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02/04 | Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri 2/5 & Tues 2/9 | Posted by Bob Rogers


How and when, according to what clock or ordination, is the gift given? The other day I was in a group clinic trying to help a friend through a surgical ordeal, and all across the space surgeons were at work on bodies immobilized in a warren of cubicles. Usually the background music there is easy classic rock but that day a jazz station was the luck of the draw, incompletely audible through the working clatter, but I could hear Clifford Brown being brilliant over the top of it—too bad my friend wasn’t into jazz: it might have helped her—but even so the place and time felt fragmented and dismembered. Then it was John Coltrane on his devotional ballad Dear Lord, but even a few notes of that sound were enough not so much to cathedral the rattling clinic but restore an integrated human harmony to it and afford a place for the human soul even as human bodies were being piecemealed. Well, of course, John Coltrane: who else? But not a whole show’s worth—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, West 52nd St. time—just a few relative rarities, and a boy in a boat and a barque on the ocean, and Sidney DeParis with the Paradise Orchestra and a brilliant new recording of Lutoslawski’s piano concerto performed by its original dedicatee. And some more John Coltrane, who came and went and hasn’t left us yet, and Kamasi Washington, who has picked up the torch and is waving it afresh, and the eleven-year old piano prodigy Joey Alexander showing a fresh face of the unexpectable on Coltrane’s Giant Steps, never letting you hear how small his hands are and somehow indicating emotions and experience he can’t have had time for yet. Sometimes it’s enough to listen in and witness the wonderment, while waiting for the next visit and a chance to join in, yourself.

02/03 | Ken Irwin’s Jubilation | Posted by Bob Rogers

Jubilation Vol. 205

Wed 2/03/16 – Midnight – 3 AM

Fri 2/05/16 – 4 – 6 PM

Mon 2/08/16 – Noon – 3 PM

(All  times Eastern & Approximate)


Hour One

Michael Musillami Trio / Environmental Studies / Zephyr / Playscape  2015

David S. Ware / Prayer / Birth Of A Being / Aum Fidelity  2015 (rec. 1977)

Myra Melford & Ben Goldberg / 1 Through 8 / Dialogue / Bag Prod. Records  2015


Cory Weeds & Jeff Hamilton Trio / Mr. Baggy Pants / This Happy Madness / Cellar Live  2015

Stryker Slagle Band / Lickety Split Lounge / Routes / Strikezone  2016

Robby Ameen / Pursuit / Days In The Night / TwoAndFour Records  2015


Hadar Noiberg / Privacy / From The Ground Up / Dot Time Records  2015

Mundell Lowe & Lloyd Wells / For All We Know / Poor Butterfly / Two Helpins’ O’ Collards  2015


Hour Two

Mouse, Robinson, Borla / March To Castile / Three Story Sandbox / Tall Grass Records 2016

Jeff Coffin  / The Mad Hatter Rides Again / The Inside of The Outside / Ear Up Records   2016

Peter Erskine / Little Fun K / Dr. Um / Fuzzy Music  2015

GoGo Penquin / Unspeakable World / Man Made Object / Blue Note  2016

Alister Spence Trio / Brave Ghost / Live / self released  2015


Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott / The Egyptian / Return of the East West Trumpet Summit / Origin  2016

Ibrahim Maalouf / Movement II – Alf Leila Wa Leila / Kalthoum / Impulse  2015

Christian Tamburr / A Ride On The Hajima Line / People Talk / Florida Inst. Of Tech.  2015


Tim Tamashiro / Have You Met Miss Jones / Drinky / Cellar Live  2016


Hour Three

Wendy Pedersen & Jim Gasior / Meet Me At No Special Place / We Two /  2016

Ed Palermo Big Band / Kiko And The Lavender Moon / One Child Left Behind / Cuneiform  2016

Ron Davis / Blues 64 / Pocket Symphronica / Really Records  2016

Champian Fulton / Midnight Stroll / After Dark / Gut String Records  2016

Rebecca Kilgore / The Day I Learned French / Moonshadow Dance / Cherry Pie Music  2016


