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11/23 | Bob Rogers’ taint town live, Sun., 11/23 | Posted by Bob Rogers

fri&sat mid-3am (eastern); [repeats] mon&wed 9-mid; tues 8-11am

Tara Davidson, Silver Skates (Duets) 2014
The Sean Jones Quartet, Not While I’m Around (Im.Pro.Vise) 2014
Balazs Pandi, Jamie Saft, Joe Morris & Wadada Leo Smith, Debts of Honor (Red Hill) 2014
Tierney Sutton, Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (Paris Sessions) 2014
John Hébert Trio w/Benoît Delbecq & Gerald Cleaver, Cold Brewed (Floodstage) 2014

Nels Cline & Julian Lage, Blues, Too (Room) 2014
Charlie Haden & Jim Hall, Big Blues (Charlie Haden – Jim Hall) 2014
Big Joe Turner, S.K. Blues Part 1 (Atomic Boogie: The National Recordings 1945-1947)
Big Joe Turner, Things That I Used To Do 1947

Marvin Pontiac, Wanna Wanna (The Legendary Marvin Pontiac: Greatest Hits) 2006
Tricky, Somebody’s Sins (False Idols) 2013
Otis Taylor, Mandan Woman (Double V) 2004
Reggie Watts, Butter + Toast (Why Shit So Crazy?)
Marvin Pontiac, Pancakes (The Legendary Marvin Pontiac: Greatest Hits) 2006
Bob Landers with Willie Joe, Cherokee Dance
Throttle Elevator Music, Who Can Do No Wrong (Area J) 2014
Boban Marković Orkestar, Cinnamon Girl (Golden Horns – Best of Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar) 2012

The Christine Correa & Frank Carlberg Duo, title (Ugly Beauty) 1992
Hans Tammen, Antecedent I – III Opening / Death Clock / Mdina Experience (Third Eye Orchestra) 2006
Hank Roberts,  The Departing Hunter’s Song / War Dance Song / Jersey Devil (Green) 2008
Charles Mingus, Ysabel’s Table Dance (New Tijuana Moods) 1962

Bill Dixon w/Exploding Star Orchestra, Constellations For Innerlight Projections (Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra    2008
Undivided [Waclaw Zimpel / Bobby Few / Mark Tokar / Klaus Kugel]+ Perry Robinson, title (Moves Between Clouds: Live In Warsaw) 2009

*time is relative

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11/21 | Maurice Hogue’s One Man’s Jazz | Posted by Bob Rogers

Playlist One Man’s Jazz for for November 20, 2014

Hour One:
Jon Irabagon Trio * It Takes All Kinds – Jazzwerkstatt * Pause & Flip
Wayne Horvitz * At The Reception – Songlines * A Walk In The Rain
Wayne Horvitz * At The Reception – Songlines * Sweeter Than The Day
Marko Churnchetz * Devotion – Whirlwind * Risk Free (Slovenia)
Roller Trio * Live In Rotterdam – Indie * Introduction (UK)
Roller Trio * Live In Rotterdam – Indie * Fractures (UK)
Irene Schweizer & Jurg Wickihalder * Spring – Intact * White (Switzerland)
Nguyen Le * Celebrating The Dark Side Of The Moon – ACT * Money (France)
Hour Two:
Miguel Zenon * Identities Are Changeable – Miel * First Language
Signal Problems * Signal Problems – pfMentum * Pogo Stick
Trio 3 * Wiring – Intakt * Shave
The Grip * Celebrate – Slowfoot * Acorn (UK)
The Grip * Celebrate – Slowfoot * Kailash (UK)
Trevor Watts * Veracity – FMR * Pleomorphism (UK)
John Coltrane * Offering – Resonance * Offering
Noah Garabedian * Big Butter And The Egg Men – BJU * Opposite Field Power
Molé * RGB – Rare Noise * Rodriguez (Czech Republic)
Hour Three:
Trio Johannes Groene * Chassé-croisé – Indie * Deportation Privée (CC)
Trio Johannes Groene * Chassé-croisé – Indie * La Grasse Matinée (CC)
Hunger Pangs * Meat Meet – ForTune * Kiks (Poland)
Tomasz Dabrowski * Tom Trio – Ilk * Buzz Wow (Poland)
Cloudmakers Trio * Abstract Forces – Whirlwind * Post Stone (UK)
Emile Parisien Quartet * Spezial Snack – ACT * Potofen (France)
Piotr Damasiewicz Quartet * Mnemotaksja – ForTune * Mnemotaksja (Poland)

