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06/20 | Max Shea’s Martian Gardens, Ep. 935 – Mondays mid-3am (EDT), repeats Saturdays mid-3am | Posted by Bob Rogers

Martian Gardens Episode 935
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
June 17, 2018
Contact Max Shea:
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Listen: Where and When
Valley Free Radio WXOJ 103.3 FM
Taint Radio

Hour 1

Insook Choi: Lit
CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 23 (various artists)
Centaur Records/1996
(for computer-generated sounds on tape); realized at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 1992-1993; time: 18:00

Eric Chasalow: Museum in D
Are You Radioactive, Pal?
Suspicious Motives Records/2015
electroacoustic music: Eric Chasalow; composition year: 2004; time: 5:13

Alvin Curran: Light Flowers Dark Flowers II
Solo Works — The ’70s
New World Records/2010
piano, toy piano, Serge modular synthesizer, tapes, electronics: Alvin Curran; recorded in Rome, 1974; composition year: 1974; time: 26:50

Ken Steen: Forty-Nine
60 x 60 — 2006/2007 (various artists)
Vox Novus/2008
electronic music: Ken Steen; composition year: 2007; time: 1:00

Jack Womack: Nixon in New Orleans
State of the Union 2.001 (various artists)
Electronic Music Foundation/2001
voice, text: Jack Womack; composition year: 2001; time: 1:04

Joseph Waters: Prelude
Desert Island Pieces
Joseph Waters/2003
electronic music: Joseph Waters; composition year: 2003; time: 1:46

Jackson Mac Low & Anne Tardos: First Four-Language Word Event I & II
A Chance Operation — The John Cage Tribute (various artists)
Koch International/1993
voices, texts: Jackson Mac Low, Anne Tardos; composition year: 1992; total selections time: 2:20

Hour 2

Jenny Olivia Johnson: Devonshire
(The 8th Bell Jar Smashes on the Full Moon in Scorpio)
Sylvia Songs
Innova Recordings/2018
vocals: P. Lucy McVeigh; cellos: Lavena Johanson, David Russell; pianos: Isabelle O’Connell, Jenny Tang; synthesizer: Eliko Akahori; electric guitar: Lisa Liu; analog synthesizer, reel-to-reel delay: Nicholas Kouf; Jenny Olivia Johnson: digital synthesizer, percussion, cassette tape noise, texts (inspired by quotations from Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes); mixed, mastered at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers, New York, August–November, 2017; time: 3:04

Shirish Korde: Krurari
Neuma Records/1994
soprano: Maria Tegzes, with choir; libretto: Lynn Kremer Babcock, Shirish Korde; director: Lynn Kremer Babcock; composition year: 1991; time: 3:07

Eighth Blackbird: Ailíll (from Olagón, Part III)
Olagón — A Cantata in Doublespeak
Çedille Records/2017
Eighth Blackbird (flutes: Nathalie Joachim; clarinets: Michael J. Maccaferri; violin, viola: Yvonne Lam; cello: Nick Photinos; percussion: Matthew Duvall; piano: Lisa Kaplan); vocals: Iarla Ó Lionáird; fiddle: Dan Trueman; composer: DanTrueman; text: Paul Muldoon (based on the Táin Bó Cúailnge) composition year (completed): 2015; recorded at Princeton University; Inis Mór, Aran Islands, County Galway, Ireland; Lab Studios and SHIRK Studios, Chicago, 2015 — 2017; time: 3:13

Heitor de Souza Dantas: Tramóia
Deep Wireless 9 — Radio Arts Compilation (online album)
New Adventures in Sound Art/2013
sound collage: Heitor de Souza Dantas; time: 1:38

Act of Finding: Another Family Resemblance (T. Hamilton)
Act of Finding
O.O. Discs/1995
processed guitar: Bruce Arnold; voice: Thomas Buckner; analog synthesizers: Tom Hamilton; bass: Ratzo B. Harris; recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn; time: 3:24

Sylvia Smith: Family Portraits — Delbert (S. S. Smith)
The Year Begins To Be Ripe
11 West Records/2008
solo percussion, spoken voice: Sylvia Smith; text: Stuart Saunders Smith; recorded at UMBC; composition year: 1994; time: 3:45</span?

Howard Skempton:
a. The Snare (2:00)
b. Rose-berries (1:25)
Bolt from the Blue — Music for Piano and Voices
Mode Records/2010
EXAUDI, director: James Weeks; texts: a. James Stephens (1925); b. Mary Webb (1917); composition years: a. 1990; b. 1992; recorded at St. Silas Chalk Farm, London, September 26, 2007; total time: 3:25

Ned Bouhallassa: Alexanderplatz (from mOrpheus)
empreintes DIGITALes/2008
electroacoustic music realized at the composer’s studio, Montreal, 2003; realized at the festival Elektra at Usine C, Montreal, November 15, 2003; time: 4:54

Jon Rose: Potsdammer Platz
The Fence/Bagni Di Dolabella
ReR Megacorp/1998
music, field recordings, texts: Jon Rose; produced for SFB in Berlin in August 1996; time: 3:34

Jerry Hunt: Song Drapes 6 — “Strip Club”
Song Drapes
electronic music: Jerry Hunt; vocal, text: Shelley Hirsch; composition year: 1992; time: 5:45

Denman Maroney: Mystic Garden & Madding Beast
Music for Words, Perhaps
Innova Recordings/2010
Iota Jot Yod ensemble (hyperpiano: Denman Maroney; trumpet, cornet: Herb Robertson; percussion: David Simons; bass: Arthur Knell); vocal: Theo Bleckmann; text: Wallace Stevens; time: 4:34

Langston Hughes: Daybreak in Alabama (2:29)
The Dream Keeper
Mode Records/2017
intoning voice: Eric Mingus; piano: David Amram; soprano saxophone: Catherine Sikora; alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, contra-alto clarinet: Don Davis; flute, Native American flute: Cynthia Chatis; Hammond organ: Scip Gallant; bass: Chris Stambaugh; drums: Mike Barron; percussion: Shawn Russell, Frank Laurino; guitar, music director, arranger: David Simon; texts: Langston Hughes; recorded at Thundering Sky Studio, South Berwick, Maine, April 2012; total time: 2:29

