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10/25 | Bob Rogers’ taint town live, Sat., 10/25/14 | Posted by Bob Rogers

fri&sat mid-3am; mon&wed 9pm-mid; tues 8-11am (all times eastern & approximate)

Andy Bey, My Foolish Heart (Pages From an Imaginary Life) 2014
Marcus Roberts And The Modern Jazz Generation, Evening Caress (Romance, Swing, and the Blues) 2014
Frank Kimbrough w/Steve Wilson, Jay Anderson & Lewis Nash, Kudzu (Quartet) 2014
Michael Musillami Trio, Mountain Pride (Pride) 2014
Kenny Barron & Dave Holland, Waltz For Wheeler [For Kenny Wheeler] (The Art Of Conversation    2014

Oliver Lake Organ Quartet, title (What I Heard) 2014
Clarence Penn, Think of One (Monk: The Lost Files) 2014
David Bixler Auction Project, Angry White Man (Slink) 2014
Jeff Denson & Joshua White, title [Version One] (I’ll Fly Away) 2014

Hafez Modirzadeh, Karna Passages [Yearnings/Churnings/Mournings] (In Convergence Liberation) 2014
Yelena Eckemoff, Reconciliation (A Touch of Radiance) 2014
Dave Liebman, Simply (Samsara) 2014
Joshua Redman/Aaron Parks/Matt Penman/Eric Harland, Two Steps (City Folk) 2014

Bobby Matos w/The Mighty Echoes, Hey Senorita (Ritmo & Blues) 2014
Bill O’Connell, Willow Weep For Me (Imagine) 2014
Eric Wyatt, Quest (Borough of Kings) 2014
Throttle Elevator Music, As Is (Area J) 2014
Ingrid Laubrock Sleepthief, Tulipmania (Ingrid Laubrock Sleepthief: The Madness of Crowds)

Tyshawn Sorey, A Love Song (Alloy) 2014

Meredith d’Ambrosio, Autumn Serenade (Love Is Not A Game)
Chet Baker, Autumn in New York (Jazz in Paris: Chet Baker Quartet Plays Standards)
José James, Autumn In New York (For All We Know) 2010
Roswell Rudd w/ Michael Doucet & Rolf Sturm, Autumn Leaves (Trombone For Lovers) 2013
Sara Serpa/Ran Blake, When Autumn Sings (Aurora) 2012
*time is relative

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10/23 | Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Ep. 303 – Stardusted | Posted by Bob Rogers

I have the feeling I’m behind the curve on this one, and that a lot of my listeners have heard Flying Lotus, aka Steven Ellison, before I did; but at least once I heard his new album, some kind of funky tour of the Bardos called You’re Dead, I put a bunch of it on the first available Updoc—8PM Friday and noon next Tuesday. It’s his sixth record, he’s 31 years old and is related to the Coltrane family, and he composes, plays, assembles, mixes, and yes, raps, gets Herbie Hancock to collaborate, and doesn’t sound much like anyone else out there. I know, doesn’t sound like Updoc’s usual fare, and that’s good, even if after it we get onto Christopher Rouse’s pull-no-punches Concerto Per Corde, a 1990 an orchestral recomposition of his 2nd String Quartet, and then there’s a mostly ballad jazz set featuring Branford Marsalis live and unaccompanied at SF’s Grace Cathedral, more Haden-Hall and Barron-Holland duets, and before Carl Nielsen’s imposing 5th Symphony rattles the rafters with echoes of war—it premiered in 1920, when the echoes hadn’t faded—and sounds the prayerful longing for peace that drew many composers at the time, darkly though not entirely without hope. After that Sonny Rollins and Philly Joe Jones trade witticisms that provide a smile at the exit.BardoArmLarge

10/23 | Ken Irwin’s Jubilation, Ep. 143 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Wed 10/22/14 Midnight – 3 AM (All times Eastern & approximate)