Maurice Hogue

*Maurice Hogue*– host/producer
*One Man’s Jazz*on <>
Thursdays @ 9 pm ET
Repeats Mon. 4 am & Archive Show Fri. 11 am ET
Playlists/ <>

11/21 | Kip Hanrahan’s Surplus Value / Hisory of the Mic 027 – Jack Bruce | Posted by Bob Rogers

OK, tonight at 7PM EST, ‘Taint Radio: [repeats: Friday, mid-2am (eastern)]

Surplus Value / History of the mic show 027 playlist

Jack Bruce / Kip Hanrahan bet track Saddam Huissein (the world’s most famous name) rough beginning unreleased, unfinished (on this recording)
Lou Reed Dreamin’ Magic and Loss
Steve Swallow / Robert Creeley In the Fall Home
Eric Schneider Wintereise: Der Leiermann Schubert / Wintereise
The Graham Bond Organization Train Time Live at Klook’s Korner
Heydee Schvartz and Jack Bruce Four Walls – Act 1 – Scene Vii Cage- The Piano Works 6
Michael Mantler / Jack Bruce Part Two No Answer
Carla Bley Little Poney Soldier Escalator Over the Hill
Tony Williams Lifetime Right On Turn it Over

Jack Bruce Can you follow? Harmony Row
Kip Hanrahan / Jack Bruce All Us Working Class Boys Desire Develops an Edge
Jack Bruce Smiles and Grins Harmony Row
Kip Hanrahan / Jack Bruce / Desire Develops an Edge All Us Working Class Boys / Whatever I Want (live, unedited, unreleased, un-equed) – Zurich 10/84 (hostile audience…)
Kip Hanrahan / Jack Bruce The Last Song Exotica
Kip Hanrahan / Imagining New Orleans (Jack Bruce, Henry Thredgil, Don Pullen, Allen Toussaint, Charles Neville, Alfredo Triff, Robby Ameen, JT Lewis, Anthony Carillo, etc..) Henry’s Second Piece Imagining New Orleans (live, unedited, un-equed, etc.)
Jack Bruce The Ministry of Bag Songs for a Taylor
Kip Hanrahan / Jack Bruce Trust me yet? Desire Develops an Edge
Jack Bruce / Kip Hanrahan Windowless Rooms (rehearsal, ref track) (unreleased, unfinished, unequed, totally passionate)
Jack Bruce / Kip Hanrahan almost random stretch of song writing / playing in Alphonstone – 1991
Jack Bruce Dark Heart Shadows in the Air
Jack Bruce Theme From an Imaginary Western Songs for a Taylor
Jack Bruce / Kip Hanrahan Surge Shadows in the Air
Jack Bruce There’s a Forest Harmony Row

Hey, there’s a whole stretch of things I wanted to (needed to) say about what I chose, and why I chose the pieces, and why I chose those pieces in that particular order, but I more than ran out of time, so I think (with a sense of humor) that i”ll tell the audience the info at some later time, maybe in a show that has even less to do with my lost buddy Jack. And, yeah, this really is the 74th NON Jack Bruce show in a series of 679. There’s really no redicule worthy attempt to approximate 70 years of awe demanding musical force and 35 years of intense friendship and musical collaboration in the deepest way in a two hour (plus) “radio” show, BUT there are a fuck of a lot more anecdotes and….. oK, sigh…. sob….. deeper sigh….