Mary Lou Williams / Blues For Timme / At Rick’s Café Americain / Storyville  2011 (rec. 1979)

Mary Lou Williams / A Grand Night For Swinging / At Rick’s Café Americain / Storyville  2011 (rec. 1979)

Renee Rosnes / Goodbye Mumbai / Written In The Rocks / Smoke Sessions  2016


Yari Loewenson Trio / Stolen Picks / Old Bottles New Wine / self released  2016

Dick Oatts-Matt Holmquist N.Y. Jazz Orch. / Maiden Voyage / Tribute To Herbie +1 / Mama Rec. 2016

Ken Irwin

Host of Taintradio’s “Jubilation”

Chaos Studio

79 Harrison Ave

Greenfield, MA 01301

02/03 | RootsWorld Radio: Wednesday at 5 PM | Posted by Cliff Furnald

Today at 5 PM eastern time: RootsWorld Radio


Ponk: Czech acoustic music trio

This week on the 180th edition of RootsWorld Radio, we’ll begin with the new Czech-Moravian sound of the trio called Ponk. We’ll also get a listen to the latest from Tuvan/Mongolian singer Sainkho Namchylak, working with two members of the Saharan band Tinariwen and producer Ian Brennan. We’ll also feature songs from the latest release from Finland’s longest running folk-pop band, Värttinä. Other artists on the program will include Urna Chahar Tugchi (Mongolia), Western Saharan singer and political activist Aziza Brahim, Galician percussionist Jabier Xabier Díaz, Venezuelan-born Canadian jazz singer Eliana Cuevas, Neopolitan jazzman Daniele Sepe, Ethiopian pianist and band leader Mulatu Astatke (Official Artist Page), The Eva Quartet & Hector Zazou (Bulgaria/France), and the Danish trio Norrøn.
More info:

01/31 | George Klein’s Beyond the Groove Yard, Ep. 060 – Sun 1/31 & Thurs 2/4 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Beyond the Groove Yard 1/31/16 & 2/4/16, ep 060. Monk with
more giants on Riverside & Prestige in the 50’s, including Sonny Rollins, Johnny Griffin, Frank Foster, Julius Watkins, Thad Jones, Charlie Rouse,  John Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins, Pee Wee Russell. and the Monk Orchestra at Town Hall.

Hour One:
Thelonious Monk: Brilliant Corners  Brilliant Corners  Riverside
Thelonious Monk: Misterioso  Misterioso  Riverside
Thelonious Monk: Locomotive  Thelonious Monk Quintet  Prestige
Thelonious Monk: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes  Thelonious Monk Quintet  Prestige
Thelonious Monk: Blue Monk  Thelonious Monk Trio  Prestige
Thelonious Monk: Straight No Chaser  Five by Monk by Five  Riverside
Thelonious Monk Orchestra: Little Rootie Tootie  At Town Hall  Riverside

Hour Two:
Coleman Hawkins: Flying Hawk  Bean and the Boys  Prestige
Coleman Hawkins: Recollections  Bean and the Boys  Prestige
Thelonious Monk: I’m Getting Sentimental Over You  At The Blackhawk  Riverside
Thelonious Monk: Evidence  At The Blackhawk  Riverside
Thelonious Monk-Sonny Rollins: Friday the 13th  Thelonious Monk-Sonny Rollins  Prestige
Thelonious Monk: Bye-Ya  Thelonious Monk Trio  Prestige
Thelonious Monk-John Coltrane: Epistrophy  At  Carnegie Hall  Blue Note
Thelonious Monk: Bemsha Swing  Brilliant Corners  Riverside
Thelonious Monk: Blue Monk  Live at Newport 1963  Columbia