Fri 10/24/14 4 PM

Mon 10/27/14 Noon – 3 PM


Hour One

Theo Croker / Light Skinned Beauty / Afro Physicist / Okeh

Avishai Cohen’s Triveni / Dark Nights-Darker Days / Dark Nights / Anzic

Steve Heckman Quintet / Search For Peace / Search For Peace/ Jazzed Media


Planet Jazz / The Intimacy of The Blues / Planet Jazz Live at Smalls / Smalls Live

Frank Kimbrough / November / Frank Kimbrough Quartet / Palmetto

Cyril Aimee / Nuit Blanche / It’s A Good Day / Mack Ave

Kristin Korb / Happy For Me / Finding Home / Double K Music


Clare Fischer Big Band / New Thing / Directed by Brent Fischer / Clavo Records


Hour Two

Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp / Granny Goodness / The Darkseid Recital / Aum Fidelity

Kali Z Fasteau / Body Wisdom / Piano Rapture / Flying Note Records

The Westerlies/ You Were Just Here / Wish The Children Would Come On Home/ Songlines

Samsara – Dave Liebman Group/Child Refugee /Expansions / Whaling City


Myriad 3 / First Flight / The Where / Alma Records

Hush Point / Moments of Truth / Blues And Reds / Sunnyside

Elizabeth Shepherd / This / The Signal / Linus


Will Blades / Chrome / Field Notes / Royal Potato Family

Rod McGaha / Here’s That Rainy Day / The Black Flower Project / Rod McGaha


Hour Three

Sammy Figueroa & Glaucia Nasser / Abrigo / Talisman / Savant

Marianne Solivan / El Cantante / Spark / Hipnotic Records

Los Kimbos 90 / Que Viva Chango / Salsa De La Bahia / Patois Records


Nicholas Payton / Nine / Numbers / Paytone Records

Dayna Stephens / Two For The Road / Peace/ Sunnyside

Mike Longo Trio / Tenderly / Celebrates Oscar Peterson / CAP

Andy Bey / Worried Life Blues / Pages From An Imaginary Life / HighNote

Carmen Lundy / Soul To Soul / Soul To Soul / Afrasia


John David Simon / Inside Out / Phantasm / WarmGroove Records

The Spin Quartet / Oranges are Supposed to be Orange / In Circles / Origin

10/22 | Max Shea’s Martian Gardens, ep. 093 | Posted by Bob Rogers

October 22, 2014

Wed. 6:00 p.m. — 9:00 p.m. EDT & Sat, 3:00 a.m.

(All times Eastern & approximate)

online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Mari Kimura: Subharmonic Partita
The World Below G and Beyond
Works for Subharmonic Violin and Interactive Computer
Mutable Music/2005
violin: Mari Kimura; recorded at Harvestworks and Systems II, composition year: 2005, using melodies from J.S. Bach’s Partita Prelude; time: 2:45

Harry Partch: A Decent and Honorable Mistake (Samba)
Even Wild Horses, Act I, Scene I
Plectra and Percussion Dances
Bridge Records/2014
PARTCH ensemble (ingredients may include — diamond marimba, Eroica, cymbal: Erin Barnes; voice: Paul Berkoids; kithara: Alison Bjorkedahl; canon, surrogate kiethara, Eroica: Matt Cook; cloud chamber bowls, chromelodeon: David Johnson; saxophone: Ulrich Krieger; percussion: Yumi Lee; canon: Tom Peters; guitars, canons: John Schneider; adapted viola: Derek Stein; bowls, bass marimba, Eroica, fight bell: Nick Terry; bass marimba, voice: T.J. Roy; guitar, canons: Alex Wand); text: Arthur Rimbaud;  recorded at Disney Hall/Redcat Theatre, Los Angeles, June 9, 2013; composition year: 1952; total time: 3:01

Ross Bolleter: Time and Fevers Burn Away
Music Works #120 (various artists)
MusicWorks Magazine/2014
ruined piano: Ross Bolleter; time: 5:29

Ross Bolleter: Unfinished Business
Crow Country
Pogus Productions/2000
ruined bar piano exposed to the elements: Ross Bolleter; recorded at Nallan Sheep Station, Western Australia, July 1987; mastered at Goodshit Studios, Perth, Australia, September 1987; time: 11:15

