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07/17 | RootsWorld Radio – week of July 17 | Posted by Cliff Furnald

On RootsWorld Radio #242, we’ll roam from Zimbabwe to the Arctic Circle, hear voices from NY and Finland, rhythms from the Indian Ocean and the north Atlantic and stop in Cameroon and Ireland along the way. Artists this week include Mokoomba, Blitz the Ambassodor, Yggdrasil, Vera Kondrateva, Danyél Waro, Maria Kalaniemi & Eero Grundström, Wimme Saari & Tapani Rinne, and Ensemble Éiru. Links, playlist and more information is on the web site:

05/10 | RootsWorld on Taint – Back in the saddle again | Posted by Cliff Furnald


I’m pleased to be back ‘on the air’ at taint radio after that little vacation. Tune in Monday at 6 PM eastern time for RootsWorld Radio. – Cliff Furnald

The week of May 8th, 2017
On the 236th edition of RootsWorld Radio, we’ll do some casual globe hopping, with visits to central France, Palestine, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Moravia and Hungary. Artists on the program this week will include Feule Caracal, Trio Mediaeval with Arve Henricksen, Bonifica Emiliana Veneta, Vrang, Dálava, Meszecsinka, Mehmet Polat Trio, and Duo Sabil.


The week of May 15, 2017
On the 237th edition of RootsWorld Radio, we’ll hear a revered duo from England, trios from Sweden, Scotland and Denmark, a quartet from the Netherlands and big bands and ensembles from Congo, Brazil, Denmark and Italy. Artists will include Zenobia, Väsen, Carthy & Swarbrick, Lau, L’Orchestre Afrisa International, Antonio Nobrega, Ambrogio Sparagna, Accordone with Marco Beasely, Antonio Castrignano, Mynsterland and MandolinMan.

Find out more about RootsWorld


03/30 | WE’RE BACK!! | Posted by Bob Rogers

taintradio’s 128k stream is now operating 24/7.  The first version of taintradio began in June 2008 and ended in June 2016. Since then, we’ve reorganized and simplified our organizational structure and how we do things.

We remain a noncommercial, international alliance of independent producers. Each member of the taintradio collective is dedicated to presenting music unencumbered by the limitations of genre-based music presentation {formats}.

Each member of taintradio is completely independent. We have no salaries to pay, very low expenses and no financial goals other than paying our bills, which mostly consist of music licensing and performance rights fees and broadband costs.

We do not accept advertising on our website and we don’t try to raise money on the programming stream. We do not accept corporate support nor do we apply for grants. Listener support is our only source of income.

As we begin taintradio’s 9th year of operation, our plan is to have fun and share that experience with whoever wants to hear it.

We hope you enjoy taintradio. We’d love for you to hear us and we’d love to hear from you.


Bob Rogers

03/13 | taintradio is resuming 24/7 programming soon | Posted by Bob Rogers

Greetings! is in the process of resuming operation of its 24/7 hosted stream. We are presently beta testing and will gradually add archived taintradio hosted music programs. Our listen now button is now active. Over the next few weeks we will gradually progress to new music programming 24/7.

We look forward to resuming full 24/7 operations soon, and still with no stinking formats, advertising or corporate underwriting.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Bob Rogers or 919.413-4126 (leave msg/return call info)


09/08 | Latest news from taintradio | Posted by Bob Rogers

taintradio recently discontinued eight years of 24/7 streaming but we are exploring how we can continue to serve the needs of adventurous listeners and independent music program producers.  Soon we’ll provide links to music-related programs you might enjoy, including several that were on the taintradio stream. If you have music-related programs you wish to recommend, we welcome your suggestions and comments. Thanks.

Bob Rogers,

06/28 | RootsWorld Radio: Cliff Furnald | Posted by Cliff Furnald

The final Taint 1.0 episode of RootsWorld Radio.


In the light of the recent vote in The United Kingdom to leave the European Union, and the current nationalist and isolationist climate developing in many aspects of American politics of late, I decided  choose some songs relevant to current events, and dedicated to a sense of international cooperation and collaboration. This program includes music from artists who have always reached across borders to find common ground.

Artists will include Maggie Holland and June tabor, who will open and close the program, along with the collaboration of SANS – Ian Blake (England/Australia), Tigran Aleksanyan (Armenia), Sanna Kurki-Suonio (Finland) and Andrew Cronshaw (England), More songs from Dobrek Bistro (Poland, Russia, Brazil, Austria, Mali and Burkina Faso), Yarinistan & The Oyster Band (Germany/Turkey/England), Eva Quartet & Hector Zazou (Bulgaria/France), Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road ensemble with Toumani Diabate and Balla Kouyate (Mali). Trio Ifriqiya (Algeria/France/Congo),  The Amilal Ensemble (Mongolia/Iran/Hungary);  and Kamilya Jubran &  Werner Hasler (Palestine/Switzerland)

More info at

You will also find links to other stations that carry the program. I hope you will continue to listen!

06/26 | George Klein’s Beyond the Groove Yard, Ep. 078 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Beyond the Groove Yard: Echoes of 50’s & 60’s Detroit.