01/31 | taint town live, ep. 588 – Sun 1/31 & Wed 2/3 | Posted by Bob Rogers

fri&sat mid-3am (eastern); mon&wed 9pm-mid; tues 8-11am

Ani DiFranco, Shameless (Dilate)
Frank Lacy, Dry Cleaner from Des Moines (Mingus Sings) 2015
J.D. Allen, Jawn Henry (Graffiti) 2015
Denny Zeitlin & George Marsh, Wheels & Tracks (Riding The Moment) 2015
Luis Perdomo And Controlling Ear Unit, Light Slips In (Twenty-Two) 2015
Steve Johns, Came To Believe (Family) 2015
Aaron Diehl, Broadway Boogie Woogie (Space, Time, Continuum) 2015
David Berkman, Up Jumped Ming (Old and New Friends) 2015

Tim Warfield, Off Minor II Spherical) 2015
Steve Wilson & Wilsonian’s Grain, Well You Needn’t (Live in New York: The Vanguard Sessions) 2015
Susie Ibarra & Assif Tsahar, Ambrosia (Home Cookin’)
Fred Anderson, Hamid Drake, Kidd Jordan, William Parker, [untitled-17:51] (2 Days In April)

Albrecht Maurer, Lucian Ban & Mat Maneri, title (Fantasm) 2015
Sam Rivers, Dance Of The Tripedal (Contours)
Russ Johnson Quartet, Chaos Theory (Meeting Point)
Roy Nathanson, Shake (Sotto Voce)
Roy Campbell, Pharaoh’s Revenge Part 1 (Akhenaten Suite: Live At Vision Festival XII)

Roswell Rudd w/Fay Victor, Trouble In Mind (Trombone For Lovers)
Don Byron, Blinky (Nu Blaxploitation)
Karl Berger & Paul Shigihara, Nameless Child (Karl Berger & Paul Shigihara)
Katie Bull w/Jeff Lederer, Landon Knoblock, Joe Fonda & George Schuller, Love Poem For Apollo (All Hot Bodies Radiate) 2015
Kali Z. Fasteau, Elephants’ Dance (Oneness)
Kahil El’zabar/Ritual Trio, Maghoustut (Big M: A Tribute to Malachi Favors)
David S. Ware String Ensemble w/Mat Maneri, Daniel Bernard Roumain, William Parker, Matthew Shipp & Guillermo Brown, Sufic Passages (Threads)
The Exposed Blues Duo [Fay Victor & Anders Nilsson], Mother Earth (Bare)

*time is relative

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01/30 | Barry Marshall-Everitt’s House of Mercy, Sat 1/30 & Thurs 2/4 | Posted by Bob Rogers

House of Mercy Radio
playlist 30th January 2016
listen on line
syndication times
Broadcasting since 2007
Session one starting hour two is from a HoM regular visitor from Calgary Canada Cam Penner & his troubadour partner Jon Wood. They play songs from the new record ‘ Sex & Polotics ‘ .
Session two on hour three comes from Americana / Country UK American resident Bob Collum and a Welfare Mother.
Record of the Week comes from Englands south coast party town of Brighton. Roots mystro’s The Curst Sons release their 7th recording ‘ The Jumping Flea ‘ and a fine collection of songs it is to, blue collar roots soul at it’s best.
Book of the week ‘ The Habit Fix ‘ – Eileen Rose
hour one
Intro – Into The Red – Tammy Rogers
Bad Sex ( & Good Whiskey ) – The Curst Sons – ( The Jumping Flea )
Skillet – Lotus Wright – ( Ode To The Banjo )
The Jumping Flea – The Curst Sons – ( The Jumping Flea )
Whispering Pines Motel – Underhill Rose – ( The Great Tomorrow )
Guns & Money – Bianca DeLeon – ( Love Guns & Money )
Poncho & Lefty – Townes Van Zandt – ( Poncho & Lefty )
Shouting John – The Curst Sons – ( The Jumping Flea )
The Blacksmith – Stick In The Wheel – ( From Here )
Abel Rourke – The Curst Sons – ( The Jumping Flea )
Off Tracks – The Boxcar Boys – ( Cicada Ball )
Anything For Love – Woody Pines – ( Country Blues – Rag Time – Viper Jazz )
Jungle Nights In Harlem – Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons – ( Take Yo Time )
Holding A Ten Ton Load – Paul McLure – ( Songs For Anyone )
hour two
In session Cam Penner & Jon Wood
Looking Over The Fence – The Curst Sons – ( The Jumping Flea )
Barely Losing – Richmond Fontaine – ( Post To Wire )
Topanga Canyon Freaks – Steve Wynn – ( Here Come The Miracles )
Willamette – Richmon Fontaine – ( Post To Wire )
Good & Gone – Patty Griffin – ( Servant Of Love )
hour three
In session Bob Collum & The Welfare Mother
Love Skunk – The Curst Sons – ( The Jumping Flea )
Each Passing Hour – Eileen Rose – ( Be Many Gone )
Buscando Por Ti – Bianco Deleon – ( Love Guns & Money )
Quatro Vicios – Los Lobos with Ry Cooder – ( Alamo Bay movie sound track )
Talking Overseas Pirate Blues – Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus – ( Wayward Sons )
all the best  Barry