Jay C. Batzner: Quills and Jacks of Outrageous Fortune
60 x 60 — 2004/2005 (various artists)
Vox Novus/2006
harpsichord samples, processing: Jay C. Batzner; composition year: 2005; time: 1:00

Terumi Nerushima: He resonates five toes
Why Record? Life in the Age of Digital Performance (various Artists)
Electronic Music Foundation/2008
(for koto and electronics); koto: Terumi Narushima; recorded by Warren Burt, 2008; time: 2:17

Hour 3

James Tenney: Blues for Annie
New World Records/2018
viola: Elisabeth Smalt (a transcription for viola of “No More Good Water,” as song by Jaybird Coleman); composition year: 1975; time: 3:25

Henry Flynt: Double Spindizzy (MP3)
Graduation and Other New Country and Blues Music
tape music: Henry Flynt; composition years: 1975-1979; time: 6:14

Mari Kimura: Coisa Feita (J. Bosco)
Voyage Apollonian
Innova Recordings/2017
violin, interactive computer, arrangement: Mari Kimura; composer: João Bosco; time: 3:18

Robert Black: Hunter Canyon — Night
a. Part I (2:28)
b. Part II (1:25)
Cantaloupe Music/2017
double bass: Robert Black; recorded outdoors around Moab, Utah, August 2013; total selections time: 3:53

Stephen Whittington: Straw Dogs (from “…from a thatched hut…”)
Cold Blue Music/2017
Zephyr Quartet (violins: Belinda Gehlert, Emily Tulloch; viola: Jason Thomas; cello: Hilary Kleinig); recorded at EMU Studio One, Adelaide, Australia, September 22-24, 2016; mastered at Architecture Studios, March 2017; composition year: 2010; time: 2:25

Orlando Jacinto Garcia: Timbres Artificiales
Fragments of the Past
New Albion Records/2004
guitar: Jaime Marquez; recorded at Mahler Sound, Miami, Florida, April 2003; composition year: 1992; time: 8:51

David Tanenbaum: Spring and Summer Dances (from Seasons) (W. Bolcom)
Great American Guitar Solo (various composers)
Neuma Records/1993
guitar: David Tanenbaum; recorded at Northeastern Digital Recording, Southborough, Massachusetts; composer: WilliamBolcom; composition year: 1974; selection time: 4:42

Ben Johnston: Set for Billie Holiday*
MicroFest Records/2014
The Eclipse Quartet; recorded at Architecture Studios, Los Angeles, November 11, 2012;
*variations on Lover Man (Davis/Ramirez/Sherman), 1941; No More (Camarate/Russell), 1944; I Concentrate on You (C. Porter), 1940; time: 7:01

David Rosenboom: The Tripartite Structure
Zones of Influence Part I — The Winding of a Spring
Zones of Influence
Pogus Productions/2014
electronics: David Rosenboom; percussion: William Winant; The Dizzy Gillespie Recording Studio Complex, California Institute of the Arts and the composer’s studio, Valencia, California; composition years: 1984, 1985, revised 2013; time: 12:02

Paul Lansky: B O-B O
Music Box
Bridge Records/2006
computer music: Paul Lansky; composition year: 2006; time: 3:03

— FIN —

05/31 | Playlist (partial): 05/30/18 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Horace Silver, Que Pasa (Song For My Father)
Las Ondes Marteles, Que Quieres Que Te Diga
Dave Douglas, The Persistence of Memory (…In Our Lifetimes)
Guy Klucevsek, Blue Windows
The Nels Cline 4, Temporarily (Currents, Constellations)
Kenny Garrett, Kurita Sensei (Standard of Language)
Roberto Poveda, Pakete (Brooklyn Nights)
Andrew Hadro, Running Tangents (For Us The Living II)
Kurt Rosenwinkel, title (Star of Jupiter)
Dingonek Street Band, Siddhartha (Primal Economics)
Big Joe Turner, Lucille
The Splinks, Hotel Vergetelheld (Consensus)
Ab Baars, Ig Henneman & Misha Mengelberg, Misha Starts Whistling (Sliptong)
Stephen Riley & Peter Zak, Punjab (Haunted Heart)
Akale Webe, Asmarina (Mata)
Paul Kreibich, Fasttrack (Thank You Elvin)
Tamir Handelman, Singin’ In The Rain (Playground)
Vinicius Cantuaria & Bill Frisell, title (Lagrimas Mexicanas)
Alvin Batiste, Panu’s Lament (Songs Words and Messages Connections)
Dan Pugach, Zelda (Plus One)
Tomasz Stanko, Suspended Variations VI (Suspended Nights)
Frank Carlberg Large Ensemble, Rhymes (Monk Dreams Hallucinations & Nightmares)
Samurai Accordian, Herfst (Te)
Antonio Zambujo, Fado Menor (Outro Zambugo)
Anthony Braxton w/Max Roach, Soft Shoe
Mal Waldron, Jean Pierre (My Dear Family)
Andy Bey, Midnight Blue (Shades of Bey)
The Bad Plus, My Fried Metatron (Never Stop)
Clouds of Heaven, Lord, I’m Troubled About My Soul (Saints’ Paradise)
Amadou & Mariam, Senegal Fast Food (Dimanche A Bamako)
Ahn Trio, This Is Not America (Ahn-Plugged)
Carla Bley & Steve Swallow, Musique Mecanique (Are We There Yet?)
Daby Toure, Iris (Real World 25)
Josh Berman, Let’s Pretend (Old Ideas)
Mette Henriette, Late A La Carte (Mette Henriette)
Noah Preminger, Halfway To Hartford (Genuinity)
Mary Halvorson, That Old School (Bending Bridges)
Albert Ayler, Omega Is The Alpha (Live in Greenwich Village)
Michael Moss, Bridge (Helix)
Lucky 7s, title (Pluto Junkyard)
Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot & Tim Sparks, Hadasha (Masada Guitars)
Misha Alperin, Frozen Tears (Her First Dance)
Andrew Hill, title (But Not Farewell)