11/20 | Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, Fri., Nov. 21 & Tues., Nov. 25 | Posted by Bob Rogers

There isn’t a single focus or overall theme on this week’s Updoc—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, East Broadway Rundown time—but I think the music’s good enough to stop by for: first a set of jazz newcomers who recorded notable albums this year—Alfredo Rodriguez, Oran Etkin, Melissa Aldana et al—and then a kind of mournful song-set built around a performance of Jeff Buckley’s Grace—live on TV, four-piece band, no tricks and yes he could really sing like a soaring angel contemplating his oncoming death unbothered. The brackets are two of the stunningest melodies I know, Purcell’s Dido’s Lament and Buxtehude’s Klag-lied, and after a dazzle of D-minor Bach, Jacob Druckman and an orchestra wish Nor Spell Nor Charm trouble his friend Jan DeGaetani’s lully-lullay, and please annul her early death. Maybe the show does have a theme: Herbie Nichols is up next, and his successor Andrew Hill, then along comes maybe the most famous early death of all. I’ve been featuring Mozart piano concertos to close recent shows but this time I got distracted by the extraordinary brilliance of his String Quintet in D, the fifth of the six he composed, less famous than the G-minor but I think the stunner of the set: for most of its length it sounds like Beethoven’s Late Quartets decades before the fact. The canonical recording is by Grumiaux & Co. but I found even more to love in a recording by the Zukerman Chamber Players. I can’t say enough about the glories of this music, so I’ll let words fail and just hope you lend an ear.RichterBlueLarge

11/19 | Max Shea’s Martian Gardens, ep. 097 | Posted by Bob Rogers

webcast: Wednesdays 6:00 p.m. — 9:00 p.m. EST; [repeats] Saturdays 3:00 a.m. — 6:00 a.m.
Webcast date: November 19, 2014
Host: Max Shea

online playlists: Martian Gardens blog

Robert Normandeau: Bédé
a. The Realm of Childhood
b. The Valley of Phantoms
c. In Search of the Voice
empreintes DIGITALes/1994
electroacoustics: R. Normandeau; voice: Marie-Hélène Blain; produced at Normandeau’s studio, Montreal, and GRM Paris, 1990; time: 2:56

Jorge Antunes: Elegia Violeta para Monsenhor Romero
!No Se Mata La Justicia!
Sistrum/2003 (orig. LP/1981)
(for two female child soloists, children’s choir, piano obliggato, and chamber orchestra); soloists: Hagit Shapira, Ruth Halifa; Children’s Choir Kibbutz Hatzerim and the Conservatory of Music in Beer-Sheva; piano obliggato: Mariuga Lisbôa Antunes; The Israel Sinfonietta, conductor: Jorge Antunes; texts: Che Guevara, Vassili Vassilikos, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Psalms, Archbishop Romero; composition year: 1980; time: 21:08

Luigi Nono: Dialectical Counterpoint to the Mind
I. The Pleasant Modern Crime — Malcolm
II. Masquerade of the Little Old Men — Interlude of the Breath-Sellers
III. The Scatterbrains Sing a Madrigal
IV. Uncle Sam Tells a Story
Como una ola de fuerza y luz/Sofferte Onde Serene/Cantrappunto dialettico alla mente
Deutsche Grammophon/1988
(for soprano, choir, and magnetic tape); soprano: Liliana Poli; voices: Cadigia Bove, Marisa Mazzoni, Elena Vicini, Umberto Troni; Coro de camera della RAI, Roma, director: Nino Antonelli; texts: I. Sonia Sanchez, II, III, Nanni Balestrini, IV. pamphlet from the Harlem Progressive Labor Club; recorded at Radiotelevisione italiana S.p.A, Rome, Italy; composition year: 1968; time: 19:51

Françoise Berrière: Java Rosa (Printemps)
Le Saisons (GMEB 1972 — IMEB 2002) (various artists)
electroacoustic music: Françoise Berrière; realized at Institut international de musique électroacoustique de Bourges, 1972; time: 17:40

