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07/23 | RootsWorld Radio – Wednesday at 5:00 PM | Posted by Cliff Furnald

RWR square 180

On the 112th edition of RootsWorld Radio, join Cliff Furnald for a musical trip around the planet. We’ll start with some 70s roots-pop music from Algeria, hear some brand new jazz from Morocco, some Nordic roots, a bit of American-African fusion and a NYC klezmer experiment, a return visit to a Persian artist and a new recording by a father and son kora duet. Artists will include Bellamou & Benfissa, Zebrina, Les Abranis, Oum, NID, Imaginary Homeland, Habbadam, Marjan Vahdat, and Toumani & Sidiki Diabate.

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07/17 | Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri., 7/18 & Tues., 7/22 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri 7/18 & Tues 7/22

Mingus used to call him not Charlie or Haden but “Bass”—a heavy compliment, coming from him—though I can remember a time when people would look at you funny when you started raving about Charlie Haden as a great bassist. That pretty much ended with his first album of duets in 1976, but until then even some musicians were so infatuated with fast, supposedly hornlike bassplaying that they couldn’t get with what Haden was doing. The startling thing about those duets was not only that most of us had never heard such an intimate degree of listening before, but that Haden’s attention and his struggle for truthfulness of expression also pointed us back to life and suggested a way one might be able to live it. I first met him at around that time and his personal impact on me was as great as that of his music, which is why I’m such a lousy deejay on this week’s Updoc—8PM Friday and noon next Tuesday, Roundtrip Broadway Blues time. I just keep choking up and muttering “Charlie”, but most of the two-hour show is music, with an appropriate amount of Ornette Coleman, some duets with that petulant pianist, whatsisname, a few trips on the Escalator Over the Hill, and Charlie singing Shenandoah—he was born in Shenandoah Iowa and for all his jazz authenticity he never stopped being country—among other projects and highlights. He was one of the greats, and with him deep really did mean deep. Do drop in. It’s a long way down, and up.CharlieColorLarge

07/17 | Downhome With Howling Dick | Posted by Bob Rogers

Howling’s playing at theme time porch music,  dealing with that most wicked of vices, gambling. This week, Ol’ Dick’s relating  tales of heartbreak at the roulette wheel, disgraced presidents winning a stake in politics  and revealing what happened when a craps game got busted. The only sure fire bet is that this is the finest hour of blues ‘n roots you’re gonna find on the net!  Sundays 10am (Eastern), Tuesdays 6pm, Thursdays midnight; Saturdays 10pm.  See program schedule for archived program schedule.


 Sister Ola Mae Terrell – “Not a Vegas regular”

Gambling Polka Dot Blues Tommy Duncan & His Western All Stars As Good As It Gets VIDEO
Life Is Like Gambling Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials What You See Is What You Get VIDEO
Roulette With The Blues Gary Rex Tanner, Mississippi Slim & The Kansas City Ripper Black Coffee VIDEO
Gambling Blues Lil Son Jackson Texas Blues VIDEO
Gambling Blues Pinetop  Perkins Willie “Big Eyes” Smith Joined At The Hip VIDEO
Poker Playing Daddy Clara Morris Female Chicago Blues 1936-1947 VIDEO
Shooting High Dice Bo Carter & The Mississippi Sheiks Bo Carter & The Mississippi Shieks VIDEO
Gambling Woman Chris Thomas King Me, My Guitar And The Blues VIDEO
The Gambling Man Sister Ola Mae Terrell Telling It Like It Is VIDEO
Gambling Blues Floyd Miles Silver Anniversary Love Ride 25 VIDEO
The Roving Gambler Elton Britt Gamblers, Blues and Sinners VIDEO
Blackjack Ray Charles Yes Indeed! VIDEO
You’re My Best Poker Hand T-Bone Walker T-Bone Walker VIDEO
Whiskey, Women & Loaded Dice Joe Liggins High Rollers – Vintage Gambling Songs – 1920 – 1952 VIDEO
Casino Kate Groove-A-Matics Gotta Use What You’ve Got VIDEO
Gambling Woman Blues Freddie King Stayin’ Home With The Blues VIDEO

07/15 | Cliff Furnald’s RootsWorld Radio | Posted by Bob Rogers

On the 111th edition of RootsWorld Radio, wooden flutes from Sweden and France offer newly composed art music and folk traditions, and then amblings into the markets of Thailand for some unique popular music from the 70s and 80s, and then off to Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Congo and Hungary. Artists include Cumbia All Stars, Nos Honks, Caetano Veloso, Makam, Tuaenchai Khwanchit, Ralsgård & Tullberg, Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca, Son Palenque and Sam Mangwana.  Wednesdays 5pm (Eastern), repeats 8am Saturdays (See program schedule for RootsWorld Radio archived editions)

07/06 | Downhome With Howling Dick | Posted by Bob Rogers

This week Howling gets help on the porch from a friend and together they unearth some very naughty boys, a highway before it got revisited and a lady who should have climbed higher. Come with Dick ‘n Dave and all the blues hounds in tow for a rollicking hour of roots music – Taint style!  Sundays 10am (Eastern); Tuesdays 6pm, Thursdays midnight, Saturdays 11pm.