Thomas Newman & Rick Cox: Goldmine Nectarine
35 Whirlpools Below Sound
Cold Blue Music/2014
piano, phase metals, sound effects, processing: Thomas Newman, Rick Cox; recorded in Pacific Palisades, California; time: 3:53

Amy Denio: I’m Glad Today is Monday
Prodigal Light
Spoot Music/2013
sound mash-up by friends of Amy Denio (story, transcription, narration: David Greenberger; horn, guitar, kick drum, bamboo flute, whistling, door bell: Frank Pahl; telephone messages: Jim McAdams (2 moments in musical museum ), Eli McBett (~ gli Egiziani: Lasciatemi caricare!), Francisco Lopez (~ tomatoes in a tub ); dog bark: Mary Grace Lawrence the Dog; theremin, sound sculpture: Jim McAdams; science set: Nick Ripley; electronic cello: Derek Johnson; tape squish sounds, gajangle: Bob Phillips; mouth sounds: Detonator Beth Lawrence; unspecified: Don Campau, Robin O’Brien) composition and mix: Amy Denio; recorded at Spoot Studios and Soli Sound Studios, West Seattle; time: 2:44

Little Bang Theory: Dmitri Rides Again
Toy Suites and Themes E.P.
toys, whistling: Frank Pahl; toys, voice: Terri Sarris; toys, drums: Dough Shimmin; time: 2:23

Tone Dogs: Klezzy
The Early Middle Years
Soleilmoon Records/1991
(traditional Serbian Klezmer, arr. Amy Denio); Tone Dogs (alto saxophone: Amy Denio; bass: Fred Chalenor; drums: Will Dowd); recorded at Dogfish Studio Complex, Newberg, Oregon, 1990; time: 2:42

Philip Perkins: Bartski
Mister Anyhow — Live in the Studio 2011 — 2014
Fun Music/2014
electronics, samples, processing: Phil Perkins; recorded at the composer’s studio, San Francisco, time: 3:19

Amy Knoles: Hold It
Echograph Records/2001
percussion, synthesizers, samples: Amy Knoles; recorded at Echograph Studios, Los Angeles, time: 2:42

R. Weis: This Tape is Trash
Excitable Audible
R. Weis/2012
sampler, samples (used wad of painter’s tape hitting an aluminum trashcan, improvised 5 tone vocal phrase I): Robert Weis; recorded at the composer’s studio, Pittsburgh; time: 4:39

Kwisp: Mesopotamus
Teriyaki Vest Odyssey
Pinephone Recordings/2003
electric guitar, electronics, processing: Walter Funk; Sousaphone, trumpet, vocalizations: Reid Johnston; processing: Grant Miller; recorded at Pinephone Recordings, San Francisco; time: 4:09

Brian Eno: Energy Fools the Magician
Before and After Science
EG/1977 (CD issue 1987)
modified guitar: Fred Frith; drums: Phil Collins; fretless bass: Percy Jones; keyboards, vibraphone: Brian Eno; recorded in London and Köln, 1977; time: 2:03

Christian Wolff: For Morty
I Like to Think of Harriet Tubman — Chamber Works, Volume 2
Mode Records/1998
(for vibraphone, glockenspiel, and piano); The Barton Workshop (percussion: Marcel Andriessen, Wim Konink; piano: Frank Denyer); director: James Fulkerson; recorded at The Hilversum Conservatorium, Hilversum, The Netherlands; c. 1994; composition year: 1987; time: 5:34

Morton Feldman: The Straits of Magellan
Intermediate Music — Feldman Edition, Volume 4
Mode Records/2001
(for ensemble); The Turfan Ensemble (flute: Thaddeus Watson; horn: John Stobart; trumpet: William Forman; amplified guitar: Volker Höh; harp: Maria Strange; piano: Philipp Vandré; contrabass: Johannes Nied); directors: Phillipp Vandré, Thaddeus Watson; recorded at HR-Sendesaal, Frankfurt; 1996, 1997; composition year: 1961; time: 5:11

Jonathan Berger: An Island of Tears
Electro Acoustic Music II (various artists)
Neuma Records/1991
electroacoustic music on 4-channel tape realized at the CCRMA, Stanford University; composition year: 1991; time: 9:18