Daniel Leduc: from Le voyage d’hiver
a. Good Night (2:03)
b. The Weathervane (1:39)
c. Frozen Tears (0:34)
d. Numbness (1:05)
e.  The Linden Tree (1:18)
Le voyage d’hiver
empreintes DIGITALes/1999
electroacoustic music realized  the at the composer’s studio and in the studio of the Secteur électroacoustique of the Faculté de musique of Université de Montreal, 1995-1997; texts: Wilhelm Müller, “Die Winterreise,” reciter: Erwin Potitt; total excerpts time: 6:30

Wendy Carlos: Fall
Sonic Seasonings
East Side Digital/1998 (orig. Columbia LP/1972)
synthesizers, electronics, processing: Wendy Carlos; production: Rachel Elkind; composition year: 1972; time: 21:06

Roger Reynolds: Summer Island
The Paris Pieces
Neuma Records/1996
(for oboe and computer-generated tape); oboe: Jacqueline Leclair; recorded at Brooks Concert Hall, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts, April 30, 1995; composition year: 1984; time: 11:28

Eleanor Hovda: Record of an Ocean Cliff
The Eleanor Hovda Collection
Innova Recordings/2012
(for oboe and electric guitar); oboe: Libby Van Cleve; electric guitar: Jack Vees; recorded at St. Marks Church-in-the-Bowery, New York City, 1994; time: 9:04

John Cage: Music Walk
The Piano Works I
Mode Records/1995
piano, objects, radios: Stephen Drury; recorded at Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts, March 1993; composition year: 1958; time: 10:53

David Tudor: Pepscillator
The Art of David Tudor 1963 – 1992 (boxed set)
New World Records/2013
(for live electronics); live electronics: David Tudor;  recorded at the Pepsi Pavillion, Expo ’70, Osaka, Japan, 1970; time: 11:37

Fred Frith and John Butcher: Faults of his Feet
The Natural Order
Northern Spy Records/2014
soprano and tenor saxophones: John Butcher; electric guitar: Fred Frith; Recorded at Guerrilla Recordings, Oakland, California, October 2009; time: 6:27

Quartet for the End of Space: Mercury Retrograde (P. Oliveros)
Quartet for the End of Space
Pogus Productions/2011
Expanded Instrument System delay lines and modulations, ViMic, sound geometries: Pauline Oliveros, QftEoS; recorded at RPI, Troy, New York, and the Deep Listening Institute, Kingston, New York, 2010

Pauline Oliveros: Primordial/Lift (Excerpt)*
Deep Listening/2006
accordion, electronics, voice: Pauline Oliveros; electronics, toy piano: Andrew Deutsch; electric violin, ring modulator: Tony Conrad; cello, voice: Andrew Bourne; electric cello: Alexandria Gelencser; harmonium: David Grubbs; low frequency oscillator: David Olson; editing, mixing, mastering: Andrew Deutsch, Stephen Vitiello; recorded at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo, New York, 1998; total excerpt time: 5:00

*TAINT Radio version only

— FIN –

11/19 | RootsWorld Radio: Wednesday, 5 PM | Posted by Cliff Furnald

RWR square 180

The 127th edition of RootsWorld Radio will feature more music and less chatter. We’ll start with some old Afro-jazz from Sweden, match that with a little folk-art music from same, and find our way through the guitars of Mali, the voices of the Sahara, Finland, Spain and Burkina Faso, hear some folk-electronica from Russia, acoustic roots music from England, global sounds from Copenhagen and a bit of JP Sousa on the concertina to wrap it all up. Artists will include Aziza Brahim, Djessou Mory Kanté, Himmerland, Spjärnsvallet, Volga, Spiro, Goodland Trio, Anna Kaisa Leides, Lea Nicholson, Amadou Ballake, The Joe Townsend Band and Carmen Paris.

Find out more online:


11/18 | Downhome With Howling Dick | Posted by Bob Rogers

The Other Way Round

This week Howling’s knee deep in Pee Wees as he ponders a blues man’s wealth and  finds out that everyone’s got the blues! As usual, Dick’s talking absolute nonsense but in between does play an hour of some of the best blues ‘n roots music you’ll find on the net. Sundays 10am (Eastern), Tuesdays 6pm, Thurdays midnight; Saturdays 11pm.