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05/28 | Max Shea’s Martian Gardens, Mon. mid-3am (EDT); Sat. 3-6am | Posted by Bob Rogers

Martian Gardens Episode 933
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
May 27, 2018
Contact Max Shea:
(or just leave a comment below)
Listen: Where and When
Valley Free Radio WXOJ 103.3 FM
Taint Radio

Hour 1

Jenny Olivia Johnson:
a. Glass Heart — Interlude 1 (6:09)
b. Boston (4:45)
Sylvia Songs
Innova Recordings/2018
vocals: P. Lucy McVeigh; cellos: Lavena Johanson, David Russell; pianos: Isabelle O’Connell, Jenny Tang; synthesizer: Eliko Akahori; electric guitar: Lisa Liu; analog synthesizer, reel-to-reel delay: Nicholas Kouf; Jenny Olivia Johnson: digital synthesizer, percussion, cassette tape noise, texts (inspired by quotations from Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes); mixed, mastered at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers, New York, August–November, 2017; time: 10:54

Stuart Saunders Smith: Rose
At Sixty Selections
11 West Records/2008
solo flute, spoken voice: Carrie Rose; text: Anne Sexton (“Rowing”); recorded at the University of Akron, March, 2008; time: 4:45

Neely Bruce: Eight Ghosts 39 (Marilyn Monroe)
The Plague & Other Vocal Works
Mode Records/1991
voicals: Electric Phoenix (soprano: Judith Rees; mezzo-soprano: Meriel Dickinson; tenor: Daryl Runswick; bass: Terry Edwards; text: Michael McClure, “Ghost Tantras,” recorded at October Sound, London, July 1989; composition year: 1989; time: 5:26

Earle Brown: Small Pieces for Large Chorus
I. 2:58
II. 2:50
III. 3:44
We, Like Salangan Swallows… (various artists)
A Choral Gallery of Morton Feldman and his Contemporaries
New World Records/2018
(for wordless chorus); The Astra Choir, conductor: John McCaughey; recorded at the Carmelite Church, Middle Park, Melbourne, Australia, April 26, 2017; composition year: 1969; total time: 9:08

Earle Brown: Nine Rare Bits
Collected Early Works
harpsichord: Antoinette Vischer, George Gruntz; recorded in Paris, 1965; composition year: 1965; time: 6:05

Triple Point: Deposition
Pogus Productions/2014
Triple Point (Pauline Oliveros, Doug Van Nort, Jonas Braasch): electronics, instruments, sound systems; recorded at EMPAC, Troy, New York, August 2012; time: 4:54

Areon Flutes: Get Go!
a. Movement 1 (4:06)
b. Movement 2 (2:26)
c. Movement 3 (4:00)
No Era
Innova Recordings/2018
flute: Jill Heinke Mohen, Kassey Plaha, Meerenai Shim; recorded at Oktaven Studios, Yonkers; composer: Ryan Brown; composition year: not listed; total time: 10:32

Hour 2

Julia Wolfe: Characteristics
Steel Hammers
Cantaloupe Music/2014
members of the Bang On A Can All-Stars (cello: Ashley Bathgate; percussion: David Cossin; sandsticks: BOACAS) vocals: Trio Mediaeval (Anna Maria Friman, Linn Andrea Fuglseth, Torunn Østrem Ossum); text: Julia Wolfe (derived from the John Henry ballad); recorded at Dolan Music Recording Studios, New York University, November 2011/February 2012; composition year: 2009; time: 5:47

Martin Bresnick: BE JUST!
The Essential Martin Bresnick
Cantaloupe Music/2006
(for clarinet, cello, double bass, guitar, piano, percussion); Performed by the Bang On A Can All-Stars; composition year: 1995; time: 4:23

Christian Wolff: Peace March I (“Stop Using Uranium”)
(Re): Making Music — Works 1962 — 99
Mode Records/2004
flute: Jos Zwaanenburg; recorded in Amsterdam, 1999; composition years: 1983-1984; time: 4:57

Arie Shapira: Concerto for Flute and Orchestra
Selected Compositions 1995 (C-R)
Arie Shapira/1995
Rishon-Lezion Symphonic Orchestra; conductor: Noam Sheriff; flute: Margalit Gafni; recorded in Noga Auditorium, Jaffa, October 1990; composition year: not listed; time: 6:44

Judith Shatin: The Passion of St. Cecilia
a. Combative (7:53)
b. Tender (7:29)
c. Cruel, Aggressive (5:48)
Piping the Earth
Capstone Records/2003
The Moravian Philharmonic, conductor: Joel Suben; piano: Gayle Martin Henry; recorded at Olomouc Concert Hall, Olomouc, Czech Republic, September 2002; composition years: 1983-1984; time: 21:10

Quattro Mani: Tango for the Road (O. Ben-Amots)
Re-Structures (various composers)
Bridge Records/2017
pianos: Steven Beck, Susan Grace; recorded at Packard Recital Hall, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, 2016; composer: Ofer Ben-Amots; composition year: 2015; time: 7:43

Guy Klucevsek: The VCR Polka (D. Garland)
Polka from the Fringe
accordion: Guy Klucevsek; voice, whistling: David Garland; drums: Bobby Previte; recorded at Baby Monster Studios, New York City, 1990-1991; composer: David Garland; composition year: not listed; time: 2:53

Hour 3

Nicholas Chase: Japa
Cold Blue Music/2017
electric violin: Robin Lorentz; computer, electronics: Nicholas Chase; recorded at Mercer Island, Washington, Eugene, Oregon, and Architecture Studios, Los Angeles, July 2016; composition year: 2013; time: 11:58

Douglas Masek: Desert Tide (A. Shapiro)
Saxtronic Soundscapes (various composers)
Centaur Records/2007
(for saxophone and electronic soundtrack); saxophone: Douglas Masek; recorded at The Blue Room, West Hills, California, summer 2006; composer: Alex Shapiro; composition year: 2005; time: 9:30