Barry Marshall-Everitt
House of Mercy Ltd.
House of Mercy Radio
House of Mercy Records
PO Box 49684
London N8 7YH UK

01/30 | Max Shea’s Martian Gardens – Thurs 1/26, Sat 1/30, Mon 2/1 | Posted by Bob Rogers


Modern Classical – Electronic – Experimental

Host: Max Shea 

online playlists:

Martian Gardens blog



Webcast: Thursdays 6:00 p.m.9:00 p.m. EST; Saturdays 3:00 a.m.; Mondays 9am-noon

First Webcast date: January 21, 2016

WXOJ-LP 103.3

Valley Free Radio

Northampton, Mass.


Coming February 2016, day/time TBA


Florent Ghys: Pull Blanc, Chemise Rouge

Baroque Tardif

Cantaloupe Music/2011

double bass, electric bass, pianino, guitars, percussion, voices: Forent Ghys; recorded in Bourdeaux, 2007-2010; time: 4:26


Annea Lockwood: In Our Name

In Our Name

New World Records/2012

baritone: Thomas Buckner; prerecorded voices: Bill Hart and Bruce Odland; cello: Theodore Mook; tape: Annea Lockwood; poems of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay:  “Death Poem,” Jumah Al-Dossari (Bahrain), “The Truth,” Emad Abdullah Hassan (Yemen), “Is it true,” “Osama Abu Kabir (Jordan); didjeridu sample: Stuart Dempster, Didjerilayover; composition year: 2010; time: 11:48

Laurie Anderson: Another Day in America



vocals, percussion, violin, keyboards, essay: Laurie Anderson; viola: Eyvind Kang; percussion, drums: Ben Wittman; bass: Skúli Sverrisson; background vocals: Antony; recorded in New York City, 2010; time: 11:24


Kenneth Gaburo: Mouthpiece II

Tape Play

Pogus Productions/2000

electronics, processing, monologue: Kenneth Gaburo; recorded at Lewis Studio, University of Iowa, Iowa City; composition year: 1992; time: 9:09

David Berezan:

Thumbs Allusions Sonores

empreintes DIGITALes/2013

electroacoustic music on 8 channel tape (sourced from Balinese thumb piano); processing: David Berezan; realized at the electroacoustic music studios of  Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras, CMMAS,  Morelia, Mexico, the University of Calgary, and the University of Montreal; premiered at the Places for Our Ears To Go concert, August 12, 2011, Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art, Wychwood Theatre, Toronto; composition year: 2011; time: 11:57