Robert Scott Thompson: Repeated by Dreams
Repeated by Dreams
Aucourant Records/2014
electroacoustic music realized at the composer’s studio, Roswell, Georgia, composition year: 2014; time: 8:38

Richard Karpen: Mass
Miniatures concrètes (various artists)
empreintes DIGITALes/1999
(computer music); realized at the Center for Advanced Research Technology in the Arts and Humanities (CARTAH), University of Washington, Seattle; composition year: 1996; time: 3:00

Richard Karpen: Dénouement
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 12 (various artists)
Composers in the Computer Age I
Centaur Records/1992
(computer music); realized at the School of Music Computer Center (SMCC), University of Washington, Seattle; composition year: 1991; time: 7:00

Maggi Payne: HUM
The Extended Flute
(for flute and tape); flute: Maggi Payne; recorded at the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, Oakland; composition years: 1972-1973; time: 9:31

Pierre-Yves Artaud: Traits Suspendus (Paul Méfano)
Contemporary Flute Music
Neuma Records/1992
(for amplified contrabass flute; composer: Paul Méfano); amplified contrabass flute: Pierre-Yves Artaud; composition year: 1980; time: 4:20

Ilia Belorukov: Astir
I Did What Was Possible to Quiet Us
(electroacoustic music); realized at the composer’s studio, Saint-Petersburg, Russia; time: 6:35

Ingrid Drese: Voix de l’aurore (Voice of the dawn)
empreintes DIGITALes/2009
(electroacoustic music); realized at Musiques & Recherches’ Métamorphoses d’Orphée studio in Ohain, Belgium, and at the composer’s studio, Brussels, 2006-2007; premiered at the 14th international acousmatic festival L’Espace du son at Théâtre Marni, Brussels, October 17, 2007; time: 14:00

David Tudor: Rainforest IV (Stockholm) [excerpt]
The Art of David Tudor 1963 — 1992
New World Records/2013
(live electronic music); Composers Inside Electronics: John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, Ralph Jones, Martin Kalve, David Tudor; recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, 1973; total excerpt time: 10:00 (TAINT radio); 7:00 (WMUA)

Beatriz Ferreyra: Les chemins du vent des glaces (Path of the icy wind)
Les Saisons (GMEB 1972 — IMEB 2002) [various artists]
Mnémosyne Musique Media/2002
electroacoustic music realized at IMEB, Bourges, France, 2002; time: 11:00

John Luther Adams: Thunder*
The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies
Cantaloupe Music/2006
percussion: Steven Schick; recorded at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks; 2002-2003; composition year: 2002; time:8:41

John Luther Adams: Inuksuit 5 (excerpt)**
Cantaloupe Music/2013 (for percussion, air raid sirens, and environmental sounds) percussion ensemble directed by Doug Perkins; recorded in the woods of Guilford, Vermont, 2012; composition year: 2009; time: 3:33

*TAINT Radio version only
**WMUA Live version only

— FIN –

10/22 | RootsWorld Radio at 5 PM, Wednesday | Posted by Cliff Furnald

RWR square 180On the 123rd edition of RootsWorld Radio, we’ll feature two recordings that could easily make my personal Top 10 list for 2014. Guinean guitarist Djessou Mory Kanté‘s River Strings: Maninka Guitar is a solid collection of instrumentals, some traditional, most written by Kanté himself. It’s beautifully recorded with a no nonsense approach to arrangements and instrumentation, and offers the listener a guitar sound that abounds in elegant complexity and deep traditional rhythms.


Across the Atlantic, we’ll hear 2 tracks from Garifuna singer and band leader Aurelio. Michael Stone says in his recent RW review of Lándini that the recording is “Aurelio’s strongest outing yet.” I agree.

We’ll also visit Mali, Italy, Bulgaria, Trinidad, Finland and Spain and hear from artists including Bulgara, Hiite, Amadou & Mariam, Lord Kitchener, Luisa Cottifogli, Re Niliu, Piia Kleemola, and Lidia Pujol, Psàlite & Miguel Gil.