 Tampa Red – “He’s a very naughty boy!”

Poor Boy Long Way from Home Bukka White White’s Take On Blue VIDEO
Blues At Sunrise Albert King More Big Blues VIDEO
All Your Lovin Eddie Taylor With Vera Taylor & The West Side Allstar Band Bad Boy VIDEO
Richland Woman Blues Maria Muldaur Richland Woman Blues VIDEO
I’ll Drown In My Own Tears Jean Wells Soul On Soul VIDEO
61 Highway Blues Mississippi Fred McDowell Downhome Blues 1959 VIDEO
Highway 61 / Highway 61 Revisited Martin Simpson Bootleg USA VIDEO
What’s That Tastes Like Gravy Tampa Red The Essential Tampa Red VIDEO
Let Me Play With Your Poodle Lightnin’ Hopkins Short Haired Woman VIDEO
You Shook Me Baby Blue Commotion Good Times VIDEO
Let’s Try Again Luther Allison Serious VIDEO
Leaving Town Blues Fleetwood Mac Jumping At Shadows: VIDEO
St . James Infirmary Joe Cocker Mad Dogs + Englishmen VIDEO
When the Levee Breaks Magic Slim Whole Lotta Blues: Songs Of Led Zeppelin VIDEO

07/04 | Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri., July 4 & Tues., July 8 | Posted by Bob Rogers

It made me feel like Pogo the Possum: “The 4th of July show comes on the 4th of July this year.” The automatic picks were Charles Ives’ 4th Symphony, which in its last movement gathers together the whole of Creation and slam–dunks it into a New England Transcendentalist quadrant of all-receiving Heaven, and lots of Louis Armstrong. And Sidney Bechet, and Pres with Basie, and a lot of Charlie Parker. When I was a kid I sang “The House I Live” In with Earl Robinson’s chorus—“What is America to me?”—and was awed to meet Paul Robeson after the performance, which was plenty of America for me as a child of ten; but in putting this show together I was struck by what I had to leave out of its mere two hours: Carla Bley’s Spangled Banner Minor, gospel in several colors, not enough Duke Ellington, and, and, and. I may have to do a supplementary July 11th show next week, and end it with Charlie Haden singing “Shanendoah”. Meanwhile, please come by for the fireworks, such as they are—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Hudson River time—and yes I did manage to fit in some of Ornette Coleman’s Ivesian Skies of America, but not nearly enough, so please do keep watching the skies until we meet again.MultiFlagsLarge

06/30 | Downhome With Howing Dick | Posted by Bob Rogers

This week Howling’s correcting YouTube with the help of a pedant, tipping his hat to a man with harmonic pinch and cajoling Mr & Mrs Baird. Oh and he’s continuing the muddiest right here on TAINT! It could get very messy but Dick makes sure you get an hour of the finest blues ‘n roots .  Sundays 10pm (eastern), Tuesday 6pm, Thursdays midnight, Saturdays 11pm.

You can download the podcast either here or subscribe at iTunes and not only are there links to the artists on this page but also to some great videos – check ‘em out.

And don’t forget to let Dick know how ya liked it at – he’ll thank you!


Roy Lee Jones “The Beatles owe him!”

The Dirty Dozen Speckled Red Peabody Blues VIDEO
Hoodoo Stew Selwyn Birchwood Don’t Call No Ambulance VIDEO
Country Boy Roy Buchanan When A Guitar Plays The Blues VIDEO
When A Guitar Plays The Blues Albert Collins Don’t Lose Your Cool VIDEO
Two Doors Down Roy Lee Johnson Midnite Blues Party VIDEO
St Louis Blues Katie Bradley + Dave Ferra The Stone Street Sesssions VIDEO
Pitiful Blues Malcolm Holcombe Pitiful Blues VIDEO
Tell the Devil I’m Gone Ben Prestage One Crow Murder VIDEO
Too Many Cuts Pork Chop Willie Love Is the Devil VIDEO
Future Blues Willie Brown The Great Race Record Labels, Vol:1 VIDEO
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out Lemon Nash Papa Lemon: New Orleans Ukelele Maestro & Tent Show Troubadour VIDEO
I Get Evil Jim Byrnes St. Louis Times VIDEO
How Long, How Long Blues Long John Baldry Looking At Long John Baldry VIDEO
Tribute to Muddy Johnny Winter The Progressive Blues Experiment VIDEO