Jerry Hunt:

a. String 1 (1:02

b. String 12: Shut Up and Love Me (0:41)

c. Song Drape 2 (I Can’t Stop) (4:47 

d. String 2: Mail Order Church (1:21

Song Drapes


electronic music created by Jerry Hunt, 1992, for the Finley-Hunt Report project presented at the Kitchen, New York City, 1992; b., c. voice, text: Karen Fnley; d. voice, text: Shelley Hirsch; total time: 7:51 

Eve Beglarian: Landscaping for Privacy

Tell the Birds

New World Records/2006

voice, text, electronics: Eve Beglarian; composition year: 1995; time: 7:03

Robert Ashley: Theosophy

Dust — An Opera

Lovely Music, Ltd./2000

vocal: Jacqueline Humbert, with chorus; chorus: Sam Ashley, Thomas Buckner, Tom Hamilton, Jacqueline Humbert, Joan La Barbara; “Blue” Gene Tyranny, Robert Ashley; text: Robert Ashley; electronic orchestration: Robert Ashley, “Blue” Gene Tyranny, Tom Hamilton; recorded at The Kitchen, New York City; composition year: 1998; time: 9:57


Eric Chasalow: Symphony of Popular Misconceptions

I. What Remains (4:20)

II. Dream Song (2:55)

III. What is Essential (4:24)

Are You Radioactive, Pal?

Suspicious Motives Records/2015

electroacoustic music: Eric Chasalow; II. text: John Berryman (1969); composition year: 2009; total time: 11:40

Eric Lyon: None of Us Will Ever be The Same

Ex Cathedra

Centaur Records/2004

computer music: Eric Lyon; composition year: 2000; time: 7:40

John Cage: Child of Tree

The Works for Percussion 3

Mode Records/2014

amplified plant materials: D’Arcy Philip Gray; recorded at Sutton United Church, Sutton, Quebec, July 2008; composition year: 1975; time: 8:11

Steven Ricks: Can Improv 1

Available Resonances

Comprovise Records/2012

computer-realized sounds: Steven Ricks; improvised and recorded by Steven Ricks, 2009-2011; time: 10:21


Lewis Nielson: Tocsin


Mode Records/2015

(for six percussionists), red fish blue fish, conductor: Steven Schick; recorded at Conrad Prebys Center, UC San Diego, La Jolla, December 10, 2012; composition year: 2009; time: 21:17


Paul Lansky: Contemplating Weather (excerpts)

I. Weather Lament (6:23)

II. Clouds I (0:52)

III. Climate Change Riffs (3:28)

IV. Clouds II (0:50)

V. Echo of…(After Hurricane Sandy) (4:37)

Contemplating Weather

Bridge Records/2015

(for SATB chorus and eleven instruments); Western Michigan University Chorale with Birds On A Wire ensemble, conductor: Kimberly Dunn Adams; recorded at Western Michigan University Dalton Center, Kalamazoo, February 27-28, 2014; composition year: 2013; excerpts time: 16:00

Paul Nauert: Subtext

A Distant Music

New World Records/2015

guitar: David Tennenbaum; recorded at the Music Center Recital Hall, UC Santa Cruz, October 12, 1999; composition year: 1998; time 7:01

— FIN —

01/30 | taint town live, ep. 587 | Posted by Bob Rogers

fri&sat mid-3am (eastern); mon&wed 9pm-mid; tues 8-11am

Terry Allen, The Wolfman Of Del Rio (Lubbock On Everything)
Henry Thomas ” Ragtime Texas”, Railroadin’ Some [1929] (Good For What Ails You: Music Of The Medicine Shows 1926–1937)
Mary LaRose, Let The Train Blow The Whistle (The Blue Guitar)
Terry Allen, New Delhi Freight Train (Lubbock On Everything)
Darius Jones Trio, Big Train Rollin’ (Man’ish Boy [A Raw & Beautiful Thing])
World Saxophone Quartet, Hear My Train A Comin’ (Experience)
Rufus Thomas, Memphis Train ’75 (The Funkiest Man Alive)