More info at

10/21 | Kip Hanrahan’s Surplus Value / History of the mic, ep. 025 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Surplus Value / History of the mic show 025

Tuesdays 7-9pm & Fridays mid.-2am (all times Eastern & approximate)


Mighty Sparrow Ten To One Is Murder Volume Four

Majd, Master Lotfollah Homayoun Masters of Persian Traditional Music – Tor solo

Various Artists Homayoun Masters Of Persian Traditional Music

Coleman Hawkins & Ben Webster Blues For Yolande [Preliminary Takes] Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster

Coleman Hawkins & Ben Webster Blues For Yolande Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster

Milton Nascimento Outubro Travessia

The first track was one of my favorite songs, Mighty Sparrow’s “Ten to One is Murder” which may be the only song I can think of that uses the word “kelter” and uses it in a slightly menacing way… One of the intriguing things, to me at least, about Sparrow’s work is that I’m never quite sure which songs are really autobiogrpahical and which songs are just, well, songs – with an invented first person narrator….   I’ve always been convinced that this one is directly autobiographical, and I think those of us who love music are thrilled that chicken wasn’t his last supper.  I still wonder what the story was about him pushing the girl from Granada, though…

Following the two versions of Momayoun, and the prayers of thanks to the UNNAMABLE that the mullah’s never managed to wipe out the human glory that is classical Persian music – the way my one time comrades in Cambodia just about succeeded in wiping out classical Cambodian music, but for reasons masquerading as the opposite motives than the mullah’s, but, and this for me, as an ex-Maoist is like swallowing broken glass, are really pretty much the same destructive motives, just masquerading, as I said, just lying…..   just LYING THOUGH whatever teethe are left…..  anyway, following the two versions of Momayoun was the recorded construction and then the playing of a Coleman Hawkins / Ben Webster piece, then, to remind us of the sublime gifts within music that the before mentioned UNNABAMBLE gives us through music – that awe that comes with listening to Milton Nascimento…

Now I love Slim and Slam, and I love Matzo Ball soup (and, yeah, I even love gefitle fish and kiske, yeah, I know what it’s made of….), but , MAN, I can’t imagine even tasting Mazoh ball STEW….  wow…..

Slim & Slam Matzoh Balls Original 1938-39 Recordings Volume 2

Puerto Candelaria I Can Help You (Doguille) LLegó La Banda

Michel Riessler Old Orleans, New Orleans Momentum Mobile

The last piece from Michel Riessler, made a lot of sense to me following the slightly, but just slightly, differentt creativity of the Puerto Candaleria piece, but, y’know, the dynamic is so close, it’s just continents away – and in this case I mean the literal AGAINST the metaphoric – the literal subverting the metaphoric, I guess….   One thing that sticks in my mind is that Robby Ameen, who’s playing drums on this piece, told me that Mike Riessler said that people went to his concerts and walked away thinking – hey, that was great; a band with an accordion and a harmonica and all those rhtyms…  with as much presence in their memory as the music itself, and that Mike then pointed out that it’s the same way that people walk away from my concerts thinking “wow, there were like six drummer and three bass players and all those words and musicians from different backgrounds” with just as much memory space as whatever music we played.  I thought for a second, and, um, I’m afraid he’s right.  But it’s worth more of a laugh than a tear, no?

Now coming up will be one piece of music that existed already as art and was recorded, one piece that used both music and recording to create music as art and two pieces, from different times in music / recording history that used music to create recording as art.  I hope that was clear.  For the second piece, I could have used a Beatle song like, oh, A day in the life or something, but I don’t really like the beatles…..  and for the last stretch I’m playing Vertov’s piece for reasons that are obvious to anyone who’s followed my work, and then a piece by Godard which kinda’ proves, to me at least, that although Godard could never use film to tell a story well, he could use film to describe a posture, a cultural posture, maybe better than anyone in the commercial limelight. ….and that posture creation is perfect for music, so maybe he was a composer all along.   Godard following Vertov makes all the sense in the world, as you know Godard took whole worlds of thought from that dynamic revolutionary film maker / composer.  I should mention that Vertov was Jewish and that I think Godard is collapsing into a weirdly anti-Semitic senility, but maybe I’m wrong….  In any event, I’ll try to play 10 to One again at the end if I have time…..