06/26 | Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri., 6/27 & Tues., 7/1 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Think of Horace Silver and the heart warms, the smile begins, even now. If he was one of the architects of post-bop jazz, there was soul in the architecture, church in the soul, blues in the church, and funk in the blues, and what he brought to the music is still helping keep it alive. He died the other day at the age of 85, and this week’s Updoc—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday—plays some of his classic sides in tribute and fond memory. Speaking personally, in 1959 I was a kid who’d happened into jazz via Henry Mancini’s music for Peter Gunn and I didn’t know which end was up or where the center was. Then a distant cousin of mine said Listen to this, and it was Sister Sadie off the new Horace Silver record Blowin’ the Blues Away, and within minutes I had the compass, a map I could unfold, and a world I could live my way into. For an additional boost my cousin played me some Lee Morgan and Art Blakey. About midway through the show, Updoc takes a break with some Fado because of Silver’s African-Portuguese heritage in the Cape Verde Islands, then briefly leaps to India, I’ll tell you why on-air, for the great Hindu vocalist Pandit Nasraj. Otherwise it’s classic Horace Silver Quintets, including the famous 1954 night at Birdland with Art Blakey and Clifford Brown riding an incredible surge of rhythm. The music is as full of life as it ever was, and at 8PM Sister Sadie will be the first to testify, because.HoraceLarge

06/25 | Downhome With Howling Dick | Posted by Bob Rogers

Things are getting tasty on the porch this week as Howling reveals his verdict on yeast spreads, remembers to play an album whilst hinting to get another one and marvels at youth! Business as usual on Taint for Dick and his gang of blues hounds with an hour of the finest blues ‘n roots on the net. Sundays 10am (Eastern), Tuesdays 6pm, Thursdays midnight, Saturdays 11pm.

crumb311Frank Stokes – “Could pronounce Nehi”

Nehi Mamma Blues Frank Stokes Masters Of Memphis Blues – 1928-1934 VIDEO
I’m A Love You Jimmie Vaughan Plays More Blues, Ballads & Favorites VIDEO
Don’t Forget To Close The Door Pee Wee Crayton Blues After Hours VIDEO
I’m A Guitar Man Micke & Lefty Feat Chef Up The Wall VIDEO
Can’t Be Satisfied Bernie Pearl Sittin’ On The Right Side Of The Blues VIDEO
Forty Days J. Alexander & The Blues Devils Wish You Would VIDEO
Going Back To Memphis Muddy Waters Brass And The Blues VIDEO
I Still Love Her Jimmy Walker Still There In My Soul VIDEO
Tears, Tears, Tears Gregg Allman Low Country Blues VIDEO
Better Cut It Out Johnny Young I Blueskvarter – Chicago 1964 VIDEO
Sleeping in an Ocean of Tears Brooks Brown The Duke Records Sound, Vol. 1 VIDEO
Fair Child Robben Ford A Day In Nashville VIDEO
Hit the Road Jack The Baby Isaac Blues Epidemic VIDEO
Someday Baby Duncan Morrow Coming Home VIDEO

06/19 | Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri., 6/21 & Tues., 6/24 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Here’s an odd detail: Jimmy Scott sang at Dwight D. Eisenhower’s inauguration in 1953 and at Bill Clinton’s forty years later, although he spent too many of the intervening years in an obscurity that sent him home to Cleveland to work as a cook and a nurse’s aide, among other odd jobs. (See the fine obituary by Peter Keepnews in the NY Times for more). There’d been hits, then bad breaks, and another constant factor, people’s confused apprehension of the man, whose growth was stunted and then restarted by a version of Kallmann’s Syndrome that kept his voice, and most of the time his look, apparently androgynous (which he was not). His early singing possessed a searing intensity that obliterated the gap between blues and jazz and gospel; in his later years, after a rediscovery (in which taintradio’s Kip Hanrahan played no small part) accorded him every honor the jazz world could provide, the voice itself was seared by time and what is lightly called experience. He was eighty-eight years old when he died the other day, and once his music gets to you, you will never forget it. After a long vocal set built around his work, Updoc—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Hudson River time—takes a trip from death to life with Mahler’s 5th Symphony, revisiting Claudio Abbado’s superlative Mahler cycle with the Lucerne Festival Orchestra. It’s a pretty full two hours. People get ready, as Scott sings, about twenty minutes in.JimmyScotts

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