Hour One:
Curtis Fuller: What is This Thing Called Love  New Trombone  Prestige
Tommy Flanagan: Delarna  Overseas  Prestige
Milt Jackson-Ray Charles: X-Ray Blues  Soul Meeting  Atlantic
Paul Chambers: Mopp Shoe Blues  1st Bassman VeeJay
Ron Carter: Blue Monk  Piccolo  Milestone
Doug Watkins: Andre’s Bag  Soulnik  Prestige
Kenny Burrell: All Night Long  Man at Work  Cadet
Dorothy Ashby: Pawky  Hip Harp Prestige
Pepper Adams: Serenity  Encounter  Prestige

Hour Two:
Terry Pollard: Scrapple From the Apple  Terry Pollard  Bethlehem
Yusef Lateef: The Dreamer  The Dreamer  Savoy
Regina Carter: For Someone I Love  Motor City Moments  Verve
Kenny Clarke: Tom Thumb  Meets the Detroit Jazzmen  Savoy
Barry Harris: Just Open Your Heart  Magnificent  Prestige
Kenny Garrett: Native Tongue  Standard of Language  Warner Brothers
Thad Jones: Blue Room  Detroit-New York Junction  Blue Note
Straight Ahead: Impressions  Look Straight Ahead  Atlantic
Donald Byrd: Ghana  Byrd in Flight  Blue Note

06/24 | Rafi Zabor’s Updoc, final taint 1.0 show | Posted by Bob Rogers


Is it really time for the last roundup? Yes, it seems so: taintradio is moving from the tubes of the interwebs to the akashic downloads of, take your pick, the aether or the realms of dark matter and energy. Never mind that I’ve been off the digital air for a couple of months of purgatorial drubbing in a dayjob that left me without the time or energy to put a show together. But on this week’s Updoc, the last Updoc for the moment—Friday at 8PM and noon next Tuesday, Times Square Time—I’ve managed to lash together a series of musical statements that might add up to a profession of faith in what music can do for us, here in the mortal world, while we’re gazing up at the stars. Bracketed by two monuments of visionary uplift from John Coltrane and Charles Ives, I’ve brought some old friends and usual suspects into the frame. Originally I’d intended Updoc to live up to its name by being so wide-ranging as to be unpredictable, but as longtime listeners will know, I ended up mostly yo-yo’ing back and forth between jazz and so-called classical music, obeying an irresistible personal gravity: I was always more hedgehog than fox, and so it went. And now it goes, with thanks to Bob Rogers for creating taintradio and inviting a bunch of us in, and in gratitude to those of you who thought it worthwhile to tune in. I’m no fan of Friedrich Nietzsche, but he got at least one thing right: “Without music life would be a mistake.” Thanks for joining this piece of the ride, one and all.

06/20 | Ron Alden’s Death Valley Radio – ep 894 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Death Valley Radio is a format-free program for the musically curious.

In this age of bland radio programming (both commercial and non-) and automated music services, DVR is still built by hand, non-algorithmically — one set at a time.

DVR program 894 features hokum blues (Tommy McClennan, Paul Asbell, Ivas John); a little traveling music (Sara Watkins, Son Volt, Robert Ellis, Angaleena Presley, Big Thief, Liz Phair, Aimee Mann); a short visit to Twin Peaks (Blake Mills, Marissa Nadler, Angelo Badalamenti); subversive party music (MURS with Snoop Dogg and LaToiya Williams, N.A.S.A. with George Clinton and Chali 2na, Salt-N-Pepa); big-beat synth pop (Jesus Jones, Janet Jackson, Paloma Faith); and new music from trumpeter Cuong Vu and guitarist Pat Metheny.

Each week’s playlist will be archived until the end of time at

06/20 | Michael Stone’s Jazz Worldwide, ep 100 | Posted by Bob Rogers

Go Down Moses Grant Green Feelin’ the Spirit Traditional Blue Note
Blue Moses Randy Weston The Spirits of Our Ancestors Randy Weston Antilles
Go Down Moses Charles Lloyd Mirror Traditional ECM
Little Black Train Indra Rios-Moore Heartland A.P. Carter-Mother Maybelle Carter-Sara Carter Impulse! Verve
When the Saints Go Marching In Bluesiana Triangle Bluesiana Triangle Traditional Windham Hill
Spirits Up Above Rahsaan Roland Kirk Volunteered Slavery Rahsaan Roland Kirk Rhino
Motherless Child Laszlo Gardony Life in Real Time Traditional Sunnyside
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child Archie Shepp and Horace Parlan Goin’ Home Traditional SteepleChase
London Part XII Keith Jarrett Testament Paris-London Keith Jarrett ECM
Cocoon Wolfert Brederode Trio Black Ice Wolfert Brederode ECM
Parlando Golfam Khayam and Mona Matbou Riahi Narrante Golfam Khayam-Mona Matbou Riahi ECM
Mondtraum Markus Stockhausen and Florian Weber Alba Florian Weber ECM
Turn Out the Stars Trevor Giancola Trio Fundamental Bill Evans
I Used to Hate the Blues Danny Green Trio Altered Narratives Danny Green OA2 Records
A Sleepin’ Bee Bill Charlap Trio Notes from New York Harold Arlen Impulse-Verve
This Is the Movie Jon Balke Warp Jon Balke ECM
Imagine Leslie Pintchik True North John Lennon Pintch Hard
The Source of Now Tord Gustavsen with Simin Tander and Jarle Vespestad What Was Said Tord Gustavsen ECM
Lullaby (From Clair De Lune) Julian Shore Which Way Now Julian Shore-Gabriel Fauré Tone Rogue
African Flower Roni Ben-Hur, Santi Debriano and Duduka Fonseca Our Thing Manhattan Style Duke Ellington Jazzheads

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