Jerry Lee Lewis ” The career in public relations was never going to work out!”

It’s A Lowdown Dirty Deal T-Bone Walker Midnight Blues VIDEO
All It Takes Doghouse Sam & His Magnatones Knock Knock VIDEO
I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water Billy Boy Arnold The Blues Soul Of Billy Boy Arnold VIDEO
Good Ol’ Diablo Half Deaf Clatch Eat Sleep Stomp Repeat VIDEO
I Got The Blues Kent Duchaine Broke & Lonely, Hungry & Homeless VIDEO
Blues Like Midnight Jerry Lee Lewis Rock & Roll Time VIDEO
Everyday I Have The Blues Katie Bradley & Dudley Ross Anchor Baby Sessions VIDEO
I’ve Got The Feeling Baby “Pee Wee” Perham Dust My Rhythm & Blues
Bad Weather Blues Rod Piazza & The All Mighty Flyers Emergency Situation VIDEO
Goin’ Back South C.W. Stoneking Gon’ Boogaloo VIDEO
I’m So Glad Rory Block Hard Luck Child: A Tribute To Skip James VIDEO
Blues A La King Alexis Korner Kornerstoned—Anthology 1954-1983 VIDEO
Just to Be with You Mud Morganfield For Pops VIDEO
Phone Call From My Baby Pee Wee Crayton Blues Guitar Magic VIDEO
Milk Cow Blues Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys Take Me Back to Tulsa VIDEO
Hipster Blues No.5 Otis Grand Hipster Blues VIDEO

11/16 | George Klein’s Beyond the Groove Yard, ep. 001 | Posted by Bob Rogers

taintradio is proud to present the first edition of George Klein’s Beyond The Groove Yard, Sundays 2-4pm (Eastern) & Wednesdays 5-7am.  Welcome to taintradio, George!
This first show on taintradio is an assortment of vintage 50’s & 60’s Blue Note sessions in recognition of the 75th Anniversary of Blue Note Records.
Hour One:

Tina Brooks  Back to the Tracks  Back to the Tracks  Blue Note

Freddie Redd  Melanie  Shades of Redd  Blue Note
Jackie McLean  Tolypso  Consequence  Blue Note
Bud Powell  Un Poco Loco  The Amazing Bud Powell  Blue Note
Thelonious Monk  Four in One  Genius of Modern Music v. 1  Blue Note
Jimmy Smith  Slightly Monkish  Groovin’ at Small’s Paradise  Blue Note
Kenny Burrell  Scotch Blues  Blue Lights v. 1  Blue Note
Sonny Red  Bluesville  Out of the Blue  Blue Note
Donald Byrd  Down Time  Off to the Races  Blue Note
Hour Two:
Lee Morgan  Mesabi Chant  Volume Three  Blue Note
Grant Green The Song is You  Complete Quartets with Sonny Clark  Blue Note
Bennie Green  The Shouter  Walkin’ and Talkin’  Blue Note
John Patton  Latona  Let ‘Em Roll  Blue Note
Larry Young  The Moontrane  Unity  Blue Note
Lonnie Smith  Think  Think  Blue Note
Horace Silver  The Tokyo Blues  The Tokyo Blues  Blue Note
Lou Donaldson  Autumn Nocturne  Blues Walk  Blue Note
Hank Mobley  Don’t Get Too Hip  Curtain Call  Blue Note

11/16 | Bob Rogers’ taint town live, Sun., 11/16 | Posted by Bob Rogers

fri&sat mid.-3am (Eastern), [repeats ] mon&wed 9pm-mid; tues 8-11am

Michael Musillami Trio, Courageous David B. (Pride) 2014
Joshua Redman/Aaron Parks/Matt Penman/Eric Harland, Jury’s Out (City Folk) 2014
Kenny Wheeler, The Good Doctor (Song For Someone) 1973