Benjamin Boretz: The River Between
BENJAMINBORETZ9X9 (various artists)
Open Space/2016
PolyMoog synthesizer, wooden flute: Benjamin Boretz; composition year: 1987; time: 18:29

Kaija Saariaho: Petals
Electro-Acoustic Music 1 (various artists)
Neuma Records/1990
(for cello and electronics); cello: Anssi Karttunen; composition year: 1988; time: 10:39

Ingrid Drese: Paysage avec miroir
empreintes DIGITALes/2009
electroacoustic music realized at the composer’s studio; premiered at L’Espace du son, M&R Théâtre Marni, Brussels, October 17, 2007; composition year: 2006; time: 6:46

— FIN —

05/25 | Maurice Hogue’s One Man’s Jazz, Thurs. 9pm-mid (EDT); Mon. 4-7am | Posted by Bob Rogers

Playlist:  One Man’s Jazz on for May 24, 2018

RGG with Samuel Blaser & Verneri Pohjola * City Of Gardens – Fundacja Sluchaj * Versus * Poland
Mehdi Nabti * Les Régles D’L’Art – Ind. * Atlas * Canada
Kiran Ahlawulia * Seven Billion – Earthsounds * Saat * Canada
Kiran Ahlawulia * Seven Billion – Earthsounds * We Sinful Women * Canada
Philipp Gropper & Philm * Live At Bimhuis – WhyPlayJazz * Who Owns The World Part 1 * Germany
Philipp Gropper & Philm * Live At Bimhuis – WhyPlayJazz * Who Owns The World Part 2 * Germany
Jure Pukl * Doubtless – Whirlwind * Doves * USA
Cheryl Pyle & Axel Weiss * A+C+Out – Intrinsic * In Time * USA

Restroy * Restroy – 1980 Records * Some Things Simply Disappear * USA
Restroy * Restroy – 1980 Records * Thread * USA
Jonas Cambien Trio * We Must Mustn’t We – Clean Feed * Swear Like A Bear * Norway
Jonas Cambien Trio * We Must Mustn’t We – Clean Feed * Crib * Norway
Kolmoset * Play the piano drunk like a percussion instrument until the fingers begin to bleed a bit –  Ind. * U.P. Up * France
Satoko Fujii & Orchestra Berlin * Ninety Nine Years – Libra * Ninety Nine Years * Japan
Manfred Bründl Silent Bass * Tip Of The Tongue – Laika * Tip Of The Tongue * Germany
Les McCann * Pump It Up – ESC * I Can’t Stand It * USA

Sloth Racket * A Glorius Monster – Luminous * Octopus * Grt Britain
Benoit Delbecq 4 *  Spots On Stripes – Clean Feed * Spots On Stripes * France
Anthony Joseph * Caribbean Roots – Ind. * Drum Song * Grt Britain
Anteloper * Kudu – International Anthem * Fossil Record * USA
Manuel Hermia Valentin Ceccaldi & Sylvain Darrifourcq * God At The Casino – Babel * Ho Chi Minh * Belgium/France
Kolmoset * Play the piano drunk like a percussion instrument until the fingers begin to bleed a bit  – Ind. * Jean Michel * France
William Parker AMR Ensemble * Creation – AUM Fidelity * Chicago * USA

Maurice Hogue

MAURICE HOGUE host/producer
One Man’s Jazz
and back on
Thursday 9 pm ET, repeats Monday 4 am ET
Produced in Winnipeg Manitoba Canad

05/23 | Ken Irwin’s Jubilation Jazz, Ep. 048 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Jubilation Jazz Vol. 48  with Host Ken Irwin

05/23/2018 & 05/25/2018      

Hour One

Willis Jackson, Von Freeman / Summertime / Lockin’ Horns / 32 Jazz    

  1. Greshwin, I. Gershwin, D. Heyward

Akira Tana, Branford Marsalis, Carla Helmbbrecht / Love Dance / JazzaNova / Vega Music  

Ivan Lins, Paul Williams, Gilson Peranzzetta, Vitor Martins

Phineas Newborn Jr. / Little Girl Blue / Harlem Blues / Contemporary    Rodgers & Hart

E.J. Decker / September In The Rain / Bluer Than Velvet / Candela Records    

Al Dubin, Harry Warren


Ches Smith / Country Line / We We All Break / Shifting Foundation     Ches Smith

Jim Pepper / Legacy of The Flying Eagle #2 / Flying Eagle / Tutu Records    Jim & Gilbert Pepper


Peter Erskine & The Dr. Um Band / Northern Cross / Fuzzy Music     Peter Erskine


Hour Two

Professor Cunningham / Bechet’s Fantasy / Swing It Out / Arbors Records     S. Bechet


Jared Gold / She’s Leaving Home / Reemergence / Strikezone   Lennon & McCartney

Terence Blanchard  The E Collective / Dear Jimi / Live / Blue Note     Terence Blanchard

Lucky Thompson / Lord, Lord, Am I Ever Gonna’ Know / Lord, Lord, …/ Candid      

Lucky Thompson

Rene Thomas / Doctor Jackle / Jazz In Paris: Meeting Mister Thomas / Gitanes    Jackie McLean


Herb Ohta & Chritian Fabian / Joy Spring / Live In Tokyo     Benny Golson

Freddy Cole / Temptation / My Mood Is You / HighNote     N.H. Brown, A. Freed

Shamie Royston / Sunday Nostalgia / Beautiful Liar / Sunnyside    Shamie Royston


Harold Lopez Nussa / Cimmaron / Un Dia Cualquiera / Mack Ave.    Harold Lopez Nussa

Mike Clark & Delbert Bump / Well You Needn’t / Retro Report / Ropeadope    Thelonious Monk

Steve Gadd Band / I Know, But Tell Me Again / BFM Jazz     Jimmy Johnson, Steve Gadd


Hour Three

John Tchicai / Bright Shadows / John Tchicai & Strange Brothers / Storyville Records    