The Balfa Brothers La Danse De Mardi Gras The Balfa Brothers Play Traditional Cajun Music, Vol. 1 & 2

DJ Screw Wreckless (feat. Point Blank) Bigtyme Recordz ’95 – ’99

Dziga Vertov Opening Of “Syphonya Donbassa” ENTHUSIAM!

Jean-Luc Godard Chapitre Deux: Seul Le Cinéma Histoire(S) Du Cinéma [Disc 2]

Mighty Sparrow Ten To One Is Murder Volume Four

Why I’m “dedicating” this “show” to my cousin and close buddy Scott and to my not cousin but great buddy Rafi….  with laughter… I hope….. c’mon!  Really, this may be the first show I didn’t mention any contention with Rafi, but, hey, Scott, what about Bri and King Bob Taint?  HUH?

Mighty Sparrow Neurosis Of The Rich Quintessential

(I should have played “50 Million Frenchmen Can Not Be Wrong”, but I didn’t…..)

10/20 | Michael Stone’s Jazz Worldwide, Ep. 057 – Mon. 5pm & Sat. noon (All times Eastern & approximate) | Posted by Bob Rogers

Song Artist Album Composer Label
Wise One Afro-Semitic Experience Jazz Souls on Fire John Coltrane Reckless DC Music
Shirim Ad Kan Oran Etkin Gathering Light Traditional Motema
Easy Healing Stefano Bollani Joy in Spite of Everything Stefano Bollani ECM
Farewell Mulgrew The Cookers Time and Time Again George Cables Motema
Chinar Es Anja Lechner-François Couturier Moderato Cantabile Komitas Vardapet ECM New Series
Le Parfum de l’Éxil Louis Sclavis Quartet Silk and Salt Melodies Louis Sclavis ECM
Tenebroso Antonio Adolfo Rio Choro Jazz Ernesto Nazareth AAM Music
Avishkes Omer Avital New Song Omer Avital Motema
Strung Out Again Toby Koenigsberg Trio Drift Elliott Smith Ninjazz Records
Wise One John Abercrombie Quartet Within a Song John Coltrane ECM
New Start Adam Smale Out of the Blue Adam Smale Ropeadope
Blue in Green Mostly Other People Do the Killing Blue Miles Davis-Bill Evans Hot Cup Records
Where Can I Go Without You Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden Jasmine Peggy Lee-Victor Young ECM
Senhorina Charlie Dennard From Brazil to New Orleans Guinga-Paulo Cesar Pinheiro
Join Us Jackson The North, feat. Romain Collin Slow Down (This Isn’t the Mainland) Christina Courtin Dowsett Records
Bounce Jacob Young Forever Young Jacob Young ECM
Largo Marcin Wasilewski Trio with Joakim Milder Spark of Life Grazyna Bacewicz ECM
Ghost Dance Matt Slocum Black Elk’s Dream Matt Slocum Chandra

10/19 | Downhome With Howling Dick, Ep. 085 | Posted by Bob Rogers

This week Howling’s drowning on the porch, relenting on previous decisions and revealing whats wrong with the world. In between all this nonesense he plays some of the best blues ‘n roots you’ll hear on the net. Sundays 10 am, Tuesdays 6pm, Thursdays midnight, Saturdays 10pm (All times Eastern & approximate. For other times, consult your Ouija board.).


