be amusing.

Northwest Orient Airlines Old Time Radio Commercials
Kenny Ball Sukiyaki Kenny Ball-Greatest Hits
Allen Toussaint Java Alligator Alley
Gandrung Jaran Ucul (East Java) World Drums
Ketawang Subakastawa Indonésie, Java Centre. Gamelan De Solo. Indonesia, Central
George Crumb Part Three / Dream Images (Love-Death Music) Gemini George Crumb: Makrokosmos, Vols. I. & Ii.
Chava Alberstein & The Klezmatics Ovnt lid The Well
Conlon Nancarrow No. 49 c Conlon Nancarrow – Studies for Player Piano
Conlon Nancarrow Interview – How long does it take to punch a roll? Lost Works, Last Works
Conlon Nancarrow Para Yoko Lost Works, Last Works
Conlon Nancarrow Study No.51 (“3750″) Lost Works, Last Works

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06/28 | Downhome With Howling Dick, Ep. 120 – Sorry Annie | Posted by Bob Rogers

This week Howling’s  making choices, struggling with his Spanish and reminiscing about friends bathrooms. Unbelievably amongst all this nonsense he happens to play an hour of some of the finest blues ‘n roots on the net.


Kokomo Arnold – “Anyone would do!!”

Aloha ‘Oe Blues David Burrows Legends Of The Hawaiian Steel Guitar VIDEO
Nadine RG Band 21.12 – live at Teatro Del Pane VIDEO
Lonely Nights Paul Jones Suddenly I Like It VIDEO
Evil Companion Charlie Parr Stumpjumper VIDEO
Lay On the Cold Ground Cal Williams Jr Little Black Crow VIDEO
Milk Cow Blues Kokomo Arnold Uncut 2009/08: Woke Up This Morning VIDEO
Tienes Mi Alma En Tus Manos Sean Taylor The Only Good Addiction Is Love VIDEO
When You’ve Got A Good Friend Scott Ainslie You Better Lie Down VIDEO
Whiskey and Demons Dave Hunt Whiskey and Demons VIDEO
River Jordan Jo-Ann Kelly Do It & More VIDEO
Geronimo’s Cadillac Michael Murphey Geronimo’s Cadillac VIDEO
Mood Indigo The Boswell Sisters Nothing Was Sweeter Than The Boswell Sisters VIDEO
She’s Just Right For Me Babs Gonzales Rhythm & Blues 200-10 VIDEO
You Made Me  A Fool Rob Berry Blues ‘n Boxes VIDEO

06/28 | Ken Field’s The New Edge, Ep. 520 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Here is the playlist for Show #520, the 6/23/15 edition of The New Edge, a two hour radio program airing:
Tue 2-4pm on WMBR & 88.1FM in Cambridge/Boston, MA, and
Fri 1-3am, Fri 2-4pm, Sun 7-9pm, Tue 2-4am, & Wed 8-10am on

The New Edge is devoted to creative and innovative instrumental music.

Complete playlists are available at

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Compagnie Christian Vieussens/Noche en Vela/CIRMA/Arc 96
Bryce Dessner & So Percussion/Music For Wood & Strings/Brassland/Section 5
Chris Potter/Imaginary Cities/ECM/Lament
Keith Jarrett/Barber; Bartok; Jarrett/ECM/Bartok: Piano Concerto #3 In E – 2. Adagio Religioso
Anthony Pirog/Palo Colorado Dream/Cuneiform/Goodnight Geen
Anthony Pirog/Palo Colorado Dream/Cuneiform/I’m Not Coming Home
Wayne Horvitz/Some Places Are Forever Afternoon/Songlines/Car That Brought You Here Still Runs
David Lang & Mac Wellman/The Difficulty of Crossing a Field/Cantaloupe/Opening
Laura Venditti/ElectroSax/4Tay/Jackdaw (Wayne Siegel)
RighteousGIRLS/Gathering Blue/New Focus/Anzu
RighteousGIRLS/Gathering Blue/New Focus/Robe Threader (Interlude)
Petros Klampanis/Minor Dispute/Inner Circle/Luiza
Christopher Tin/The Drop That Contained The Sea/Warner Classics/Water Prelude
Christopher Tin/The Drop That Contained The Sea/Warner Classics/Temen Oblak – Dark Clouds
Anthony Coleman/You/New World/Acute Coryza
Peter Sparacino/The Straphanger’s Playlist/Sparacino/Ouroboros
Nordic Affect/Clockworking/Sono Luminus/Clockworking
Nordic Affect/Clockworking/Sono Luminus/2 Circles
Evan Caminiti/Meridian/Thrill Jockey/Wire

Ken Field
The New Edge
3 Ames St
Cambridge MA 02142  USA

06/28 | George Klein’s Beyond the Groove Yard, Ep. 32 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Beyond the Groove Yard 6/28/15 & 7/1/15, ep 032.  Oscar Peterson at the London House 9n Chicago 1961 (1st hour); John Coltrane at the Village Vanguard NYC 1961 (2nd hour).

Hour One:
All tracks from Oscar Peterson, The London House Sessions, Verve
Oscar Peterson: I’ve Never Been in Love Before
Oscar Peterson: I Remember Clifford
Oscar Peterson: Gravy Waltz
Oscar Peterson: Tricrotism
Oscar Peterson: Yesterdays
Oscar Peterson: Soon
Oscar Peterson: On Green Dolphin Street
Oscar Peterson: Close Your Eyes
Oscar Peterson: Blues for Big Scotia

Hour Two:
All tracks from John Coltrane, The Complete 1961 Village Vanguard Recordings, Impulse
John Coltrane: Spiritual
John Coltrane: Softly as in a Morning Sunrise
John Coltrane: Miles’ Mode
John Coltrane: Naima
John Coltrane: India
John Coltrane: Greensleeves

06/28 | Bob Rogers’ taint town live, ep. 537 – taintradio | Posted by Bob Rogers

fri&sat mid-3am (edt); mon&wed 9pm-mid; tues 8-11am


Ornette Coleman, Once Only (Sound Grammar)
Ornette Coleman, Antiques (At the Golden Circle, Vol. 2)
Ornette Coleman, Peace (The Shape of Jazz to Come)

Chris McNulty, With Every Breath I Take (Eternal) 2015
Frank Kimbrough, November (Quartette) 2014
Joe Locke, Embrace (Love Is A Pendulum) 2015
Carmen Lundy, What’s Your Story, Morning Glory (Soul To Soul) 2015
Vincent Herring, The Gypsy (Night and Day) 2015

Jeff “Tain” Watts, feat. Ku-umba Frank Lacy, Driva Man (Blue, vol. 1) 2015
Eddie Henderson, Dreams (Collective Portrait) 2015
Tim Berne’s Snakeoil, Small World in a Small Town (You’ve Been Watching Me) 2015
John Hollenbeck, The Snow is Deep on the Ground [Kenneth Patchen poem] (Songs We Like A Lot) 2015

Chicago Reed Quartet, P.O.P. (Western Automatic) 2015
The Gary McFarland Legacy Ensemble, Blue Hodge (Circulation: The Music of Gary McxFarland 2015
Tiffany Austin, Stardust (Nothing But Soul) 2015
Clarence Penn, Green Chimney (Monk: The Lost Files) 2014
Sylvie Courvoisier Trio, To Fly To Steal (Double Windsor) 2014
Avishai Cohen Trio, Lost Tribe (From Darkness) 2015

Charles Lloyd, title (Wild Man Dance) 2015
Matt Mitchell w/Ches Smith, Action Field (Fiction)
*time is relative

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