Simon Spang – Hansen

Roman Filiu’ / Harina Con Arena / Quarteria / Sunnyside     Roman Filiu’

Duduka Da Fonseca / Para Elis / Plays Dom Salvador / Sunnyside     Dom Salvador


Elio Villafranca / Mov. I / Cinque / ArtistShare     Elio Villafranca

  1. El Rey del Congo “The King of The Congo”
  2. Narration 1
  3. Cinque + Narration
  4. The Capture (Part II)
  5. Canto Ganga’ de Despedida
  6. Narration 3
  7. Troubled Waters (Part III)


Eric Kloss / Songs To Aging Children / Eric Kloss & The Rhythm Section / Prestige    Joni Mitchell

The Maguire Twins / Theodicy / Seeking Higher Ground / Three Tree Records     Gregory Tardy

Chris Beck / Hodge Podge / The Journey / AWMC Records     Chris Beck


05/21 | Max Shea’s Martian Gardens, Sat. & Sun. 3-6am (EDT), Mon. mid-3am | Posted by Bob Rogers

Martian Gardens Episode 932
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
Contact Max Shea:
(or just leave a comment below)
Listen: Where and When
Valley Free Radio WXOJ 103.3 FM
Taint Radio

Hour 1

Matt Marks: Dear
The Little Death, Vol. 1
New Amsterdam Records/2010
performers: Matt Marks, Melissa Hughes, James Moore, William J. Gaither, Mike Gurfield; samples compiled by Matt Marks; recorded at Park Slope, Brooklyn; time: 4:31

In memory of Matt Marks (1980 — 2018)

Alarm Will Sound: Carmen Arcadiae Mechanicae Perpetuum (H. Birtwistle)
A/Rhythmia (various composers)
Nonesuch Records/2009
Alarm Will Sound, featuring Matt Marks (horn, keyboards), recorded at The Looking Glass Studios, New York City; composer: Sir Harrison Birtwistle; composition year: 1997; time: 9:01

Frank Zappa and Ensemble Modern: Times Beach II
The Yellow Shark
Barking Pumpkin/1993
Ensemble Modern, conductor: Peter Rundel; arr. Ali N. Askin; recorded in Frankfurt, Germany, September, 1992; composition year: 1985; time: 7:02 (sans applause)

Edgard Varèse: Assez Lent (from Octandre)
Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Christopher Lyndon-Gee; recorded at the Grzegorz Fitelberg Concert Hall, Katowice, Poland, April 2000, composition year: 1923; selection time: 2:31

Jenny Olivia Johnson: New York
Sylvia Songs
Innova Recordings/2018
vocals: P. Lucy McVeigh; cellos: Lavena Johanson, David Russell; pianos: Isabelle O’Connell, Jenny Tang; synthesizer: Eliko Akahori; electric guitar: Lisa Liu; analog synthesizer, reel-to-reel delay: Nicholas Kouf; Jenny Olivia Johnson: digital synthesizer, percussion, cassette tape noise, texts (inspired by quotations from Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes); mixed, mastered at Oktaven Audio, Yonkers, New York, August–November, 2017; time: 7:36

Sylvia Smith: Thinking About Anne Sexton (S.S. Smith)
The Year Begins to be Ripe
11 West Records/2008
vibraphone: Ayano Kataoka; speaking voice: Sylvia Smith; recorded at the University of Maryland Baltimore County; composer: Stuart Saunders Smith; composition year: 2000; time: 3:48

Third Coast Percussion: selections from Paddle to the Sea
a. The Stewards (2:44)
b. Niagara (3:20)
Paddle to the Sea
Çedille Records/2018
percussion: Third Coast Percussion; recorded at Electrical Audio, Chicago, December 2016; composition year: not listed; conceived of a s score for the film Paddle to the Sea; total selections time: 5:04

Laurie Anderson: Three Ghosts*
Heart of a Dog
Nonesuch Records/2015
words, lyrics, music, performance: Laurie Anderson; recorded in New York City, 2015, time: 2:29
*In re: Gordon Matta Clark

Bernadette Speach: Chosen Voices
Mode Records/2002
prepared guitar: Jeffrey Schanzer; toy piano: Bernadette Speach; recorded at LRP Studios, New York City, 2000, composition year: 1995; time: 3:59

Hour 2

Robert Scott Thompson:
a. Rock Garden (6:29)
b. Resonant Drift (2:20)
Aucourant Records/2015
computer music: Robert Scott Thompson; recorded at the composer’s studio, Roswell, Georgia, 2015; total time: 8:49

Brian Eno: Late Anthropocene
Small Craft on a Milk Sea
Warp Records/2010
computer music: Brian Eno; piano, keyboards, electronics: John Hopkins; guitar, guitaret, laptop: Leo Abrahams; recorded at The Soundmasters, London, UK, time: 8:09

In observance of Brian Eno‘s 70th birthday, May 15, 2018

Philip Perkins: QA1
It Gets the Corners — Still alive in the studio 2014-2016
Fun Music/2016
found sounds, fixed media: Philip Perkins; recorded in the composer’s studio, San Francisco; time: 2:38

Glenn Branca: Second Movement
Symphony No. 6 (Devil Choirs at the Gates of Heaven)
Blast First/1989
Glenn Branca Ensemble (guitars: Jon Bepler, Evan Wohlforth, John Myers, Eric Hubel, Carolyn Master, Phil Kline, Page Hamilton; guitar, keyboards: Ellen Watkins; guitar, bass: Algis Kyzis; drums, drum arrangements: Stephan Wischerth; guitar, conductor: Glenn Branca; recorded at Atlantic Studios, New York City; composition year: 1989; selection time: 8:07

In memory of Glenn Branca (1948 — 2018)

Annie Gosfield: Puncher (from EWA7)
The Product of Force and Motion —
Pipes: Transmissions of a Yellow Pipe, Mechanical Firing of a Yellow Pipe
Flying Sparks and Heavy Machinery
keyboard sampler: Annie Gosfield, electronics: Ikue Mori; electric guitar: Roger Kleier; drums, percussion: Jim Pugliese, Sim Cain; pipes — transmission from a yellow pipe; mechanical firing of a yellow pipe; recorded at EWA7 industrial complex, Nuremberg, Germany; composition year: 1999; selection time: 11:06