Dave Liebman, Simply (Samsara) 2014
Andy Milne & Dapp Theory, Headache In Residence (Forward In All Directions) 2014
Shamie Royston, Ascension (Portraits)2012
Tricky, Does It (False Idols) 2013
Sophie Duner, The Rain In Spain (The City Of My Soul) 2013
Jeff Denson & Claudio Puntin, Variation On a Point of View (Two) 2014

Charles Lloyd, How Can I Tell You (…Manhattan Stories) 2014
Fred Hersch Trio, If Ever I Would Leave You (Floating) 2014
Grażyna Auguścik, If I Ever Dream Again (River) 2001
Mal Waldron & Steve Lacy, Round Midnight (At the Bimhuis1982) 2006

Ryan Schultz Quintet, Joe’s Time (Hair Dryers) 2014
Os Mutantes, Minha Menina (Everything Is Possible: The Best of Os Mutantes) 1999
Throttle Elevator Music, As Is (Area J) 2014
Audio One, Two Way Street [For Roscoe Mitchell] (An International Report) 2014

Farmers By Nature, The Green City (Love And Ghosts) 2014
Girma Yifrashewa, Elilta (…Love & Peace) 2014
Darius Jones And Matthew Shipp, Gardens of Yivaroth (The Darkseid Recital) 2014
Nate Wooley Quintet (Erna) [Put Your] (Hands Together)
Laurie Antonioli, River (Songs Of Shadow, Songs Of Light) 2014

Hafez Modirzadeh, Sor Juane (In Convergence Liberation) 2014

*time is relative

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11/15 | Bob Rogers’ taint town live, Sat., 11/15 | Posted by Bob Rogers

fri&sat mid-3am (EST); mon&wed 9pm-mid, tues 8-11am

Jason Roebke Octet, Ten Nights (High/Red/Center) 2014
The Bad Plus, Inevitable Western (Inevitable Western) 2014
Nels Cline & Julian Lage, Freesia / The Bond (Room) 2014
Zara McFarlane, The Games We Played )If You Knew Her) 2014
Frank Kimbrough, November (Quartet) 2014

Jason Moran, Ain’t Nobody’s Business (ALL RISE: A Joyful Elegy For Fats Waller) 2014
Tom Teasley, Nine Muses (The Love of the Nightingale) 2014
Ryan Kebererle & Catharsis, Gallop (Into The Zone) 2014
Flying Lotus, Never Catch Me (You’re Dead) 2014
Frank Catalano, Acknowledgement Of Truth (Love Supreme Collective) 2014

Allison Au Quartet, title (The Sky Was Pale Blue, Then Grey) 2012
Jamie Dubberly, It Ain’t My Fault (La Clave Del Gumbo) 2014
Anthony Branker, We, The People [Part 3]  (The Forward Suite) 2014
Frank Carlberg, Red Piano (State of the Union) 2005
Oliver Lake Organ Quartet, Human Voice (What I Heard) 2014

Marcus Roberts, Being Attacked by the Blues (Romance, Swing, And The Blues) 2014
Harlem Jazz Machine, 84 (Melvin Vines) 2011
Ken Vandermark, Chad Taylor & Håvard Wiik, 4 from 5 to 6 )In The Abstract) 2014
Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Trio w/Ron Carter & Kenny Barron, Mighty Mighty (We’re Back) 2014

Wooley/Rempis/Niggenkemper/Corsano, Serpents Tooth (From Wolves To Whales) 2014
William Parker / Raining On The Moon, Boom Boom Bang Bang (Wood Flute Songs) 2013
Harrison Bankhead Sextet, Chicago Señorita (Morning Sun Harvest Moon) 2011

Tyshawn Sorey, Returns (Alloy) 2014
Darius Jones And Matthew Shipp, Celestial Fountain (The Darkseid Recital) 2014
Michael Musillami Trio, Max’s Wolf Suit (Pride) 2014

*time is relative

Bob Rogers, music 24/7 – non-commercial, listener-funded

A 24/7 venue for independent music-focused producers

JazzWeek Internet Station of the Year 2011

700 billion listeners can’t be wrong

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