Silvia Perez Cruz, Memoria de pez (11 De Novembre)
Lucian Ban, Solo for a Brother With Perfect Timing (Songs From Afar) 2015
Lew Tabackin Trio, Minoru (Soundscapes) 2015
Cyrille Aimée, Live Alone And Like It (Let’s Get Lost) 2015
Jelly Roll Morton & His Red Hot Peppers, Smokehouse Blues (The Pearls)
Lightnin’ Hopkins, Baby (Country Blues)
Charles Mingus, Devil Woman (Oh Yeah)

Rudresh Mahanthappa, Gopuram (Birdcalls) 2015
Romain Collin w/Luques Curtis & Kendrick Scott, Holocene (Press Enter) 2015
Wadada Leo Smith & John Lindberg, Feathers and Earth – Part 1 (Celestial Weather) 2015
George Lewis, Toneburst [Piece For 3 Trombones Simultaneously] (The Solo Trombone Record-1977) 2015

Lonnie Smith, Play It Back (Evolution) 2016
Jeff Hall, Sex Kills (Life, Collected) 2015
Ken Fowser, Mode For Red (Standing Tall) 2016
Brian Andres And The Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel, Limite (This Could Be That) 2015
Rob Reddy, Broken Windmill (Bechet: Our Contemporary) 2015

Mette Henriette, So It Is / Behold (Mette Henriette) 2015
Ben Monder & Paul Motian, Triffids (Amorphae) 2015
Big Picture Holiday, Melting (Shimmer And Melt) 2015

Kenny Wheeler & John Taylor, Who Knows? (On the Way to Two) 2015
*time is relative

Bob Rogers, music 24/7 – non-commercial, listener-funded [weevil axis, llc]

An international collective of independent music-focused program producers

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01/28 | Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri 1/29 & Tues 2/2 | Posted by Bob Rogers


American Pastorale is fine with me. There’s some of Aaron Copland’s music that can own me with an opening phrase—his music for Our Town, for instance—and when I listen to Maria Schneider’s widely and highly praised CD The Thompson Fields, topping most critics’ ten-best lists for 2015, I respond easily to its wealth of open-throated melody and open-hearted sentiment, but after awhile it starts sounding a lot like good-quality generic film music to me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that—I like some of John Williams’ scores too. But after playing Schneider’s title composition I felt like chasing it with the music of another lady with a big band, and it’s hard not to find something larger and more multifarious in Carla Bley. Later in the show—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Local 802 Roseland Ballroom time—there’s more contemporary large ensemble music by Terence Blanchard, Christian McBride’s virtuoso big band and, yes, The Lincoln Center guys bringing it back alive from Cuba, but what I’ll confess to liking best this week is the amazing Barbara Hannigan—and she’s amazing even when she isn’t doing something provocative costume-wise—singing her way through Ophelia’s vocabulary from that Shakespeare play in Hans Abrahamsen’s not-too-long composition Let Me Tell You, which sounds like an instant classic to me. Then there’s the Irish-American Pastorale of Aoife O’Donovan, against whose pristine, subtly uninterfered-with voice I have no defenses, unless it’s a brief interruption from Scriabin, and that’s all folks. Next week, I hope, no more bronchitis, and the curmudgeon consigned to the cellar.

01/27 | RootsWorld Radio – Wednesday at 5 PM | Posted by Cliff Furnald


Wednesday at 5 PM eastern time, on the 179th edition of RootsWorld Radio, we’ll follow some southern routes through Italy, with Calabrian singer, musician and activist Massimo Ferrante and the Sicilian-Arabic crossroads of Milagro Acustico. We’ll also hear some songs from the new Finnish band, Sanna Kurki-Suonio’s Kuolematon Erikoissysteemi (Immortal Special Systems). We’ll listen to Cape Verdean singer Lura, joined by Malagasy accordionist Regis Gizavo. Other artists will include Sekou Bembaya Diabate, Michael Messer’s Mitra , Marja Nutt and the trio of Summers, Silvola and Kvam.
More info at

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