Left Hand Right Hand: Fat Tuesday
Arrhythmia II — Compilation of Percussion Music (various artists)
Charnel House Productions/1993
Left Hand Right Hand performers: Paul Ackerley, Andrew Brown, Tim Brown, with Karl Blake, Charlie Collins, Lol Coxhill, George Haslam, Karen Madsen, Q, Vic Shepherd; recorded at DMF Studios, Sheffield, UK, 1992; time: 3:23

Peter Garland: As I Look at the Moon… (Saigyō)
Moon Viewing Music (Inscrutable Stillness Studies #1)
Cold Blue Music/2018
gongs, tam-tam: William Winant; recorded at Architecture Studios, Los Angeles, August 2017; composition year: 2016; time: 9:37

Hour 3

Michael Winter: Chorale and Finely Tuned Resonators
Lower Limit
New World Records/2018
guitars, mixing: Chaz Underriner; recorded at the Art Institute of Dallas; Dallas, Texas, November 29, 2016; composition year: 2013; time: 9:35

Juan Blanco: Musica para Danza
Nuestro Tiempo (Our Time)
Innova Recordings/2013
sine-wave generator, tape dubbing: Juan Blanco; recorded in Cuba; composition year: 1961; time: 5:28

Hsiao-Lan Wang: Vase
Electroacoustic Works (CD-R)
electroacoustic music on tape: Hsiao-Lan Wang; composition year: 1999; time: 5:04

Gonzalo Biffarella: Ça ç’est Bourges (homage to Pierre Schaeffer)
Mnémosyne Musique Media (Chrysopée Électronique series)/1997
electroacoustic music realized at the Charybde Studio, Institut international de musique électroacoustique de Bourges (IMEB), Bourges, France; and the composer‘s studio Córdoba, Argentina; performed at the Synthèse Festival, Bourges, 1996; composition years: 1996; time: 3:55

Wesley Fuller: Vers
a. Underneath (9) fragment (1:19)
b. from the Reformation Journal (4:12)
c. Swarm (3:51)
d. Underneath (3) (2:04)
e. Probily [sic.] (Fragment) (1:22)
Music Text II (various artists)
Capstone Records/2001
computer music — C-Sound: Wesley Fuller; speaking voice: Kim Fuller; text: Jorie Graham (Swarm); composition year: 2001; total time: 12:42

Wendy Atkinson: Summer BBQ*
Deep Wireless 5 — Radio Arts Compilation (various)
New Adventures in Sound Art/2008
text, speaking voice with elbowed electric bass: Wendy Atkinson; time: 1:19
*profanity reversed on MG broadcast version

Alvin Lucier: Risonanza
Broken Line
Mode Records/2015
(for resonant objects and optional electronics); sine waves via G2 Nord synthesizer, electric exciters, oil barrel, crash symbol; recorded by Trio Nexus (Erik Drescher, Sebestian Berweck, Martin Lorenz) at Siemensvilla Berlin Lankwitz, Germany, July 2012; time: 13:12

— FIN —

05/16 | Ken Irwin’s Jubilation Jazz, Ep. 47 – Wed. 05/16/18 – repeats Thurs. & Fri. | Posted by Bob Rogers

Jubilation Jazz Vol. 47  with Host Ken Irwin         

Hour One

Konrad Bauer Trio / Trio Goes East / Three Wheels – Four Directions / Victo   Konrad Bauer

NIls Wogram, Konrad Bauer, Dominic Duval / Guelphian Ballad / Serious Fun + One / CIMP

NIls Wogram, Konrad Bauer, Dominic Duval

Steve Swell’s Fire Into Music / For Grachan / Swimming In A Galaxy of Goodwill & Sorrow / Rogue Art     S. Swell


Delfeayo Marsalis / My Funny Valentine / Kalamazoo / Troubadour Jass   Rodgers & Hart

Jarrett, Peacock, DeJohnette / Bouncin’ With Bud / After The Fall / ECM     

Bud Powell, Walter Fuller

Jason Robinson / Facing West / Resonant Geographies / pfMentum    Jason Robinson   

Hour Two

William Grant Still / Afro-American Symphony / Royal Philharmonic Orch. / Bridge    W.G. Still

  1. Moderato assai—Longing
  2. Adagio—Sorrow
  3. Animato—Humor
  4. Lento, con risoluzione—Aspiration


Antonio Sanchez / Channels Of Energy / Channels Of Energy / CamJazz     Antonio Sanchez

Greg Burrows / Hackensack / Tell Your Story / Grebu Records     Thelonious Monk

Taj Mahal & The New Orleans Social Club / My Girl Josephine / Going Home: Tribute to Fats Domino / Vanguard    Fats Domino

Hour Three

BassDrumBone / King Louisian / The Other Parade / Clean Feed     Ray Anderson

Moon Hooch / No. 6 / This Is Cave Music / Palmetto     Moon Hooch

George McMullen Trio / I Loved Her Laugh / Boomerang / pfMentum    George McMullen

Brubeck Brothers Quartet / Tritonis / Timeline ’58 – ’18 / Blue Forest     Dave Brubeck


Theo Hill / Cyclic Episode / Interstellar Adventures / Positone    S. Rivers

Manhattan Transfer / Swing Balboa / The Junction / BMG    Alan Paul

Dirty Dozen Jazz Band  / Every Night About This Time / Goin’ Home / Vanguard  

Fats Domino

  1. J. Decker / You Had Better Change Your Ways / Bluer Than Velvet / Candela Records

William Greaves, Milt Gabler

Joanne Tatham / The Rings of Saturn / The Rings of Saturn / Café Pacific   Bill Gable


Venture / Loft Funk / Life Cycle / Ropeadope     Mike Clark

Sharel Cassity & Elektra / The Here, The Now / Evolve / self released    Sharel Cassity