Lonesome Shack – Blues “down to the bone”

New Blue Black And Evil Blues Alice Moore Black,Brown And Beige VIDEO
Rollin’ and Tumblin’ Preston Shannon Dust My Broom VIDEO
I Got My Mojo Working Katie Bradley & Dudley Ross Anchor Baby Sessions VIDEO
O’ Mary Don’t You Weep Kat Danser Baptized by the Mud VIDEO
Crossing Muddy Waters John Hiatt Here To Stay VIDEO
My Butcher Man Memphis Minnie The Essential Recordings VIDEO
Drive My Car Catfish Hodge Bare Necessities VIDEO
More Primitive Lonesome Shack More Primitive VIDEO
Hambone Blues Mighty Mo Rodgers Redneck Blues VIDEO
10 Death Letter Bert Deivert Kid Man Blues VIDEO
Love In Vain Nigel Mooney All My Love Is In Vain VIDEO
Release and Be Free Kelley Hunt The Beautiful Bones VIDEO
Brown Skin Butterball Mel Walker Black,Brown And Beige VIDEO
You Are Still The One Guitar Ray & The Gamblers Poorman Blues VIDEO

10/19 | Bob Rogers’ taint town live, Sunday, 10/19/14 | Posted by Bob Rogers

fri&sat mid-3am (eastern); mon&wed 9-mid; tues 8-11am

Zara McFarlane, Open Heart (If You Knew Her) 2014
Frank Kimbrough, It Never Entered My Mind (Quartet) 2014
Tom Rainey, You Don’t Know What Love Is (Obbligato) 2014
Andy Bey, It Never Entered My Mind (The World According To Andy Bey) 2013
Charlie Haden & Jim Hall, Skylark (Charlie Haden – Jim Hall) 2014

Robert Creeley w/Chris Massey-David Torn-Steve Swallow-David Cast, Words Scattered /
Mon Frere / title (Have We Told You All You’d Thought To Know?) 1998
Trio 3 & Vijay Iyer With Oliver Lake, Reggie Workman & Andrew Cyrille, Rosmarie (Wiring) 2014
William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, title (Sunrise In The Tone World) 1997

The Nels Cline Singers, The Wedding Band (Macroscope) 2014
Azar Lawrence, Gandhi (The Seeker) 2014
Billy Bang Quintet, Silent Observation (Above & Beyond) 2007
Don Pullen, title (Evidence Of Things Unseen) 1983

John Medeski, Luz Marina (A Different Time) 2013
Jeff Denson & Claudio Puntin, Black Lilies (Two) 2014
Wadada Leo Smith w/Balazs Pandi, Jamie Saft & Joe Morris, Debts of Honor (Red Hill) 2014
The Westerlies, Sweeter Than The Day (The Music Of Wayne Horvitz) 2014
Jessica Williams, My Foolish Heart (With Love) 2014

Wayne Shorter, title (Et Cetera) 1965
Bill Frisell, A Beautiful View (Big Sur) 2013
Otis Brown III, Stages Of Thought (The Thought Of You) 2014
*time is relative

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10/18 | Downhome With Howling Dick, Ep. 083 | Posted by Bob Rogers

 Saturday, 10/18/14, 10pm (Eastern)

This week, Howling’s  talking about sibling loyalty and  the first rock n roll star whilst he declines help from a couple of friends and accepts it from another. Sounds busy on the porch but don’t worry, he still plays an hour of the finest blues ‘n roots  you’ll find on the net


Memphis Jug Band – “It doesn’t get better than this”
Tennessee Border Hank Williams Jack White’s Blues VIDEO
Ghosts Of Mississippi Iko-Iko Bullets In The Bonfire Vol 1 VIDEO
You Better Watch Yourself The Mannish Boys Wrapped Up and Ready VIDEO
Long Way From Home (acoustic) Katie Bradley & Dudley Ross Anchor Baby Sessions VIDEO
Cadillac Blues Tullie Brae Everything Turns Blue VIDEO
Evolution Of The Blues Terrie Odabi Evolution Of The Blues VIDEO
Me And My Chauffeur Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke Restless VIDEO
I Don’t Know Willie Mabon/Slim Willis/Otis Spann I Blueskvarter – Chicago 1964 VIDEO
One Monkey Big Town Playboys Roll The Dice VIDEO
Catfish Blues Buddy Guy & Junior Wells Alone And Acoustic VIDEO
Work Song Gregory Porter Be Good VIDEO
Move That Thing The Memphis Jug Band Memphis Jug Band (1927-1930) VIDEO
Stealin, Stealin The King Biscuit Boys All in a days work VIDEO
Home Again Poplar Jake No More Sygnifyin’ VIDEO

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