05/13 | Playlist (partial) 05/16/18 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Akale Wube, Asmafina (Mata)

Kait Dunton, OCD (TrioKait 2)

Jimmy Witherspoon, See See Rider (Jimmy & Jimmy)

Dingonek Street Band, Eat the Weak (Primal Economics)

Ralph Alessi, Mire (Wiry Strong)
Samurai Accordian, Lisbao (Te)
Tim Warfield, Off Minor II (Spherical)
Chris Morrissey, The Spirit of Chanhassen (North Hero)
Chilly Gonzales, Othello (Solo Piano II)
Musique Noire, We Breathe (Reflections We Breathe)
Rob Reddy, The Unnamable (A Hundred Jumping Devils)
Muddy Waters, Canary Bird
Guillermo Klein, Amor Profundo (Filtros)
Tim Berne, Sigh Fry (Science Friction)
Curtis Fuller, Jonli Bercosta (Down Home)
Ellery Eskelin w/Michael Formanek & Susan Alcorin (Refection of Mirage)
Tim Warfield, Blue Hawk (Spherical)
Muhal Richard Abrams, 11 Over 4 (One Line, Two Views)
Andrew Hill, 15/8 (Dusk)
Samurai Accordion, Gernika (Te)
Villalobos Brothers, San Lorenzo (Aliens of Extraordinary Ability)
Chris Lightcap, Stone By Stone (Epicenter)
Eric Mingus, Neighbor (Langston Hughes: The Dream Keeper)
Ray Charles, I’m Wondering and Wondering (Comp. Swing Time & Down Beat Recordings 1949-52)
Henry Threadgill, Game Is Up (Double Up, Play Double Up Plus)
The Margots, title (Pescado)
Russ Lossing, Adam Kolker & John Hebert, Symmetrics (Change Of Time)
Gary Bartz, But Not For Me (The red & orange poems)
Brooklyn Rider, Quartet in G Minor, Op. 10: III. Andentino, doucenet (Dominant Curve)
Tin Hat, sweet spring (The Rain Is A Handsome Animal: poems of e.e. cummings)
Andrew Hill, title (Dusk)
Josh Berman, Almost Late (Old Idea)
Rob Price w/Ellery Eskelin, Trevor Dunn & Joey Baron, 1600 Hours (At Sunset)
Happyland Band, Won’t It Be Sad? (Saints; Paradise)
Sara Serpa & Ran Blake, Get Out Of Town (Kitano Noir)
Joseph Daley, Billy Bang Sketch (The Seven Heavenly Virtues)
Clifford Brown, Joy Spring
Bud Powell, Reets And I (Comp. Blue Note & Roost Rec.)
Bill Anschell, Some Other Time (Shifting Standards)
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Oof (Mama’s House Live…)

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An international collective of independent music-focused program producers

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05/02 | Ken Irwin’s Jubilation Jazz, Ep. 45 – Wednesdays mid-3 (EDT) – see sched. for repeats | Posted by Bob Rogers

Jubilation Jazz Vol. 45  with Host Ken Irwin

 05/02/2018, 05/03/2018 & 05/04/2018   

 Hour One

Leni Stern 3 / Spell / With Mamadou Ba & Alioune Faye / A to Z media     Leni Stern

Allison Miller , Boom Tick Boom / Waiting/ No Morphine No Lillies / Foxhaven    Allison Miller

Roberta Piket / Yemenja / West Coast Trio / 13th Note     John Hicks

Maria Grand / Isis / Magdalena / Biophilia    Maria Grand


Peter Erskine & Dr. Um Band / Northern Cross / On Call / Fuzzy Music    Peter Erskine

Mike Clark & Delbert Bump / Peri’s Scope / Retro Report / Ropeadope     Bill Evans


Alexis Cole / You’ve Changed / You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To / Venus    B. Carey, C. Fischer

Todd Marcus / I Surrender All / On These Streets (a Baltimore Story)/Sticker Street   

Judson W. Van DeVenter


Tim Berne’s Snakeoil / Prelude One-Sequel Too / Incidentals / ECM     Tim Berne


Hour Two

Mathew Shipp Duo with William Parker / Orbit / dna / Thirsty Ear    Matthew Shipp


Jarrett, Peacock, DeJohnette / The Masquerade Is Over / After The Fall / ECM

Allie Wrubel, Herb Magidson

Elliot Mason & Creation / Let Me Ask You Something / Before Now & After / Archival Records    Elliot Mason

E.J. Decker / When You Walked In The Room / Bluer Than Velvet: The Prysock Project / Candela

Clyde Otis, Chris Towns

Steve Tyrell / Come Rain or Come Shine / A Song For You / New Design   

Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer


Emmet Cohen, Ron Carter / Joshua / Masters Legacy Series Vol 2 / Cellar Live      V. Feldman

BassDrumBone (Helias,Hemingway, Anderson) / BlueRay / The Long Road / Auricle   Anderson


Hour Three

Dominique Eade / I Think It’s Time To Say Goodbye Again / The Ruby & The Pearl / Accurate     Cowell, Randolph

Heather Bennett / Pennies From Heaven, Lennie’s Pennies / Lazy Afternoon / Summit

Arthur Johnston, Lennie Tristano


Jamie Shew / Detour Ahead / Eyes Wide Open / self released    L. Carter, H. Ellis, J. Frigo

Tia Fuller / Soul Eyes / Diamond Cut / Mack Ave     Mal Waldron

Kait Dunton / The Hunch / Trio Kait  2 / Real & Imagined Music     Kait Dunton

MJO Brothers / Come Sunday / Hip Devotions / BluJazz     Duke Ellington

Joe Locke / Embrace / Love Is A Pendulum /Motema     Joe Locke


E.J. Decker / I Could Write a Book / Bluer Than Velvet / Candela Records    Rodgers & Hart


B’s Bees / Kanata / Kanata /     B. Goodwin


04/23 | Max Shea’s Martian Gardens, Mondays mid-3am (EDT); repeats Saturdays 3-6am | Posted by Bob Rogers

Episode 882
Recorded at Max’s home studio,
Amherst, Massachusetts
April 20-21, 2017 (Taint Radio premiere April 23, 2018)
Contact Max Shea:
(or just leave a comment below)
Listen: Where and When

Hour I

Dan Joseph: Opening (from Set of Four)
Electroacoustic Works
electroacoustic music (source: hammered dulcimer): Dan Joseph; recorded at the composer’s studio, summer 2008; time: 7:23

Laraaji: The Dance #3
Ambient 3 — Day of Radiance
Editions EG/1987 (orig. Editions EG LP/1980)
hammered dulcimer: Laraaji; tape processing: Brian Eno; time: 3:15

Tom Hamilton: City of Vorticity (excerpt)
City of Vorticity
Pogus Productions/2016
violin: Al Margolis; percussion; hammered dulcimer: Alan Zimmerman; trombone didgeridoo: Peter Zummo; electronic sound environment: Tom Hamilton; composition year: 2016; excerpt time: 10:00

Miyuki Ito: On a Spring Day
Go Go Go — Music from the Computer Music Center, Columbia University (various artists)
Columbia University/2000
computer music: Miyuki Ito; time: 5:13

François Giraudon: Passages
La Corrida
Mnémosyne Musique/1998
(electroacoustic music for two synthesizers); recorded at IMEB, Bourges, France; composition year: 1991; time: 11:11

Thomas Licata: Another…Turning
Electro-Acoustic Music VII (various artists)
Neuma Records/2006
electroacoustic music: Thomas Licata; realized at Hartwick College Recording and Electroacoustic Music Studios, Oneonta, New York; composition year: 2005; time: 2005; time: 5:56

Wayne Vitale & Brian Baumbusch: Gineman (from Mikrokosma)
New World Records/2017
(for Balinese gamelan); Santa Cruz Contemporary Gamelan, director: Brian Baumbusch; recorded at the University of California Santa Cruz, March 13, 2015; composition year: 2015; composer: Brian Baumbusch; time: 9:27

Henrik M. Uly: Jila Puru Ratu (Join in With the Chieftain) (trad.)
Music of Timor (various artists)
Celestial Harmonies/2000
vocals with sasando (gong accompaniment); recorded in West Java, January 1990; time: 2:23

Hour II

John Cage: Bird Cage, Part 2
Bird Cage
Electronic Music Foundation/2000
(for two-channels of tape [sound sources: caged birds, bird cages, and conversation among John Cage, David Tudor, Joel Chaddabe, et al. recorded September 9, 1973, Albany, New York], and eight loudspeakers; composition years: 1972, 1973; selection time: 3:43

Warren Burt: 100xJohn — The View from Wombat Hill
Four Pieces 2012-2013
Scarlet Aardvark/2013
environmental sound recordings (100 recordings, 10 seconds each, recorded at Wombat Hill, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia); computer processing: Warren Burt; composition year: 2012; time: 16:40

Ron Nagorcka: Dawn in the Wombat Forest
Atomic Bomb Becomes Folk Art
Pogus Productions/2014
violin: Liza Lim; clavichord, didgeridoo, electronics, field recordings: Ron Nagorcka; composition year: 1985; time: 11:41

Mari Kimura: Canon élastique
Voyage Apollonian
Innova Recordings/2017
violin, bow motion sensor, computer processing: Mari Kimura; composed and recorded at IRCAM, 2010; time: 3:22

Hildegard Westerkamp: Beneath the Forest Floor (edit)
Earth-Ear Radio Summer 2001 Edition
environmental sounds recorded in old-growth forest on the British Columbia coast by Norbert Ruebsaat and Hildegard Westerkamp,1991, produced at CBC’s Advanced Audio Production Facility, Toronto; 1992; edit time: 6:19 (original 17-minute version released on “Transformations,” empreintes DIGITALes, 1996)

Christian Wolff:
a. Peace March II (7:28)
b. The Sad Children’s Song (1:23)
(re): Making Music — Works 1982-1999
Mode Records/2004
(a. for flute, clarinet, piano, cello, percussion; b. for soprano and bass-baritone [from From Leaning Forward, texts:Gracy Paley]); performed by The Barton Workshop; recorded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1999; composition years: a. 1984; b. 1988; total time: 8:51

Hour III

Philip Mantione: Sinusoidal Tendencies
Scattered Music/2000
computer-generated sine waves; processing: Philip Mantione; time: 9:54
See also: Sonic Circuits VIII (Innova Recordings/2000)

Tod Dockstader: Song and Lament (from Quatermass suite)
electroacoustic music (sound source: balloons), processing: Tod Dockstader; composition year: 1964; time: 9:41

Desmond Briscoe: Quatermass and the Pit (Effects)
BBC Radiophonic Workshop — A Retrospective (various artists)
BBC Music/2008
synthesizer, tape: Desmond Briscoe; composition year: 1958; time: 0:36

Victoria Jordanova: Paddleboat (from Modules for Harp & Electronics)
Dance to Sleep
harp, electronics: Victoria Jordanova; composition year: 1995; time: 10:38

Quattro Mani: Lounge Lizards (M. Daugherty)
I. Sip ‘N Stir (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) (3:48)
II. Dennis Swing Club (Hamburg, Germany) (3:07)
III. Ramada Inn (Exit 1, New Jersey Turnpike) (2:54)
IV. Bamboo Bar (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) (3:50)
Lounge Lizards
Bridge Records/2017
(for two pianos & percussion); Qattro Mani (Steven Beck, Susan Grace): Pianos; percussion: John Kinzie; Michael Tetrault; recorded at Packard Recital Hall, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, October 2015; composer: Michael Daugherty; composition year: 1994; total time: 12:59

Eric Chasalow: Are You Radioactive, Pal?
I. Bop Energy (4:27)
II. Natural, like breathing (3:53)
III. Dramatic, cadenza-like (3:19)
Are You Radioactive, Pal?
Suspicious Motives Records/2015
(for alto saxophone and tape); alto saxophone: Philipp Stäudlin; composition year: 2010; total time: 11:39

— FIN —

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